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DEI Research Grants 

The College of Arts and Sciences invites proposals from faculty and staff for research activities that support and promote an understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. Grant awards are for April 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024.   

Proposals should be for research that is focused on topics with direct relevance to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcome proposals that make a case for the relevance of particular research topics to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also welcome proposals for research projects that model diversity, equity, and inclusion by their design and methodology, including but not limited to proposals that include faculty and staff, community participants, or researchers of differing backgrounds. Possible topics or project design approaches include but are not limited to:  

  • inclusion and belonging 
  • social inequality (for example by race, gender, sexuality, ability, or religion, for example) 
  • health or educational disparities 
  • bias and stereotyping 
  • social or cultural diversity 
  • democracy, equity, and justice 
  • experiences of underrepresented or particular culturally distinct groups 
  • inclusive research 
  • community-engaged/participatory research 
  • diversity and research teams 


In support of our Repair priority within Action Steps for Equity, we expect to fund at least two proposals devoted to research about UNC-Chapel Hill and the topics central to strengthening our community in the face of the campus’ distant and recent history that has posed challenges. This includes but is not limited to topics such as: 

  • race, history, and university futures 
  • experiences of underrepresented UNC-CH alumni  
  • Confederate monuments 
  • community engagement 
  • reckoning 


How much will be awarded? 

Awards will be up to $7,000. Applications must include a budget outlining and justifying the expenses. 


Who may apply? 

Any faculty or staff member who conducts original research in any field in the College may apply.  


When are applications due? 

Applications are due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 1, 2023. 


What type of work or expenses are not permissible?  

All direct research expenses may be supported. This includes research assistance, travel for data collection, materials, and supplies. Faculty may use some or all of the grant funds for summer salary.  

Graduate student projects with faculty advisors will not be supported. Projects should be led by faculty or staff.  

All expenses should be direct costs. Allocations for indirect costs are not necessary nor supported. 


How do I apply? 

To apply, please submit the following in a single PDF document attachment by March 1 to Please put “DEI Research Grants” in the subject line.  

  1. a 2-3 page (no more than 700 words) proposal that explains: 1) the research topic and its relevance to diversity equity and inclusion (to think about the relevance of your project for DEI, you may consult the College’s Strategic Plan for information on our diversity, equity and inclusion priorities) 2) the project’s research methods and activities to be undertaken during the award period, and 3) broader significance of the project to your career and professional growth. The proposal should also state the participant’s willingness to write a brief report outlining the outcomes of the research activities and give a short public talk for the College in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025.  
  2. a separate budget and budget justification statement (no more than two paragraphs)