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Honor Roll 2020

The College of Arts & Sciences extends its sincere gratitude to the generous donors who supported its students, faculty and programs in fiscal year 2019-2020.

The 2020 Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts to the College of Arts & Sciences between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, qualifying them for membership in the following giving societies:


Cornerstone Society ($25,000 and above)

The Cornerstone Society, the most prestigious giving society of the College of Arts & Sciences, honors donors who have given $25,000 or more to the College of Arts & Sciences. These gifts help transform the College and allow us to carry on the Carolina tradition of providing a high-quality education to the best and brightest.

Chancellor’s Circle ($10,000-$24,999)

The Chancellor’s Circle recognizes gracious donors who support the College with a gift from $10,000 to $24,999. These transformative gifts help bring innovative programs, ideas and more to students who will go on to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Carolina Society ($5,000-$9,999)

The Carolina Society acknowledges those who have given a gift between $5,000 and $9,999 to the College. These gifts provide students with scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and real-world experiences they need and that employers seek.

1793 Society ($2,000-$4,999)

The 1793 Society shows appreciation to donors who have provided the College with a $2,000 to $4,999 gift. These gifts can help expand graduate student funding and help bring the best and brightest to the College.

Dean’s Circle ($1,500-$1,999)

The Dean’s Circle shows gratitude to donors who have made a gift of $1,500 to $1,999. These gifts afford students the environment, tools and support they need to bring their ideas to life.

Young Alumni Levels

Young Alumni Levels recognize graduates of the last decade who have made the College a philanthropic priority. This includes:

The classes of 2009 to 2013: $1,000 or above.

The Classes of 2014 to 2018: $500 and above.


Corporations, Foundations, Estates and Trusts

Thank you to the generous corporate and foundation partners that chose to invest in the College of Arts and Sciences with a gift or grant during the 2019 fiscal year.


The Honor Roll does not include pledges, bequest or other planned gifts to the College.  This list has been prepared with great care to ensure its accuracy. To report a mistake, please contact Ashlee Bursch at 919-843-9853.

Thank, you once again, for generously supporting the College of Arts & Sciences at Carolina!



Cornerstone Society

Dr. Rebecca E. Balter, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Batchelder Jr., Boston, MA
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Billing, Chapel Hill, NC
Stephen Shaw Birdsall, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Lisa B. Boardman, Marietta, GA
Peter and Heather Boneparth, Lawrence, NY
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bost III, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brady, Greensboro, NC
Ms. Lana M. Bridges Phillips and Mr. Kevin W. Phillips, Bronxville, NY
Cathy Bryson, Chapel Hill, NC
R. Duke Buchan III and Hannah Flournoy Buchan, Palm Beach, FL
Lee and Sunny Burrows, Atlanta, GA
Hacker and Kitty Caldwell, Chattanooga, TN
W. Lowry and Susan S. Caudill, Durham, NC
Mr. Max C. Chapman, Jr., Little Falls, NJ
Mark P. Clein and Nancy Lemann, Chevy Chase, MD
Rebecca and Munroe Cobey, Chapel Hill, NC
Vicki U. and David F. Craver, Riverside, CT
Rose and Steve Crawford, Bronxville, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Deering, Miami Beach, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dorn, Washington, DC
Mr. William Garrison Duckett and Mrs. Louise Townsend Duckett, Raleigh, NC
Rob and Leigh Edwards, Charlotte, NC
John A. Fichthorn, Darien, CT
Dr. and Mrs. Jaroslav T. Folda III, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Park Fowler, Tampa, FL
Molly and Henry Froelich, Charlotte, NC
Duvall S. and J. Rex Fuqua, Atlanta, GA
Lisa and Robert Gfeller, Winston-Salem, NC
Brian and Alisa Golson, Austin, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Grace, Charlotte, NC
Peter T. and Laura M. Grauer, Greenwich, CT
Ms. Nancy L. Grden, Virginia Beach, VA
Matthew Michael Guest and Paige McArthur Guest, Short Hills, NJ
Robert H. Hackney, Jr. and Shauna Holiman, New Preston, CT
Paul Gray Parker and Andrea Jane Hagan, New York, NY
Wendy R. Hamburger-Langman and M. Steven Langman, New York, NY
Mr. Henry H. Hamilton III, Houston, TX
R.M. Hanes, Charlottesville, VA
Chandler Hardwick and Monie T. Hardwick, Bluffton, SC
D. Brian Hargrove, New York, NY
Trudier Harris, Tuscaloosa, AL
Mr. Allan Niles Haseley and Mrs. Kelly Beck Haseley, Charlotte, NC
Tom and Lisa Hazen, Chapel Hill, NC
William T. Hobbs II and Elizabeth Gilman Hobbs, Charlotte, NC
Harold P. Hope III, New York, NY
John C. and Susan M. Hoyle, Washington, DC
Chris and Anna Hunter, Chapel Hill, NC
Barbara and Pitt Hyde, Memphis, TN
Stephen Howard Israel and Nina Vera Zemo-Israel, New York, NY
Dr. and Mrs. Ali Jarrahi, Winston-Salem, NC
Steven H. Kapp, Philadelphia, PA
Thomas Stephen Kenan III, Chapel Hill, NC
Daniel Kennedy, Chattanooga, TN
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Killian, Johnson City, TN
Mr. David M. Knott Jr., Syosset, NY
David Mabon Knott and Virginia Commander Knott, Syosset, NY
Mr. Michael Krimminger and Ms. Deborah A. Phillips, Derwood, MD
Dorothy Shuford Lanier, Bedford, NY
Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Larkin Jr., Charlotte, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lea, Cardiff By the Sea, CA
Virginia Knott Leachman, New York, NY
Mr. Daniel S. Levine, Matthews, NC
Thomas Luther Lutz, Dallas, TX
Douglas and Shawn Mackenzie, Palo Alto, CA
Stephen Nabeil Malik and Kathleen Kitts Malik, Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Moses M. Malkin, Lake Worth, FL
Brian and Susan Mashburn, West Bloomfield, MI
Mr. John D. McHarry, Wilmington, NC
Mr. Emmett English McLean, Vestavia, AL
Molly Monk Mears, Atlanta, GA
Dyke Messinger and Deborah Messinger, Salisbury, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Miller, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Modisett, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Moise, Franklin, TN
Mr. and Mrs. William Cabot Monk, Jr., Greenville, NC
Katharine Caldwell Nevin, Johns Island, SC
Stephen Nislick and Linda Marcus Nislick, New York, NY
Mr.* and Mrs. McKee Nunnally, Jr., Atlanta, GA
Trip and Laura Park, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Park, Jr., Ithaca, NY
Mr. Gary Wilton Parr, Tuxedo Park, NY
Florence and James L. Peacock, Chapel Hill, NC
Linda and Roger Perry, Chapel Hill, NC
Kim and Phil Phillips, Chapel Hill, NC
James Arthur Pope, Raleigh, NC
Bryan Holmes Pope and Greer Barber Pope, Atlanta, GA
John A. Powell, New Orleans, LA
Frank and Ellen Proctor, Pok Fu Lam
Ms. Andrea D. Reid, San Francisco, CA
Jason Todd Rein and Angela Rein, Rye Brook, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ritok, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Wyndham Robertson, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Julian H. Robertson, Jr., New York, NY
Alex Robertson, New York, NY
Martin L. and Carol Fri Robinson, Charlotte, NC
Jean Mitchell Salisbury, Charlotte, NC
Jay W. Sammons and Mr. Nir Liberboim, New York, NY
Barbara Johnson Schneider and Peter Wayne Schneider, Brookhaven, GA
Nelson Schwab III, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Katherine Seligmann, Wake Forest, NC
Cecil and Linda Sewell, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Himanshu Shah, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Jason K. Shroff, Myrtle Beach, SC
Stephen P. Shuford, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Shuford, Charlotte, NC
Sallie Shuping-Russell, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. James L. Sigman, Charlotte, NC
John Skipper , New York, NY
Eric and Lori Sklut, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Thayer C. Smith Jr., Tampa, FL
Don and Billie Jones Stallings, Rocky Mount, NC
C. Austin and Stephanie Stephens, Atlanta, GA
Ms. Christina Elizabeth Story, Park City, UT
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Story III, Park City, UT
Benjamin J. Sullivan, Jr., Rye, NY
Drs. John H. and Edith* Shuford Summey, Carbondale, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford L. Taylor, Jr., Vestavia, AL
John Lothrop Thompson and Patricia Rumley Thompson, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Townsend III, Greenwich, CT
Ryan Scott Wesslen, Charlotte, NC
Nancy and Monty White, Raleigh, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams Jr., Issaquah, WA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Williamson, Richmond, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Winston, Sr., Raleigh, NC
James H. Winston*, Jacksonville, FL
Libby and Jenner Wood, Atlanta, GA
L. Brian Worrell, Westport, CT
Tucker York, New York, NY

