Seniors Tell All: Timothy Palpant

February 27, 2012

Timothy Palpant likes to keep busy. When he won a prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship last year — the awards go to outstanding students in engineering, mathematics or natural sciences — his largely independent research was judged to be on par with that of graduate students and even post-doctoral fellows.

Seniors Tell All: Lindsey Jefferies

February 27, 2012

For senior Lindsey Jefferies, it’s all about taking flight. In her sophomore year, she launched Born 2 Step, UNC’s only non-Greek-affiliated step team, open to all students at any experience level. After graduation, she intends a more literal kind of launch, as a helicopter pilot in the North Carolina Army National Guard.

Fine Wine: N.C. winery has UNC ties

February 24, 2012

Jonathan Fussell’s Tar Heel roots run deep. The 1998 history alum co-runs Duplin Winery, North Carolina’s largest and oldest operating winery, with his brother, Dave. It has been in his family for more than 35 years. (CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR VIDEO EXTRA)

Cape Town Conundrum: A tale of two cities

February 23, 2012

Like many Carolina undergraduates, Allie Van Vliet and Bowen Kelley wanted a unique internship experience in a foreign land. They got that and more at the Cape Town Refugee Centre in South Africa, where they served as interns as part of an unusual study abroad program.

A glimmer of hope

February 22, 2012

Every morning, I stand in front of 80 Chinese 7th graders and see students at all ends of the spectrum … there are those who have been left behind by a challenging, fast-paced education system where only the strongest survive.

First Year Seminar: Robotics with LEGO

February 21, 2012

Students enrolled in “Robotics with LEGO” do have fun, but this First Year Seminar is hardly child’s play. Students in the course learn the process of basic computer software design, as well some simple mechanical design. (CLICK ON HEADLINE FOR VIDEO EXTRA)

IAH celebrates 25 years of nurturing faculty

February 21, 2012

In 2012, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH) in Hyde Hall in the College of Arts and Sciences celebrates 25 years of providing support to faculty to ensure that Carolina recruits and retains outstanding teachers, leaders and researchers. … Continued