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Curriculum Overview

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Workshop Presentations

Fall Meeting Agenda (9/19/2013)

Transfer Student Success Handout (9/19/2013)

Overview of Student Internships, Pay and Academic Credit (9/19/2013)

Matrix Related to Student Internships, Pay and Academic Credit (9/19/2013)

DOL Fact Sheet #71 (9/19/2013)

Fall Meeting Agenda (9/25/2012)

FERPA Presentation to Directors of Undergraduate Studies (9/25/2012)

FERPA Consent for Release of Information from Education Records (9/25/2012)

IRB Guidance for Student Research and Class Projects (9/25/2012)

DUS Best Practices Panel Discussion (9/25/2012)

Summary of Meeting (1/31/2012)

Degree Audit Announcement (1/31/2012)

Tarheel Tracker Website (1/31/2012)

Plan Adjustment Form Training Announcements (1/31/2012)

DUS meeting Reports presentation by Registrar’s office  (1/31/2012)

How to Print Internal Transcript (1/31/2012)

Viewing Test Scores (1/31/2012)

Tarheel Tracker Presentation (9/27/2011)

Retention Powerpoint (9/27/2011)

Honor System Powerpoint (9/27/2011)

Student Success Lunches for Fall 2011

CRAS Demonstration Powerpoint (2/2/2011)

Power Point presented by Chris Derickson (2/2/2011)

Power Point on Curriculum Review (Presented 9/17/2010)

What’s Right With You?

Student Success and Retention Initiatives (9/17/2010)

Degree Audit Presentation (9/17/2010)

FERPA Review 2010

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