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Text on left: Researchers Identify How Bacteria Makes Copper into an Antibiotic: UNC-Chapel Hill chemist Bo Li and colleagues at UNC Davis have discovered the microbial process that turns a metal into an antibiotic. The finding could help drive the discovery of new treatments. On the right: Photo of chemist Bo Li.
Photos of wind turbines in the ocean

Are offshore wind farms coming to North Carolina?

After the Biden administration announced plans to develop coastal wind farms, The Well checked in with marine sciences professor Harvey Seim about what that could mean for North Carolina.

Photo of a satellite

$3 million grant will expand Skynet telescope network

A proposal submitted by an international team, led by professor Dan Reichart in the department of physics and astronomy, has been selected to receive a $3 million grant from the Department of Defense’s National Defense Education Program (NDEP).

A student performing a magic trick on stage

Tar Heel magic

Junior Jonathan Thai has been captivated by magic since he saw his cousin perform a card trick years ago. As he works on mastering the craft himself, he’s bringing his passion for magic to Chapel Hill and creating a community of Tar Heel magicians in a new student organization.

Cover photo of Dominican Jazz Project

Finding connection and hope ‘from afar’

The fact that Desde Lejos, released in July 2021 and currently being considered for the GRAMMY ballot, was recorded, edited, and published during the pandemic is a profound example of perseverance and ingenuity.

Photo of Lloyd Kramer smiling on UNC-Chapel Hill campus

Lloyd Kramer: History is always complicated

This year’s Jefferson Award winner emphasized Jefferson’s ideals of expanding knowledge, fostering diverse ideas and defending democracy, rather than his contradictions and his racist flaws.

Various illustrations of horror literature books

What can horror teach us?

Ghosts, goblins and vampires are frightening, but students in Joe Fletcher’s horror literature class say the ongoing pandemic is far scarier. Thankfully, lessons from literature show how fear can be productive.

Fall Old Well Colors

Three College faculty members named Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars

A new class of 10 Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars (FES) joined together with peer faculty who are diverse in their research areas and backgrounds. The eighth class of scholars will support each other in scholarship that engages with community throughout the next two years.