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For cilia’s sake

UNC researchers debunk a long-held theory about how our lungs function and devise a way to measure mucus pressure (think blood pressure). This is a key step in helping patients with respiratory problems.

Reimagining The Rite

Carolina Performing Arts and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities are reimagining The Rite and its contemporary significance through The Rite of Spring at 100. Part of the celebration will be a series of once-in-a-lifetime performances at Memorial Hall with some of the leading performing artists of our time.

Center provides ‘a place and a space’ to study the South

On a white wooden bookshelf in Jocelyn Neal’s office sits a sealed, unopened mason jar, filled to the brim with a telltale clear liquid and dressed in a homemade label. Neal is the new director of the Center for the Study of the American South.

Stimson: Whether Obama can win with a bad economy is a definite maybe

James Stimson, Raymond Dawson Professor of Political Science, shares his thoughts on the 2012 election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

New dramatic art scholarship, excellence fund honor Lillian Chason

UNC  and Eric and Cate Chason of Barrington, R.I., have announced new resources to help future students in the department of dramatic art. The Lillian Chason Scholarship and the Lillian Chason Undergraduate Excellence Fund honor Lillian Chason, a first-year drama student who died following an illness in December 2009. The Lillian Chason Scholarship will be awarded to undergraduates with an … Continued