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DEI Grants for Unit-Level Support 

Across units within the College of Arts and Sciences, many efforts exist to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Continuing our work with faculty, staff and departments concerning DEI, in 2022 the Dean’s Office launched DEI Grants for Unit-Level Support. The goal of this funding initiative is to support and enhance units’ DEI work by providing small grants for their greatest and most immediate areas of DEI need.   

Of the twenty applications that we received, 13 were funded. Awardees will carry out DEI projects in the 2022-23 academic year. Congratulations to the following DEI Grant award recipients! We look forward to following your progress.  

  • Biology: To support DEI speakers and research to understand retention of Black majors
  • Chemistry: To support a climate survey
  • City and regional planning: To support DEI course enhancement grants for faculty, a speaker series on community engagement, and DEI training for department members
  • Computer science: To create a DEI ambassador program toward increasing visibility of the major for underrepresented students
  • Earth, marine and environmental sciences: To develop a policy guide for safe and inclusive fieldwork
  • Environment, ecology and energy program: To update the department website, improving promotion and explanation of the major toward achieving greater diversity and inclusion
  • Exercise and sport science: To support inclusivity training at a department retreat
  • Germanic and Slavic languages and literatures: To support lectures and conversations on diversity
  • History: To support a critical conversations series on microaggressions, climate, retention and recruitment
  • Music: To support the creation of a DEI committee devoted to inclusion in department programming
  • Psychology and neuroscience: To support staff assistance of faculty and graduate students’ DEI subcommittee work
  • Public policy: To support a speaker series on DEI efforts in institutional and programmatic work.
  • Women and gender studies: To support mentoring workshops for department faculty