Chancellor’s Circle

Mr. Sajjan Agarwal, Cary, NC
James and Julie Alexandre, Haverford, PA
Mr. David R. Alexandre, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Alford, Jacksonville, NC
Scott Franklin Bass, Atlanta, GA
Edward T. Baur, Saint Louis, MO
Mr. R. Mason Bayler Jr., Richmond, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Bielsky, Sullivans Island, SC
Mr. Timothy J. Smith and Mrs. Sara M. Biondi, Chapel Hill, NC
Lelia E. Blackwell and John D. Watson, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Boney, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Borden, Jr., Goldsboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Bradley, Hillsborough, CA
Mr. Michael D. Bradshaw, Pennington, NJ
Stephen G. Brantley, MD, Tampa, FL
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Brenizer, Charleston, SC
Anne Faris Brennan, New York, NY
Mr. Mel A. Williams and Ms. Beverly G. Buchman, Chapel Hill, NC
Mark Joseph Buono, Charleston, SC
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Burnett, Greensboro, NC
Hadley Callaway, Raleigh, NC
Jan and Steve Capps, Wrightsville Beach, NC
Aimee and Tom Chubb, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Clark, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Cohen, Saint Petersburg, FL
Ann Rankin Cowan, Atlanta, GA
Keith O. Cowan, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Cowin, Greenwich, CT
Michael F. and Monica Longworth Coyne, New York, NY
Dr. Kendalyn Lutz-Craver and Mr. Joseph N. Craver II, Shelby, NC
Robert Denniston Crews, San Carlos, CA
Cynthia Kay Crews, Denver, CO
M. Brian Daniels and Julie Rose Daniels, La Canada Flintridge, CA
Elizabeth G. Taylor and David W. DeBruin, Chevy Chase, MD
Olivia Ratledge Delacruz, Orchid, FL
Mr. Michael A. DiIorio, London, England
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Dohlman, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Dunn, Hillsborough, NC
Dr. Linda Dykstra Hylander, Fries, VA
Mike and Mindy Egan, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Sherri L. Elder and Mr. Donald T. Elder, Richmond, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien C. Ellison, Wilmington, NC
Mr. Robert Lee Epting, Chapel Hill, NC
Douglas R. Evans, Dallas, TX
Dr. Robert L. Ferris and Dr. Laura K. Ferris, Pittsburgh, PA
Luke E. and Katherine Bryan Fichthorn IV, Brooklyn, NY
Luke and Nancy P. Fichthorn III, Vero Beach, FL
Mr. Alan S. Fields, Lexington, MA
Dan Fitz, London, England
Paul Fulton, Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gafinowitz, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Arthur L. Gallagher, Coral Gables, FL
Larry L. and Carol G. Gellerstedt, Atlanta, GA
Timothy M. and Cosby W. George, Greenwich, CT
Ms. Kristin S. Gilbert, Maplewood, NJ
Dr. Shawn R. Gilbert and Dr. Stacey S. Gilbert, Mountain Brk, AL
Ms. Joan Heckler Gillings, Wrightsville Beach, NC
Mr. and Mrs. E. Vernon F. Glenn, Mount Pleasant, SC
John and Sallie Glover, Raleigh, NC
Leonard Goodman, New York, NY
Mr. Stanley D. Goodman, Wyckoff, NJ
Bill Ross and Susan Gravely, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Timothy Richard Graves and Mrs. Cathey Stricker Graves, Manhattan Beach, CA
Lawrence and Freddie Gray, Richmond, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Carter H. Griffin, Chevy Chase, MD
Steven and Gail Grossman, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Guskiewicz, Chapel Hill, NC
Jane and Robertson Wall Scholarship Fund, Campobello, SC
Ruth and Ben Hammett, Palo Alto, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie M. Hardison Jr., La Jolla, CA
Emmett and Hubert Haywood, Raleigh, NC
David Anthony Hermer, Brooklyn, NY
Richard and Ford Hibbits, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Thomas L. Isenhour, Suffolk, VA
Dr. Vinod Jindal and Natasha Jindal, Raleigh, NC
Mr. F. Lex Jolley, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel T. Jones, Westport, CT
Donald P. Kanak, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Daniel J. and Patricia S. Kelly, Greenwich, CT
Frank* and Betty Kenan, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. C. MacLaine Kenan, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Kenwood, New Orleans, LA
Clarke Robert Keough and Elizabeth Adams Keough, New York, NY
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Kibler, Austin, TX
Nancy and Willis King, Summit, NJ
John Lindsey Kirkland III and Rebecca Trent Kirkland, Pittsboro, NC
