Experts to discuss China’s unprecedented economic boom April 9

March 6, 2012

Asia experts James Fallows and Orville Schell will discuss China’s unprecedented economic boom in a talk April 9 at UNC. The free public program, “China Rising: What does China’s unprecedented boom mean for the global economy, U.S. foreign policy, human rights and the environment?” will be at 5:30 p.m. in the FedEx Global Education Center.

Professors with Passion: Joseph Glatthaar

March 5, 2012

Listening to a history lecture in a large lecture hall might make some students yawn, unless they’re in Professor Joseph Glatthaar’s “War and American Society Since 1902.” “History is an incredibly powerful force that affects people’s lives every day,” he said.

iContact’s growing success began with two UNC undergrads

March 1, 2012

iContact began as an idea for an email and social media marketing company that grew from a conversation among entrepreneurs. Aaron Houghton and Ryan Allis, both then Carolina undergraduates, co-founded the company in 2003, spending late nights working from storefront … Continued

Seniors Tell All: Amber Koonce

February 27, 2012

Morehead-Cain Scholar Amber Koonce, an entrepreneur and social advocate celebrated as one of Glamour magazine’s 2011 “Top 10 College Women,” founded BeautyGap, a nonprofit that collects and ships dolls of color to children of color around the world. The idea was sparked after spending a summer in Ghana and noticing children had only white dolls.

Seniors Tell All: Elizabeth McCain

February 27, 2012

With her degree from UNC, Elizabeth McCain hopes to continue the work she’s already begun — learning the stories of the past to help address the issues of the future. An active participant in the Campus Y, McCain served as co-president her junior year.

Seniors Tell All: Gabriel Whaley

February 27, 2012

A former varsity letterman for the U.S. Army men’s soccer team at West Point, Gabriel Whaley has long harbored a greater goal. Growing up, his family couldn’t afford soccer camps — the focus was putting food on the table. So Whaley founded Kicking4Hunger Inc., a nonprofit that runs soccer camps and clinics for kids throughout North Carolina.

Seniors Tell All: Timothy Palpant

February 27, 2012

Timothy Palpant likes to keep busy. When he won a prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship last year — the awards go to outstanding students in engineering, mathematics or natural sciences — his largely independent research was judged to be on par with that of graduate students and even post-doctoral fellows.

Seniors Tell All: Lindsey Jefferies

February 27, 2012

For senior Lindsey Jefferies, it’s all about taking flight. In her sophomore year, she launched Born 2 Step, UNC’s only non-Greek-affiliated step team, open to all students at any experience level. After graduation, she intends a more literal kind of launch, as a helicopter pilot in the North Carolina Army National Guard.