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Hyde Hall (home of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.) Light shines through the windows of Hyde Hall at dusk.
Hyde Hall (home of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.)

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities has announced its 2021-2022 cohort of Faculty Fellows. The Faculty Fellowship Program offers UNC College of Arts and Sciences faculty the opportunity to pursue ambitious, exciting, artistic and scholarly projects that lead to publication, exhibition, composition, and performance. During a semester-long, on-campus Fellowship, Fellows meet weekly to exchange ideas with an interdisciplinary cohort of peers.

Faculty Fellows often demonstrate a track record of engaging in scholarship that breaks new ground in their respective fields, having an interest in communicating the results of their research to a broader audience, and working to bring that knowledge back into the classroom to teach Carolina students.

For the second year, the Institute has awarded two Fellowships through its Race, Memory, and Reckoning Initiative. The initiative, as part of the College of Arts & Sciences’ efforts, aims to contribute to a broader campus effort to place inclusion, diversity, equity and historical accuracy at the top of the University’s agenda.

FALL 2021

Kenneth (Andy) Andrews, Professor, Sociology
DuBose Fellow
“Cultural, Disruptive, and Organizational Sources of Movement Power”

Anna Krome-Lukens, Teaching Associate Professor, Public Policy
Taylor Fellow
“The Reform Imagination: Eugenics and the Welfare State in the South”

Michael Lambert, Associate Professor, African, African American and Diaspora Studies 
Ellison Fellow
“Global Flows: Migration and Belonging in West Africa”

Javier Arce-Nazario, Associate Professor, Geography
Arts and Humanities Fellow
“Bomb Your Own Damn Backyard: Curating Colonized Landscapes of Vieques”

China Medel, Assistant Professor, Communication
Espy Fellow
“Spectral Aesthetics: Media, Alternative Visibilities, and the Crisis of Migrant Death at the US-Mexico Border”

Cynthia Radding, Distinguished Professor, History
Townsend Fellow
“Indigenous Borderlands, Justice, and Landscapes of Memory on the Spanish Imperial Frontier of North America”

Eliza Richards, Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Hyde Fellow
“The Collected Writings of George Moses Horton: A Critical Edition”

Yaron Shemer, Associate Professor, Asian Studies 
Burress Fellow
“Witnessing, Steadfastness, and Agency: The National Cartoon Figures of the Israeli Srulik and the Palestinian Handhala”

Hérica Valladares, Assistant Professor, Classics
IAH Legacy Fellow – Race, Memory, and Reckoning Initiative
“Fashioning Empire: Roman Women and their Objects”


Helen Cushman, Assistant Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Pardue Fellow
“Producing Knowledge in the Middle English Mystery Plays”

Kathleen DuVal, Professor, History
Whitton Fellow
“Masters of the Continent: How Native Americans Ruled North America into the Nineteenth Century”

Glenn Hinson, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Friends of the Institute – Race, Memory, and Reckoning Initiative
“The Descendants Project–Reckoning and Reconciliation in the Aftermath of N.C. Lynchings”

Shayne Legassie, Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Belk Fellow
“The Ethnobotanical Middle Ages (1100-1560)”

Hugo Mendez, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
Borden Fellow
“The Gospel and Letters of John as a Literary Tradition of Forgery”

Rosa Perelmuter, Professor, Romance Studies
Schwab Fellow
“Yiddish Cuba: Community, Culture, Identity (1920-1960)”

Eunice Sahle, Associate Professor, African, African American and Diaspora Studies 
Johnson Fellow
“Remaking and Struggles for Citizenship in Kenya”

Kumarini Silva, Associate Professor, Communication
Blackwell Fellow
“Contamination and Containment”

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