Kim Kwok, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lamont, Dallas, TX
Dr. Murray W. Turner, Charlotte, NC
Ethan D. Leder and Karen B. Leder, Bethesda, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Liotta, Mooresville, NC
Leon Otis Livingston, Memphis, TN
Billy and Laura Logan, Darien, CT
Ms. Paula Jean Lombardi, Charlotte, NC
Lee and Trey Loughran, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Nolan Delano Lovins, Lenoir, NC
James Edward Luebchow and Ms. Harriet T. Holderness, Chapel Hill, NC
Scott MacDonald, San Diego, CA
William Robert Mark, Mountain View, CA
Ann G. Matthysse, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. John R. Mattlocks and Ms. Alison G. Mattocks, Trent Woods, NC
Mr. Robert E. May Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
S. Spence McCachren, Jr., Maryville, TN
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McCarthy, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. William O. McCoy, Chapel Hill, NC
Alexander Duncan McLean, Memphis, TN
Robert A. McMillan, Shepherdstown, WV
Mr. and Mrs. Ward S. McNally, Chicago, IL
Ms. Grace Mercer Schott and Mr. Gregory G. Schott, Portola Valley, CA
Mr. Preston L. Mitchell and Ms. Christy T. Mitchell, Arlington, VA
Charles Moehrke, Jr., Cary, NC
Ms. Jane S. Molster, Richmond, VA
Dr. Russell A. Moore, Raleigh, NC
John T. Moore, Saint James, NY
Dena and Chris Moore, Richmond, VA
Mr. Benjamin C. Moore, Richmond, VA
Mr. Samuel H. Moore, Richmond, VA
Shawn Healy Morton and Emily SooHoo, Charlotte, NC
Allen Moseley, Atlanta, GA
Fred and JoAnn Mueller, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mullins, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. Jason P. Norris, Austin, TX
Mr. and Mrs. H. Patrick Oglesby, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Overlock, Jr., Greenwich, CT
Dr. Anna M. Paré and Dr. Richard E. Paré, Atlanta, GA
Bill and Luann Parmelee, West Palm Beach, FL
Ms. Shirley R. Perry, North Salem, NY
Mr. Andrew C. Pike, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Morgan R. Poag, Boca Grande, FL
Caleb Joseph Pollock, Grapevine, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Andrea Ponti, London, England
Dr. Mark Pozefsky and Dr. Diane S. Pozefsky, Chapel Hill, NC
R. M. Propst and D. L. Wood, York, SC
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ragland Jr., Atlanta, GA
Mary George Rajkumar and Raj Rajkumar, Singapore,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reid IV, Greenwich, CT
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Riddle Jr., Greenwich, CT
Sarah Duckett Robinson, Easley, SC
Bill and Maribeth Robinson, Monmouth Junction, NJ
Nicole Wilson Rubin, Portola Valley, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Schaffer, Summit, NJ
Ms. Deborah A. Schenker, Basking Ridge, NJ
Mr. Michael Seibel, San Francisco, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Tilak M. Shah, Cary, NC
Mr. Kenneth N. Shelton, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Josh D. Shores, Memphis, TN
C. Scott Shultz and Leigh Huff Shultz, Maplewood, NJ
Mr. Curtis Howard Sitterson, Miami, FL
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Smiley, Spartanburg, SC
Randell Smith and Carolyn Smith, Nashville, TN
Mr. William H. Smith, Greensboro, NC
James H. Smith, Jr., Burlington, NC
Ed and Carol Smithwick, Chapel Hill, NC
John Curtis Staton and Margaret McLanahan Staton, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Alexander N. Yong and Ms. Wendi C. Sturgis, New York, NY
Mr. Michael L. Stutts, Tampa, FL
Mr. Andrew J. Surwilo, Allendale, NJ
Frank and Shelayne Sutton, Chapel Hill, NC
William W. Taylor III, Washington, DC
Dr. Elizabeth C. Teviotdale, Kalamazoo, MI
Mr. Michael W. Trinh, Belmont, CA
Tom Uhlman, New York, NY
Dr. James A. Underwood Jr., Jackson, MS
Dr. Darlene Redman, Houston, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Malchus L. Watlington, Durham, NC
Alan H. Weinhouse, New York, NY
Gregory and Anne Wessling, Cornelius, NC
Mr. Stephen Barry Westfall, Atlanta, GA
Elijah White, Jr., Cypress, TX
Dr. Jesse L. White, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wickham, Charlotte, NC
Ward and Margaret Williams, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Caroline C. Williamson, New York, NY
Loyal and Margaret Wilson, Portsmouth, NH
Mr. Charles McKimmon Winston, Jr., Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Worth, Miami Beach, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Yelverton, Mill Valley, CA


