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Senior Administration

Karen M. Gil is Dean of the College.

The administration includes the following:

Senior Associate Dean, Fine Arts and Humanities: Terry Rhodes, Music
Senior Associate Dean, Natural Sciences: Kevin Guskiewicz, Exercise and Sport Science
Senior Associate Dean, Social Sciences and Global Programs: Jonathan Hartlyn, Political Science.
Senior Associate Dean, Finance and Planning: Tammy McHale, Dean’s Office
Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education: Abigail Panter, Psychology
Senior Associate Dean, Development, and Executive Director, Arts and Sciences Foundation: Robert J. Parker Jr.

The College is divided into four divisions. All departments and curricula are assigned to one of these four divisions. Each division has a representative, who serves on the Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee (ASAC), as follows:

Division of Fine Arts: Susan Klebanow, Music (term expires 2018)

Division of the Humanities: Robert Babcock, Classics (term expires 2016)

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Michael Crimmins, Chemistry (term expires 2016)

Division of Social Sciences: Genna Rae McNeil, History (term expires 2018)

The Office of the Dean is responsible for the administration and operations of the College under the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

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Administration/Information: 919.962.1165
Admissions: 919.966.3621
Advising: 919.966.5116
Public Affairs/Media: 919.843.6339 or 919.962.4093

Mailing Address:
UNC College of Arts & Sciences
Campus Box 3100
205 South Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3100

Administration: 919.962.1165
Karen Gil, Dean, 919.962.3082
Kevin Guskiewicz, Sr. Associate Dean, Natural Sciences, 919.962.1165.
Jonathan Hartlyn, Sr. Associate Dean for Social Sciences, Global Programs, 919.962.1165
Terry Rhodes, Sr. Associate Dean for Fine Arts & Humanities, 919.962.1165
Abigail Panter, Sr. Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, 919.843.7773
Robert J. Parker Jr., Executive Director and Senior Associate Dean for Development, Arts & Sciences Foundation, 919.962.6183.
Tammy McHale, Sr. Associate Dean, Finance & Operations, 919.962.1165
Andy Lang, Director of OASIS, 919.843.3962
Kia Caldwell, Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives, 919.962-8225
Geneva Collins, Director of Communications, 919.843.6339

Dean’s Office Staff
Kristen Chavez, Multimedia Producer, 919.962.9269
Alexis Cline, Executive Assistant to the Dean, 919.962.3082
Linda Goldston, Special Projects Officer, 919.843.4545
Kim Killeen, Executive Assistant to Tammy McHale, 919.962.6903
Jan Pittman, Special Projects Officer, 919.962.9274
Kim Weaver Spurr, Associate Director of Communications, 919.962.4093
Yulia Strizheus, Administrative Support Specialist to the Senior Associate Deans, 919.962.1165

Business Operations Office (320 Europa Center)