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Juan Carlos González Espitia (photo by Megan May)

Research UNCovered: Juan Carlos González Espitia

Juan Carlos González Espitia is an associate professor of Spanish in the Department of Romance Studies within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. In his historical study of syphilis in the Spanish-speaking world, he explores the ways the disease affects private and public life, literature, the arts, medical discourse, politics, and public policy.

Screen shot shows Ph.D. student John Bechtold holding his camera and looking up at the sky to take a photo.

A Dual Focus

After a 21-year career in the U.S. Army, John Bechtold is now a PhD student in UNC’s Department of American Studies, using photography as a means to discuss American public memory and cultural perceptions of war.

Graduate student Anne Fertig developed a series of literary-focused events called "Austen and Company."

A path to public humanities work: Graduate student Anne Fertig

Anne Fertig (English and comparative literature) is expanding the work of the Jane Austen Summer Program into the Durham community by partnering with Durham community libraries to run book groups throughout the 2019-2020 year that expand local readers’ appreciation of female novelists (other than Austen) in the 19th century.

Messages of welcome embroidered by members of the Royal Opera House Thurrock Community Chorus, which were displayed at the Singing Our Lives performance at the Tilbury Carnival.

A path to public humanities work: Graduate student Alexander Marsden

Alexander Marsden (music) worked with Together Productions in London on the “Singing Our Lives” project, which brings together refugees to write songs about their experiences and to build intercultural bridges.

View of the Old Well on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on July 10, 2018. (Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

Mellon Foundation awards pilot funding for consortium in environmental humanities

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a $150,000 two-year grant to pilot a consortium of four research institutions and their public partners to study coasts, climates and the environmental humanities.

Elly Cummins

After a family tragedy, Elly Cummins is working to save lives

When her older brother passed away from an anxiety medicine overdose, Elly Cummins and a friend launched an awareness campaign for a law that could have saved her brother’s life.

Mark McCombs (top) exhibits his art at the Bridges 2018 Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The origami sculpture in the forefront is “The answer inside” and the fractal image in the background is “Myth of Sisyphus.” This origami sculpture (below) is called “And yet you go on.”

Mastering the art of math

When you take a look at Mark McCombs’ artwork, be sure to consider the mathematical equations behind them. The swirling pieces of paper and repeating designs in this mathematics teaching professor’s art is a study in mathematical symmetry.