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Dear faculty and staff colleagues,

Welcome to the start of classes and the return of a full and bustling campus. This morning I was out greeting students at the Old Well as they queued up for that famous first sip (and the requisite selfie). Their excitement and energy are boundless.

Last night I attended New Student Convocation for our newest Tar Heels, followed by the Fall Fest celebration. On Friday I spent the day with the College’s newest faculty members as they went through their all-day orientation. I was there as dean, but I am also new faculty, so it was a learning experience for me as well.

A lot of firsts for me this past week, with plenty more to come as I begin my first year at Carolina.

Whether this is your first year or your forty-first, I hope you find something new to get excited about. Innovations are happening all around us. One new resource this fall that I believe all instructional faculty can benefit from is the new Flexibility with Boundaries website from the Tar Heel Teaching and Learning Collaborative. You can learn more about it in this piece by The Well.

To the staff in the College: I imagine for most of you the arrival of students heralds a change in your routine too. For some, such as our Academic Advising staff and others in student-centered positions, it can be an especially hectic time. I appreciate your calm professionalism in helping our students with their needs.

Regardless of your roles, I want to thank each of you for keeping the College operating smoothly and doing what we do best: providing world-class teaching, conducting groundbreaking research, and serving North Carolina and the larger world. My best wishes to you for a smooth start to the semester.



James W.C. White

Craver Family Dean

College of Arts and Sciences


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