Carolina Society

Nancy Robertson Abbey and Douglas Dix Abbey, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Wilton J. Aebersold, New Albany, IN
Neil Goodwin Alderman and Holly Harris Alderman, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Aldridge Jr., Atlanta, GA
Joseph Albert Aluise, New Orleans, LA
R. Franklin Andrews, Las Vegas, NV
Fay Pushkin Aronson, Coral Gables, FL
Dr. and Mrs. Sonal Arora, Cary, NC
Dr. Q. Whitfield Ayres, Arlington, VA
Dr. Ronald T. Azuma, San Jose, CA
Gregory Arthur Baer, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Banwell, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Jeffrey Barnouw, Del Mar, CA
Laura and John Beckworth, Austin, TX
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Bellamy, Richmond, VA
Frederick D. Benton, Aiken, SC
Gary Sterling Berger, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Ira G. Berlin, Naples, FL
Douglas and Melissa Biggs, Atlanta, GA
Dr. and Mrs. Ben W. Bolch, Nashville, TN
Drs. David and Stephane Booth, Stow, OH
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee Borden, Goldsboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Bradford, Cypress, TX
Richard Grant Brady, Pelham, NY
Mr. Thomas S. Brennan, Durham, NC
Mr. James Keith Brown, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Brown, White Plains, NY
Mr. Karl Franklin Brumback and Mrs. Eileen Pollart Brumback, Cincinnati, OH
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burgin, Charlotte, NC
Gordon E. Cadwgan, Jr., West Palm Beach, FL
Diane Elliott Caton, Charlottesville, VA
Dr. Scot K. Huber and Ms. Joan E. Caviness, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Jane S. Caviness, Winston-Salem, NC
Robert M. Chadwick, East Windsor, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Max C. Chapman III, Jackson, WY
Ms. Sidney G. Childress, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Christmann, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Daniel K. Clift, Boston, MA
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cockrell Jr., Austin, TX
Mr. Harvey Colchamiro, Greensboro, NC
Robert F. and Helen H. Conrad, Hillsborough, NC
Mr. John Withers Currie, Columbia, SC
Fred Davenport, Wilmington, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Davis, San Francisco, CA
Robert L. Dewar, New Braunfels, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Dewar II, Dallas, TX
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Dooley, Charlotte, NC
Christina Sampogna Downey, Riverside, CT
W. Christopher Draper, Jr., Califon, NJ
Cheray Duchin, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Chip Duckett, High Point, NC
Dr. Steven S. Dunlevie Jr., Atlanta, GA
Mr. James M. Gibbons and Ms. Brett R. Elebash, San Francisco, CA
Ms. Jennifer L. Ellison, Hillsborough, NC
Eli N. Evans, New York, NY
Ms. Elizabeth F. Otwell and Mr. Stephen T. Falk, Point Roberts, WA
Cherie Fogle Faulkner, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Richard M. Forbis, Carrboro, NC
David and Nancy Fortenbery, Charlotte, NC
Mr. John Patrick Foudy, Spring, TX
John Frank Hoadley and Beth Carol Fuchs, McLean, VA
Shayne Gad and Novie Beth Ragan Gad, Cary, NC
Vidya Gaddam and Mr. Ravicharan Reddy, Cary, NC
Ben Gambill, New York, NY
Margaret and David Gardner, Alexandria, VA
Dr. Joanne M. Garrett and Dr. Peter A. Garrett, Chapel Hill, NC
Kay Giddens Glenday, Washington, DC
David* and Lallie Godschalk, Chapel Hill, NC
Gerry Good, Lake Oswego, OR
Sarah Reckford Gray, Atlanta, GA
William Henry Grumbles, Chapel Hill, NC
John D. Gumbel and Stacey Gumbel, New Bern, NC
Ms. Lindsay H. Guzowski, Cleveland Heights, OH
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hardin, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Harrison, Jr., North Palm Beach, FL
Ms. Susan E. Hartley, Cary, NC
Kathleen Samsot Hawk, Houston, TX
Mr. John A. Heffern and Ms. Amy C. Heffern, Princeton, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hess, New York, NY
Joseph C. High and Kathleen Cullins High, Chapel Hill, NC
Alexander Weld Hodges, Atlanta, GA
Ron and Cheryl Howard, Greenwich, CT
James Richard Huddle and Jane Fuller Huddle, Charlotte, NC
Kathy and Kenneth John, Arlington, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Christian K. Johnson Jr., Golden, CO
Mr. Kishore R. Jotwani, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Robert W. Kadlec III, Manhattan Beach, CA
Robert and Teresa Kadlec, Jr., Manhattan Beach, CA
