Our Mission, Vision and Values

November 11, 2016

Think. Communicate. Collaborate. Create. …for meaningful lives. That’s the elegantly simple mission statement of the College of Arts and Sciences, created in fall 2016 as part of a visionary strategic planning process led by Kevin Guskiewicz in his first year … Continued

Statement on Diversity from Kia Caldwell

October 11, 2016

As we begin the 2016-17 academic year, diversity, equity and inclusion continue to be central to many important and pressing local, national and international issues. Conversations about and across differences of gender, religion, sexuality orientation, race and ethnicity are more urgent than ever.

A Note on Diversity from the Dean of the College

October 11, 2016

Here in the College of Arts and Sciences, we strive to create an environment of inclusive excellence—a place for our faculty, our staff and our students to lead and succeed whatever their background, ethnicity, gender, religion, age or sexual orientation. … Continued