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The following communication was shared with students on Dec. 15, 2020.

Dear Students,

I hope that you are enjoying your winter break and having a restful time wherever you are. You may have seen the Chancellor’s announcement introducing the Carolina Together Testing Program for Spring 2021 on November 23. Today I’m writing to give you more information specific to the College of Arts & Sciences. Please visit the Carolina Together Testing Program page for information about the overall program and testing procedures. Please note that the information is for the spring semester testing program. For more details about testing availability and recommendations over winter break, please read Vice Chancellor Amy Johnson’s recent email.

Testing is a very important part of preventing the spread of COVID-19, and our new testing approach will allow the University to identify cases and trends quickly and contain potential clusters earlier. It is a part of a layered approach to prevention — it is still crucial to wear a mask, maintain physical distance and follow the other COVID-19 Community Standards. Together, these steps will best position us to have a successful semester.

For undergraduates:

Undergraduate students who are living on campus or in Chapel Hill or Carrboro or are planning to come to campus for classes, participate in on-campus activities or access on-campus facilities (e.g., Campus Recreation, University Libraries) will be required to participate in prior-to-arrival testing. A test will need to be obtained and results available within the five days immediately before your arrival. For example, if you are due to arrive on January 13, please be sure you conduct a test between January 8 and January 12 so that you can receive and upload results on January 12 prior to your arrival.

Proof of a negative antigen (if asymptomatic) or PCR (if asymptomatic or symptomatic) test will need to be uploaded to ConnectCarolina before returning to campus. Please note, antibody tests will not be accepted. If your test result is positive prior to your arrival, please upload this result, isolate and do not come to campus. Campus Health will be in touch with you regarding a return-to-campus date. More information about prior-to-arrival testing is available on the Carolina Together site.

For those who have had a prior COVID-19 test that was positive between October 1 up to January 1, you will need to provide proof of a positive test within that window prior to arrival to campus via ConnectCarolina.

Undergraduate students living on campus or in the Chapel Hill or Carrboro area regardless of mode of learning will also be required to do another test once they arrive on campus. Undergraduates living on campus, in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, or taking classes in-person will also need to do regular, asymptomatic testing at the Carolina Together Testing Centers.

College of Arts & Sciences classes will begin on Tuesday, January 19, and you may be planning to arrive to your housing a few days before that. I encourage you to make a plan to limit your interactions the two weeks before arriving to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area if you are returning and then testing on the early side of those five days to ensure that you get your test results back and can upload them in time for your return.

For graduate students:

Graduate and professional students and postdoctoral fellows are not required to have a test prior to arriving or when returning to campus for the semester.

Asymptomatic evaluation testing will be required once a week for graduate and professional students and postdoctoral fellows who are accessing campus to teach or having in-person class(es) or living with 10 or more people in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. Asymptomatic testing will be available once a week but not required for all other graduate and professional students and postdoctoral fellows.

Thank you in advance for doing your part to protect our campus and local community.


Terry Ellen Rhodes, Dean

College of Arts & Sciences

UNC-Chapel Hill


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