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A group of students sitting in a classroom with headphones on staring at screens

NEH grant will help develop critical games studies minor

Courtney Rivard, a 2021 IAH faculty fellow and teaching associate professor in English and comparative literature, received an NEH grant to help develop a critical games studies minor.

Juan Alamo standing at the Old Well on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus holding a percussion instrument

Where words fail music speaks

For most of his life, Juan Álamo has used music to connect to and communicate with others. As a skilled marimba player, he uses his talent and passion to teach the next generation of musicians to do the same.

A postcard with the text "Postcards from the Pandemic" on it and the Arts Everywhere logo in the corner

Staff postcard project to memorialize pandemic

“I Was Here: Postcards from the Pandemic” lets employees process the past two years through artistic expression, culminating in an exhibit on Arts Everywhere Day April 8.

A class sitting in a room with masks on and collaborating with laptops

Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team heads to national competition

Carolina’s Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team will be facing off against 35 other schools for a national title this weekend. It is the team’s first time advancing to the national championship in over five years.

A picture of the group standing in front of the South Building on UNC-Chapel Hill campus

Building a rich intellectual community

For almost 40 years, the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity has been preparing scholars from different backgrounds for faculty careers and the tenure process.

Headshot of Marcia Chatelain

Black history viewed through fast-food lens

Marcia Chatelain, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America,” makes eye-opening connections during the 2022 African American History Month Lecture.

Professor of philosophy Susan Wolf sits against a pitch-black background looking to her left..

On Being Human

As many scholars identify what makes humans similar to other creatures, UNC philosophy professor Susan Wolf strives to discover other attributes that make us unique.