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Elizabeth Engelhardt

The Story of Southern Food with Elizabeth Engelhardt and Rebecca Darwin

Elizabeth Engelhardt and Rebecca Darwin discuss what defines southern food today and the important role food has in the humanities.

Jennifer Washington (photo by Jon Gardiner, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Carolina veteran employees: Jennifer Washington

Today is Veterans Day, the day Americans set aside to honor those who have served their country in one of the military branches. Carolina has 306 veterans who are now working at the University, from all branches of service, who retired or were discharged as specialists, generals and many ranks in between. They have served in peacetime and in conflicts … Continued

Bill Ferris (photo by Donn Young)

Bill Ferris to speak at Winter Commencement

Grammy Award-winning professor Bill Ferris will deliver the University’s 2019 Winter Commencement address, Interim Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz announced on Nov. 8.

Mike Levine

Cuba’s USB-driven music scene

A doctoral candidate in the College of Arts & Sciences’ music department, Mike Levine studies the Cuban music scene and how artists distribute their music through something called “the sneakernet,” Cuba’s grassroots alternative to the internet.

John Vance

Student Profile: John Vance

As a Tar Heel, junior John Vance has had the opportunity to explore several artistic mediums and expand his repertoire to include pottery, album art and fashion.

Susan Harbage Page holds a number of the objects she has collected at the U.S. Mexico border like a Bible, a shoe, an inner tube/raft, and more. (photo by Donn Young)

Borders and Belonging

Susan Harbage Page has long held a fascination with borders and identity. For almost a decade, she walked the U.S.-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley, photographing and collecting objects that border-crossers left behind. The objects told her powerful stories about hope and heartache, borders and belonging, and sometimes, a great deal of violence.

Undergraduate researcher Andie McKinnon spent the summer mapping fruit trees on public lands in Chapel Hill to see if they could be used to help fight food insecurity. (photo by Donn Young). She is shown here in the middle of a fig tre on Rosemary Street.

Fruitful research

Undergraduate researcher Andie McKinnon spent this past summer mapping fruit trees on public lands in Chapel Hill to answer the question: Can the fruit trees be used as a food source to help those in need?