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Flowchart for handling cases of instructor exposure to COVID-8-20-21

Dear colleagues,

I hope that FDOC in your departments is going well. I took a few moments out of my morning to visit with students lined up at the Old Well and to wish them a great start to their semester. It lifted my spirits to see everyone so excited to be back for in-person classes.

I and my senior leadership team have been hearing from you that you would appreciate guidance on how to handle certain situations, such as what to do when an instructor is exposed to COVID. We have created the attached flowchart to aid you in your decision-making. Please distribute it to your faculty and instructors. (And also emphasize to them that approval must be obtained from the department chair and Dean’s Office before a class can be changed to remote instruction.)

We know that this document, and the Classroom Guidance materials I emailed on Tuesday, will not answer all your questions. We expect to be issuing further guidance in coming days, but meanwhile, don’t hesitate to reach out to your senior associate dean should you require advice or assistance on these evolving matters.


Terry Ellen Rhodes, Dean

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