Nagaraja C. Kambara, Cary, NC
Mr. David S. Kaplan, Louisville, KY
Mr. Shaun C. Kelley, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. John E. King, Greensboro, NC
Philip L. Kirstein, Princeton, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Klaff, Sterling, VA
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kuykendal, Chapel Hill, NC
Kelly Landreth, Dallas, TX
Eugene Y. Lao, Burlingame, CA
Dr. and Mrs. W. Hampton Lefler, Winston-Salem, NC
Seymour M. and Carol Levin, Greensboro, NC
Hal and Holly Levinson, Charlotte, NC
Lana Lewin, New York, NY
Richard B. and Linda* C. Lupton, Westerville, OH
Ms. Rosemary Mahler, Bayport, NY
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Manning, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mark, Riverside, CT
Sameer Mathur, Cary, NC
Harrison Miller and Clare Shaw McCamy, Mill Valley, CA
Mr. Mark John McCann, Oak Park, IL
Daniel and Anita McClernon, Cary, NC
Pattie Sapp McCrady, Atlanta, GA
R. Andrew McMillan, Jr. and Kathrine Reynolds McMillan, Shepherdstown, WV
Ms. Deborah P. Miller, Atlanta, GA
Elaine Callahan Mims and Charles Van Horn Mims, Spring, TX
Elizabeth Lynn Mitchell, Arlington, VA
Luke Moland, Chapel Hill, NC
Walker and Katie Morris, Charlotte, NC
Sally Marie Murray, Lubbock, TX
T. David Neill and Scottie G. Neill, Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Novak, Falls Church, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O’Brien, Memphis, TN
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Ogle, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Overlock III, New Canaan, CT
Russ and Robyn Owens, Durham, NC
Robert L. Page, Greensboro, NC
Ms. Donna Parke, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Paulus, Asheville, NC
Brian and Suzanne Pecheles, Greenville, NC
Dr. Louis A. Pérez Jr. and Professor Deborah M. Weissman, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Phillips, Jr., Greensboro, NC
John R. Pope, Atlanta, GA
Professor Beth S. Posner, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius B. Prior Jr., St Thomas, VI
Mr. Thomas K. Rao, Little Rock, AR
Mr. Satpal Rathie, Cary, NC
Dr. William E. Ray, Santa Clara, CA
Jonathan T. M. and Ashley R. Reckford, Atlanta, GA
Katherine P. Reeves and Eric Reeves, Dallas, TX
Dr. Scott Robin Rehm, Greensboro, NC
Dr. Terry E. Rhodes, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Richards, Charlotte, NC
Sandy Fleischman Richman, New York, NY
Coleman D. and Carol M. Ross, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Molly P. Rozum, Vermillion, SD
Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Rufty, Cary, NC
Amy R. Sabrin and G. Evans Witt, Chevy Chase, MD
Dr. Sujana Samala and Dr. Pavan K. Yerramsetty, Cary, NC
James M. Schnell and Harriet Hodges Schnell, Richmond, VA
Mr. K. Barry Schochet, Washington, DC
Ms. Jan E. Schochet, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Schout Jr., New Bern, NC
Dr. Stephen B. Sears, Siler City, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Seitz, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik Sen, Raleigh, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Bimal R. Shah, Durham, NC
Ms. Betty M. Shaw, Saint Louis Park, MN
Ms. Mary T. Slayter, West Dennis, MA
Mr. Brian T. Smith, Oxon Hill, MD
Joan W. Sorensen and E. Paul Sorensen, Providence, RI
Frank and Melanie Spencer, Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Robert A. Stanley, Chattanooga, TN
Michael A. Stegman, Chapel Hill, NC
Dale A. Strickland, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. W. Derrick Surratt, Alexandria, VA
Betty Temple, Travelers Rest, SC
Mrs. Cordelia G. Thompson, Charlotte, NC
R. Rand Tucker, Ann Arbor, MI
Ms. Ashley B. Watson and Ms. Karen Twait, Flourtown, PA
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Vail, Chicago, IL
Dr. Todd J. Vision, Carrboro, NC
J. Vann and Jennifer Vogel, Asheville, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Dicky S. Walia, Cary, NC
James Alphonso Wellons, Philadelphia, PA
Ms. Charlotte Courtney Egerton, Brooklyn, NY
Sam and Anna Wheeler, College Park, GA
Mr. and Mrs. J. Blount Williams, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Stephen James Williams, Los Angeles, CA
Jean Jones Wilson and Charles T. Wilson, Jr., Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodard, Shady Shores, TX
James and Bonnie Yankaskas, Chapel Hill, NC
Ray Allen Yount and Agnes Bell Yount, Cumberland, MD
Neil and Sharon Zimmerman, Houston, TX

