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  • Adding Featured Articles
  • Intro to Custom Fields (see below)
  • Modifying Featured Layout
  • Adding “In The Media” Posts
  • Introduction to Foundation
  • Working with the Sidebar (Events) and Menus
Custom Fields:
  • carousel-image: If for some reason you want the carousel image to be different than a featured image you would use this custom field.
  • carousel-video: If you want to have a youtube video in the carousel you will need to add the URL of the video here.
  • custom-title: By default the title is taken from the title of the post.  If you want a shorter title or a different one you can add this field.
  • outside-title – This is used by “In the Media” items to define the source of the article.
  • outside-url – This is the link that the outside title will link to in “In the Media” items.