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College of Arts and Sciences colleagues,

Over the past year we have communicated with you about different stages in our process to develop a plan for diversity, equity and inclusion. Today we are excited to announce that the College’s first-ever DEI Strategic Plan, Action Steps for Equity, will launch in January.

The plan, which is tailored specifically to UNC-Chapel Hill’s College of Arts and Sciences, comprises four main priorities: 1) elevating a climate of inclusion and equity, 2) developing a better understanding of and improvements for pay inequities, 3) augmenting diversity among faculty and staff through recruitment and retention enhancements, and 4) taking careful measures to repair hurt concerning our past. More than 40 specific action steps outlined in this extensive plan will help us achieve our purpose within each priority.  Among these action steps are areas of work for the Dean’s Office, academic departments, noninstructional units and individuals. There are also resources and support for members of our community to engage with these priorities. All faculty and staff are part of our plan for DEI, as intended beneficiaries and partners in the process.

You can learn more by visiting the plan’s web page on the College’s DEI website. On January 18th, from 3-4:30 PM, we will also hold an in-person town hall to present the plan in detail to the College community.  More information about this event will be shared after the winter break.

Finally, we want to thank the DEI Strategic Plan Committee for its members’ extraordinary efforts this past year: Warren Christian, Jason Clemmons, Kymberly Burkhead Dalton, Ashante Diallo, Leslie Hicks, Iheoma Iruka, Zachary Kerr, Andy Lang, Priscilla Layne, Lachonya Thompson and Sandra de la Vega. The plan would not have been possible without these individuals’ extensive dedication of time and energy as well as their commitment to creating a plan for maximal impact. We are also grateful to the newly reconstituted Dean’s Diversity Advisory Committee for agreeing to serve as an accountability partner, advising on and monitoring progress with the plan.

Last, we wish to thank all of you for your interest, participation and patience throughout our process. Collective interest and involvement are features we seek to carry forward as the plan gets underway.

We look forward to beginning this work with and for you in January!


Karla Slocum and Jim White

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