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Banner image shows the Old Well with the words "COVID Conversations: Society, Politics and Economics Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic"

The College of Arts & Sciences is launching “COVID Conversations: Society, Politics and Economics amid the COVID-19 Pandemic,” a podcast series designed to help listeners make sense of the extraordinary social measures and economic impacts unfolding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hosts Matthew Andrews and Jonathan Weiler podcasting, before social distancing became the norm.
Hosts Matthew Andrews and Jonathan Weiler podcasting, before social distancing became the norm.

Featuring sought-after expert researchers on the faculty of UNC-Chapel Hill, the podcast will focus on immediate concerns driving headlines. The first episode will air on Thursday, April 16: “Herd Immunity: What does it take for a vaccine to protect a population?” It will feature Paul Delamater, a medical geographer and assistant professor in the department of geography and a fellow at the Carolina Population Center.

The hosts of “COVID Conversations” are UNC faculty members and skilled podcasters, Jonathan Weiler and Matthew Andrews. For more information, visit the “COVID Conversations” website. Interviews will air every few weeks and future topics and researchers include:

  • April 23: “Urban Pandemic: Why have cities had such different experiences?”
    • Featuring Yan Song, professor of city and regional planning and director of UNC’s Program on Chinese Cities; and Noreen McDonald, Department Chair, Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Professor, Director of Carolina Transportation Program.
  • April 30: “Politics, Polarization and the Pandemic: How a Crisis Tests Beliefs”
    • Featuring Marc Hetherington, Raymond Dawson Distinguished Bicentennial Professor of Political Science.
  • May 7: “Your Season is Canceled: Will sports lose their relevance on campus in the wake of COVID-19?”
    • Featuring “COVID Conversations” hosts Jonathan Weiler and Matt Andrews.

Listen to the first episode with Delamater below:

Learn more about the hosts of “COVID Conversations.”



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