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Head-and-shoulders shot of Karla Slocum smiling at the camera.
Karla Slocum (photo by Donn Young)

Dean Jim White has elevated Karla Slocum’s position from associate dean to senior associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion, effective Sept. 1.

In 14 months as associate dean, White noted that Slocum has made great strides in bringing the College community together. She has created new outlets for communications and outreach (such as the Conversations to Uphold Equity series); revamped the College’s diversity website to highlight DEI initiatives and resources available to the community; convened and provided support for the communities of color faculty cluster hire; and worked closely with departmental and unit diversity liaisons and other campus partners to advance DEI issues in the College and across the University.

“She and the Strategic Plan Committee that she leads have been engaged in a thoughtful, intensive, year-long process to develop a DEI strategic plan for the College,” White said in a message to College faculty and staff. “I am taking this action to provide Karla with the resources and increased visibility that her work warrants and to clearly signal that DEI is a core tenet of the College and a vital part of everything we do.”

As the inaugural senior associate dean, Slocum will lead the College in implementing strategic initiatives, particularly those that have been identified in the College’s diversity plan, which the Strategic Plan Committee expects to finalize this calendar year. She will continue to provide strategic direction for training initiatives designed to increase awareness and support of equity and inclusion values. Her responsibilities will also encompass advocating on behalf of women and underrepresented and minority faculty in relation to equity in mentoring and service, and working with departments on curriculum development and course enhancement initiatives that strengthen and expand inclusive classrooms.

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