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The Old Well: Past, Present and Future

Was the Old Well ever new? Daniel Wallace explains in this tribute to UNC’s beloved landmark.

College Bookshelf

Fall books include a page-turner from Bart Ehrman, a tribute to Woody Durham and poems from New Orleans, plus books on the fascinating world of the hip-hop DJ, Cherokee stories, life in a West Va. coal-mining town; and more.

Water in the classroom

UNC faculty are designing new courses around the theme, “Water in our World.”

Fluid Music: UNC musician explores sounds created by water

UNC composer Lee Weisert’s installations explore sounds created by water. This feature and more water initiatives in the fall 2012 issue of Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine.

Reimagining The Rite

Carolina Performing Arts and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities are reimagining The Rite and its contemporary significance through The Rite of Spring at 100. Part of the celebration will be a series of once-in-a-lifetime performances at Memorial Hall with some of the leading performing artists of our time.

Center provides ‘a place and a space’ to study the South

On a white wooden bookshelf in Jocelyn Neal’s office sits a sealed, unopened mason jar, filled to the brim with a telltale clear liquid and dressed in a homemade label. Neal is the new director of the Center for the Study of the American South.

Oyster Culture: Cultivating the foodways of a Virginia coastal community

Cultural historian Bernie Herman is helping to preserve and cultivate the foodways of a special Virginia coastal community.