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Text on left on green background: Bookmark This: “My book is a history of Prague, which today is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is also an extended meditation on what it means to belong – and why the search for a sense of belonging is a defining aspect of the modern experience.” – Chad Bryant, associate professor of history. Photo on right: Collage: Photo of Chad Bryant, photo of Prague book cover.
A photo illustration depicting the impacts of social media on mental health in teenagers (Photo by Jeyhoun Allebaugh/UNC-Chapel Hill). A teen holds a cell phone while walking across the street.

New center to study impact of technology, social media on adolescent brains

Winston Family Foundation gift to psychology and neuroscience builds on three years of research on the link between technology use and adolescent mental health.

Outreach Director Michael Vazquez grabs a selfie after a meeting of Bartlett Reserve’s “Brainstorming” Philosophy Program. He stands masked in front of a group of people taking a selfie.

UNC’s philosophy department seeks wisdom across the ages in partnering with the community

UNC’s philosophy department has made a mission of creating intergenerational spaces for young and old to discuss some of life’s most pressing questions, together as equals.  

Word cloud shows the UNC Bell Tower with words surrounding it like: GIVE UNC, a Place Like No Other, Exellence, Impact, Community, etc.

GiveUNC is March 29

Find a cause, unlock a challenge, join in some friendly competition and spread the word on March 29. You can make a difference during this special 24 hours.

A graphic that reads "Women making history featuring Angel Hsu" with an image of Angel Hsu and a sketch of a factory to depict progress.

She uses data to solve challenging environmental issues

With her research, intergovernmental work and TED Talks, Angel Hsu is making a difference in climate change by combining science and policy.

Eve Golecruz stands in front of the Old Well

Carolina senior’s short film accepted into national film festival

Eve Golecruz used her communications class to create a short film exploring her identity and the environment. The film was accepted into the Environmental Film Festival (DCEFF).

A monumental visual history

Researchers working on a digital archive mark a major milestone by documenting over 1,000 historical monuments in all 100 North Carolina counties, painting a picture of the changing landscape of the state through physical objects.

Walking through women’s history at Carolina

An undergraduate history class created a walking tour of Carolina’s campus that highlights the range of women’s experiences at the University.