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DEI Education Grants 

The College of Arts and Sciences invites proposals from academic departments, noninstructional units, centers, and institutes to support DEI education for unit members during any period from April 1, 2023 – April 30, 2024.  Proposals should be for activities that provide education or training on diversity, equity, and/or inclusion. We welcome proposals for workshops, facilitator fees, or the purchase of online modules that will increase unit members’ understanding of topics such as, but not limited to, climate, equity, awareness of cultural difference, antiracism, implicit or unconscious bias, social justice, injustice, structural inequality, accessibility, inclusive leadership, microaggressions, engaging difficult conversations, and community engagement. Awards will be for up to $6, 000 per unit. We expect to make 10 awards. 


Who may apply? 

Any department chair, unit director, or Diversity Liaison, in the College of Arts and Sciences, may apply. The application should be on behalf of and for the benefit of the unit or a group of individuals within the unit.  


When are applications due? 

Applications are due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 1. 


What type of work or expenses are not permissible?  

Grant funds cannot be used to support DEI education for fewer than 3 individuals in the unit  

DEI education that is solely for students in or affiliated with the unit is not permissible. A DEI educational activity that includes students as participants is acceptable, however, student participants should not be the majority among the intended full participant list.  

All expenses should be direct costs. Allocations for indirect costs are not necessary.   

Administrative expenses for organizing the activity are not covered; only expenses for purchasing an education module, registering for an educational activity or hiring a facilitator are permissible.  


How do I apply? 

To apply, please submit the following in a single PDF document attachment by March 1 to Please put “DEI Education Grants” in the subject line.  

  1. a one-page proposal that explains 1) the DEI educational activity that the unit will hire or purchase, 2) who are the intended participants in the activity, and 3) how the educational activity will benefit the participants as well as the unit. The proposal should also state the participants’ willingness to write a brief report outlining the outcomes or takeaways from the activity and how the participants expect to apply what has been learned. The report should also explain how individuals’ experiences with the educational activity will be shared with the broader unit. 
  2. a signature by the department chair or unit director to affirm support of the activity and its value for the participants 
  3. a separate budget outlining the activity expenses along with evidence of the cost of the activity (e.g., a link to a program’s website detailing cost or a copy of an estimate)