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Creative Collaborations: Real-Life Ethics

Last December, long after most people had finished final exams and left for winter break, four philosophy graduate students and Jan Boxill, director of the Parr Center for Ethics, gathered in a small room on the second floor of Caldwell Hall to continue with big plans for the spring: the first-ever Triangle High School Ethics Bowl, modeled after the collegiate … Continued

Creative Collaborations: Languages Across the Curriculum

Imagine taking a class on postwar Germany in German or a global business marketing class in Spanish. Students interested in advancing their language skills at Carolina are doing just that, thanks to the Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Sophomore international studies major Ana Cabello-De La Garza is taking her second LAC course … Continued

Creative Collaborations: Electro-Acoustic Music

Dimes clatter on a table top. Audience members make cat sounds. Ice melts in a cup. These sounds are fodder for the UNC students who compose electronic pieces of music in the Electro-Acoustic Studio on the second floor of Hill Hall. Electronic compositions can create, in a way that you can’t with traditional music, different human experiences and have them … Continued

Alumni spotlight: Alane Salierno Mason

Note: Mason, a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, was a 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award winner. Alane Mason, a vice president and senior editor at W.W. Norton & Co. of New York City, is founder and president of Words Without Borders. The organization translates into English, publishes and promotes the work of writers from around the world. Her … Continued