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UNC folklorist Glenn Hinson and students provided research that informed the re-enactment this summer of a 1921 Warren County court trial where 16 Black men were unfairly accused after being threatened by a white mob. Photo on the right: Tywayne Ball portrays Jerome Hunter in a re-enactment of a 1921 Warren County trial
Left, Jianping Lu and right, Otto Zhou sit on a wall in front of Phillps Hall.

A Sharper Image

UNC researchers Jianping Lu and Otto Zhou have spent the last two decades refining technology that makes X-ray machines smaller, faster, safer, and sharper — research that’s changing the world of dentistry, medicine, and security.

Bobbi Owen stands on a staircase surrounded by costumes.

For the Love of Fabric

How does the visual richness of clothes contribute to who we are? After nearly 50 years of designing costumes at UNC, Bobbi Owen is retiring. Her expertise in period-piece costume design has brought countless characters and productions to life at PlayMakers Repertory Company.

Spring 2021 graduates turn their tassels at Commencement. (photo by Johnny Andrews)

‘You are going exactly where you are destined to go’

Drs. Anthony Fauci and Kizzmekia Corbett ’14 (Ph.D.) virtually joined the Commencement ceremonies to congratulate the graduates and share advice as the Tar Heels enter a new chapter in their lives.

Spring purple and white flowers are in the foreground; the Old Well in the background. Photo by Donn Young.

A 30-year odyssey from fruit fly eye color to new insights into gene expression

One UNC scientist has been on a career-long quest to understand how genes are expressed as mRNAs.

Screenshot of Gaby Iori in her cap and gown sitting on a bench with a play button in the center of the photo. (Video DOES NOT play by clicking on this featured image).

Saying goodbye to Carolina

Graduating Tar Heel Gaby Iori, a communication studies major, took one last trip around campus to say goodbye to some of the places she’ll miss the most.

Darren Hearn smiling in front of a tree

Doctoral candidate Darren Hearn serves military personnel at Fort Bragg and beyond

Darren Hearn has focused his research on musculoskeletal injury and performance and how those areas can be applied to people completing military basic training in order to identify those at greatest risk for sustaining injury.

Alexis Glaudin sitting on a bench in her graduation robe

‘What I’m supposed to do’

As a Tar Heel, Alexis Glaudin found her passion for physical chemistry and research. She’ll now be heading to the University of Washington to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry.