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DEI Project Grants for Unit Enhancement 

The College of Arts and Sciences invites proposals from academic departments, non-instructional units, centers, and institutes to support DEI projects or activities that will be undertaken between April 15, 2023, and May 31, 2024. Proposals should be for work that will assess, develop or enhance a particular area of DEI concern for the unit. We welcome proposals addressing topics such as (but not limited to):  

  • assessment of a particular or broad area of climate in the unit (e.g., staff inclusion, student experience, underrepresented or junior faculty experience) 
  • Curriculum review and/or redesign 
  • review and revision of program protocols or outreach to promote inclusion and equity among student participants 
  • review and revision of research protocols to promote inclusion and equity, recruitment or retention of student majors or participants in unit life 
  • development or enhancement of communication about the unit’s DEI values or work 
  • development or support of a concentrated area of research relevant to DEI 
  • course enhancements for improvement of inclusive instruction techniques or content revision 
  • invited speakers or speaker series 


Who may apply? 

Any department chair, unit director, or Diversity Liaison, in the College of Arts and Sciences, may apply. The application should be on behalf of and for the benefit of the unit.  


When are applications due? 

Applications are due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 1, 2023.  


What type of work will be supported? What type of work or expenses are not permissible?  

Grant funds may support work for the unit in any area relevant to DEI except pay equity or DEI education/training. Applications should explain how the work is relevant to DEI and how the work will benefit the unit while also supporting the priorities within the College’s DEI strategic plan, Action Steps for Equity. 

Grant funds will not support salary supplements or summer salaries for diversity committee members or Diversity Liaisons as part of their regular DEI duties in the unit. Any compensation for DLs or those tasked with diversity in the unit must be associated with a particular project or effort outlined in the proposal. If a salary supplement for a diversity leader is included in the budget, it should not form the majority of the project expenses; other expenses associated with the project or effort should be included.  

All expenses should be direct costs. Allocations for indirect costs are not necessary.   


How much will be awarded? 

Awards will be up to $7,000. Applications must include a budget outlining and justifying the expenses. 


How do I apply? 

To apply, please submit the following in a single PDF document attachment by March 1 to Please put “DEI Project Grants” in the subject line.  

  1. a two-page proposal that explains: 1) the work to be accomplished and its timeline, 2) the goals and expected outcomes of the work, 3) who will be involved in leading the work as well as who the target audience for the work will be, and 4) how the work advances existing efforts or provides a new area of development in the unit. The proposal should also state your willingness to write a brief report about progress with the funded work as well as share the project results during a Diversity Liaison meeting in 2024-25. 
  2. a signature by the department chair or unit director to affirm support of the work and its value for the department. 
  3. a separate budget and a maximum 250-word budget justification.