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Jason Clemmons in Honors Carolina is the 2013 Manager of the Year. (photo by Beth Lawrence)

Jason Clemmons (English ’97) in Honors Carolina, has been presented with the College of Arts and Sciences’ 2013 Award in Management.

The award is given annually to a business or administrative manager in recognition of outstanding accomplishments that include:

  • Leadership and teamwork.
  • Creativity, innovation and resourcefulness.
  • Technological expertise.
  • Effective human resource and budget management.

Clemmons, the associate director for curriculum, recruitment and operations, joined the Honors Carolina team in 2007. Since that time, according to nominator James Leloudis, associate dean for honors, Clemmons has made “truly extraordinary contributions to the program.” He calls Clemmons’ impact the “Jason effect.” Over the last three years, Honors has increased its enrollment yield among top admitted students from 31 to 40 percent, thanks in part to Clemmons’ leadership and performance, Leloudis said.

“The ‘Jason effect’ is perhaps most visible in our efforts to recruit and enroll top undergraduate students from across the state and throughout the nation,” he wrote in his nomination letter.

Clemmons has made many contributions to the program, including the following:

  • Serving as a lead member of the creative team that re-branded “Honors Carolina.”
  • Managing a communications plan that reached out to top prospects.
  • Visiting with students and families who drop by the Honors Carolina office.
  • Organizing Honors Carolina information sessions and Scholars Days receptions.
  • Working with Honors Carolina ambassadors to welcome and assist new students on move-in day.
  • Planning and attending a one-week special program in London for newly admitted students.
  • Overseeing Honors Carolina course offerings.
  • Managing program finances and a variety of databases that enable the program to track relationships with alumni and parents, course offerings and enrollments, program demographics, and fundraising.

Colleagues said this about Clemmons:

“Jason leads by example. Not only does he reflect the values of what a University of North Carolina employee should represent, but his hard work and compassionate character leave us all with a standard to live up to.”

“Jason is one of the most compassionate, motivating, organized and effective managers I’ve known. He openly supports and values his colleagues, and he welcomes new perspectives. He enlivens the office and encourages individual and collective growth with his humor, honesty and human resource skills.”



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