1793 Society

Dr. Sankar Adusumilli and Dr. Bhavani Lagadapati, Cary, NC
Virginia M. Aldige, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. John Granville Alley, Jr., Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Aluise, Charlotte, NC
Allen L. Anderson, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard Arnold II, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Asaro, Chapel Hill, NC
William Joseph Austin, Jr., Raleigh, NC
Jerry R. Everhardt and Margaret DuBose Avery, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Philip A. Baddour Jr. and Ms. Margaret Boothe Baddour, Goldsboro, NC
Dr. L. Jarrett Barnhill, Jr., Hillsborough, NC
Dr. Stephanie A. Call and Dr. John C. Barrett, Hot Springs, NC
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Bartley, Brentwood, TN
Dr. Elizabeth A. Bass, Arlington, VA
Mr. William Lindley Beckworth, Fort Worth, TX
Mr. Thomas M. Benjamin, New Orleans, LA
Win and Rosanah Bennett, Chevy Chase, MD
Philip D. Bennett, Holderness, NH
Christina Benson, Durham, NC
Adar Taun Berghoff, Atlanta, GA
Mr. William L. Blythe II, Bronx, NY
William Mcdaniel Bondurant, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Alvin Boskoff, Atlanta, GA
Jakie and Peter Bowles, Richmond, VA
Jackson Davis Breaks II and Carolyn Snyder Breaks, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Elliott B. Brennan, Charlestown, MA
Kristin Breuss and Geoff Burgess, London, England
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford B. Briner, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Carole C. Broadnax and Mr. Johnathan G. Broadnax, Silver Spring, MD
Ms. Lisa M. Broitman, Kensington, MD
Mr. David B. Brown, Wilmington, DE
Hope Holding Connell, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Robert L. Bryant and Mr. Reymundo A. Garcia, Durham, NC
Drs. Jay Bryson and Margaret Commins, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Burke, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III, Winston-Salem, NC
Wayne Michael Busch and Melissa Hastings Busch, Chicago, IL
Timothy Cage, New York, NY
Dr. Bruce W. Carney and Dr. Ruth Ann Humphry, Carrboro, NC
Dr. David R. Carpenter and Dr. Rebecca L. Howe, Greensboro, NC
Thomas D. Carr, Chicago, IL
Mr. Wade Lucas Casstevens, Falls Church, VA
Dr. Ranieri M. Cavaceppi and Ms. Hilary P. Dove, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Chandler, Chapel Hill, NC
Norman P. Chapel and Mary Beth Chapel, San Diego, CA
Mr. Changhua Huang and Ms. Li Chen, Cupertino, CA
Ms. Xiaoyan Chen, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Sang-Il Choi, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle L. Clements, Chapel Hill, NC
Sanford A. Cockrell III, Madison, CT
Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Coffey, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Sydni L. Collins, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld, South Hamilton, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cone, Jr., Greensboro, NC
Mr. Paul D. Connuck and Ms. Lauren Weinberger, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Robert Q. Cordell II, Los Gatos, CA
Mr. Stephen Philip Covington and Mrs. Greta Terrell Cov, Athens, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Cowell in memory of Russell S. Cowell, Jr. 1980, Williamsburg, VA
Ms. Shelia L. Creswell, Vienna, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie M. Crisco Jr., Advance, NC
Neil and Laura Brown Cronin, Boston, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Culp, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cune, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Christopher J. Daly, New Carrollton, MD
Van Womack Daniel III, Wise, VA
Rebecca Wesson Darwin and Cress Darwin, Charleston, SC
Jan L. Davis, Cary, NC
Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald Davis, Jr., Columbia, MD
Ms. Kathy O. Dayvault, China Grove, NC
Anna Deak-Phillips, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Deering, Charlotte, NC
Michael S. Deimler, Atlanta, GA
Mary Anne Dickson, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Eileen K. Doherty, Jenkintown, PA
Dr. Elinor B. Douglass and Mr. Robert A. Douglass, Atlanta, GA
Ruth L. Doyle, Warrensburg, MO
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Dressler, Greensboro, NC
Ms. Marie Drum, Asheville, NC
Connie Clare Eble, Carrboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Edwards, Darien, CT
William Kinsland Edwards and Patricia Birdsong Edwards, Greensboro, NC
H. Timothy Efird II, Gastonia, NC
Mrs. Whitney W. Ehrlich, Rye, NY
Emmett N. Ellis IV and Patricia L. Truscelli, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Embs, Charlotte, NC
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Entwistle III, Lafayette Hill, PA
Pat and Jack Evans, Chapel Hill, NC
Nancy J. Farmer and A. Everette James, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Joan P. Filson, Bethesda, MD
Alexander G. and Janet M. Floyd, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Rebecca A. Foster, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Nicole R. Frei, Ann Arbor, MI
Stephen Cumbie and Druscilla French, Chapel Hill, NC
Tripp Frey, Grand Rapids, MI
Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Friddle, Charlotte, NC
Bill and Jenny Fuller, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Paul W. Gabrielson and Mary Love May, Hillsborough, NC
Mr. Daniel V. Galves and Ms. Lisa M. Collins, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. and Mrs. J. Brooke Gardiner, Mountainside, NJ
Gardiner W. Garrard III, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Gerding, Winston-Salem, NC
Peter S. Gilchrist III, Huntersville, NC
Ruth Ellen and Thold Gill, Charlotte, NC
Donald Gilman, Washington, DC
Bill and Leigh Goodwyn, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Temple Grassi, Chevy Chase, MD
Drs. L. and O. E. Greenwald, Efland, NC
Ryan Christopher Morris and Kate Lee Morris, Fort Mill, SC
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Griggs, Atlanta, GA
Janet Hadler, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Huey, Cincinnati, OH
Carol Cutherbertson Hamrick, Charlotte, NC
John Robert Hand and Shawndell Gainous Hand, Mount Pleasant, SC
Joseph M. Harmon, MD, Mount Pleasant, SC
Dr. O. James Hart, Jr., Mocksville, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Haskins, Pasadena, MD
Mr. Frank J. Hawley, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. and Mrs. Justin F. Haynie, Charlotte, NC
Professor and Mrs. Lenwood S. Heath, Blacksburg, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hedgecock, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Helton, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Heys Jr., Signal Mountain, TN
The Honorable and Mrs. Truman McGill Hobbs, Montgomery, AL
Dr. and Mrs. Carl C. Hoffmann, Mebane, NC
Augusta and Gill Holland, Harrods Creek, KY
Dr. Gary Wolfe Marks and Dr. Liesbet Hooghe, Chapel Hill, NC
Lawrence L. Hooper, Jr., Reisterstown, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hunter, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Ian M. Huschle, Locust Valley, NY
Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Hyatt, Dallas, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Insley, Larchmont, NY
Dr. Satoshi Ito, Williamsburg, VA
Michael Ira Jacobson, Atlanta, GA
Pembroke N. and Patricia C. Jenkins, Wilmington, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Nirav D. Kachalia, Singapore,
Robert E. and Mercedes Kaufman, Boca Raton, FL
C. H. “Jack” and Joyce Keller, Hilton Head Island, SC
Mr. and Mrs. Graham T. Kelly, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kennedy III, Houston, TX
Lisa and Ted Kerner, Jr., MD, Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Kestnbaum, Greenwich, CT
Christopher W. Keuler and Rachel Franklin Keuler, San Francisco, CA
Dr. and Mrs. Will C. Kitchens, Pinehurst, NC
E. Falcon Knight, Jr., Virginia Beach, VA
Paul F. Knouse, Jr., Winston-Salem, NC
Dr. William Kodzai and Dr. Za’vette Tatum-Kodzai, Southern Pines, NC
Dr. Lloyd S. Kramer and Ms. Gwynne Pomeroy, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Kuhn, Washington, DC
Sanjiv Kumar and Ms. Manjari Lall, Apex, NC
Mr. Robert R. Laidlaw, Southern Pines, NC
Dr. Lynn Z. Lang and Ambassador Jeffrey M. Lang, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Langley, Apex, NC
Mr. James E. Langston, New York, NY
Dr. Duncan Lascelles and Ms. Jennifer S. Mabie, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lassiter, Dallas, TX
Dr. Hendrée J. Lensch and Mr. Erik M. Lensch, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lerner, Charlotte, NC
Lori Wittlin and Bradley Lewis, Bernardsville, NJ
Eleanor Wright Lindemann, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Myron B. and Mrs. Anne Cone Liptzin, Chapel Hill, NC
Kathryn Scott Long and Robert E. Long, Jr., Greensboro, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Pankey Lotspeich, Miami, FL
Dr. David P. Luebke and Dr. Emily L. Luebke, Charlottesville, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Rhett N. Mabry, Davidson, NC
Mr. Wendell Carlton Maddrey, Upper Montclair, NJ
Robert and Vivian Manekin, Owings Mills, MD
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann, Winston-Salem, NC
Lawrence Donald Margerum, Lafayette, CA
Mr. James Margolis and Ms. Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Ned S. McClurg, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. McCoy Jr., Richmond, VA
Lane Morris McDonald, New York, NY
Mr. Matthew D. McKearn, Washington, DC
Glenn and Patricia McKenzie, Hampton, NH
William O. Poteat, Chapel Hill, NC
Pamela Lynn McLean, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Sharon E. McNeill, Houston, TX
Mr. Mark A. Michaud, Concord, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mitchell, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Rebekah W. Moehring and Mr. Mitchell C. Moehring, Hillsborough, NC
Peter C. Moister, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Craig V. Murray, Jr., Daniel Island, SC
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Musslewhite, Washington, DC
Ms. Michele R. Natale, Chapel Hill, NC
Paul and Linda Naylor, Durham, NC
Mr.* and Mrs. Charles S. Norwood, Jr., Goldsboro, NC
The Ernest M. Oare Family, Warrenton, VA
Mr. Douglas A. Oberdorfer, Jacksonville, FL
Thomas LaFontine Odom and Carmen H. Odom, Charlotte, NC
John and Cynthia O’Hara, Edgartown, MA
Dr. Edward M. Olefirowicz and Mrs. Karri A. Olefirowicz, Titusville, FL
Paul Oliver and Sheila Barry-Oliver, Pinellas Park, FL
Wilson Orr and Caroline Cockrell Orr, Memphis, TN
Ms. Audra J. Ottaway and Mr. Robin H. Ottaway, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Francine M. Overcash and Mr. Rodney A. Overcash, Minneapolis, MN
Abigail T. Panter and George Huba, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Robert J. Parker Jr. and Ms. Sarah E. Taylor, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Parrish, Chapel Hill, NC
Hasu Patel and Mr. Kanu Patel, Morrisville, NC
Ms. Bettina Patterson, Pittsboro, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan F. Pingle, Kensington, MD
Anne and Billy Pizer, Durham, NC
Ms. Mary B. Porucznik, El Cajon, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Posner, Chapel Hill, NC
Edwin and Harriet Poston, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. E. Allen Prichard, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Lilian P. Pruett, Chapel Hill, NC
Ed and Suzy Rankin, Fairview, NC
Mr. Scott B. Rhodes, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Rice, Pennington, NJ
Jamie Rice, Hilton Head Island, SC
Larry E. and Debra B. Robbins, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Rogers III, Durham, NC
Cathy Rollins and Arthur Rollins, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Craig L. Rollins, Atlanta, GA
Francis O. Rollins and Lydia E. Rollins, Helotes, TX
Mr. Charles J. Wolfe, Jr. and Ms. Sandra Roth, New York, NY
Ms. Stacy E. Rowland, Charlotte, NC
John Russell and Kelley Russell, Raleigh, NC
F. Kevin Russell, Scottsdale, AZ
Mr. and Mrs. Ravish Sachar, Raleigh, NC
Caroline E. Wainright and Colby D. Schwartz, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Schwartz, Atlanta, GA
Laura Townsend Scott, Naples, FL
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sears, Jr., Dallas, TX
Mr. Stephen Forest Shaw, Greensboro, NC
Minor and Harold Shaw, Greenville, SC
G. Bradley Sherrill and Angela Betts Sherrill, Greensboro, NC
Mr. Jeremy D. Siegfried, New Albany, OH
Dr. Keith M. Sigel, New York, NY
Mr. Daniel W. Singer, Tampa, FL
Mr. John B. Slidell, Annapolis, MD
Mr. John H. Small, Greensboro, NC
Dean and Linnea Smith, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Smith Jr., Raleigh, NC
Mr. Glenn A. Smith, Lafayette, CA
Jerri Sheryl Smith, Concord, NC
Mr. Alfred E. Smith Jr., Lookout Mountain, TN
Mr. James A. Snead, Baltimore, MD
Mr. and Mrs. James McNeil Snow, High Point, NC
Elizabeth Rider Soboeiro and Michael Francis Soboeiro, Raleigh, NC
David Sontag, Chapel Hill, NC
Peter F. and Linda Spies, Monmouth Beach, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Spillman Jr., Atlanta, GA
Kenneth G. Starling, McLean, VA
Ms. Caitlin F. Steiger, Miami, FL
Dr. John D. Stephens and Dr. Evelyne Susanne Huber, Chapel Hill, NC
Susan Camp Stocks, Arlington, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Stoltz Jr., Raleigh, NC
Mr. Sai Sudhini, Morrisville, NC
James L. Tanner, Jr., Springfield, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Teague Jr., Charlottesville, VA
Mr. Robert W. Teele, Richmond, VA
Ms. Lamar S. Toole, Boca Grande, FL
Mr. Alvin S. Trenk, Roseland, NJ
Arthur Vaughn Tucker, Jr., Fairfield, OH
Tom and Judi Tygart, Jacksonville, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Thompson Tygart, Colorado Springs, CO
Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Waddell III, Burlington, NC
Dr. Lynne E. Wagoner and Mr. Victor A. Walton Jr., Cincinnati, OH
Elizabeth Campbell Walker, Greenwich, CT
Tina Nicholson Weinberg, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Stacie C. Weninger, Waban, MA
Braxton Deams West and Carrie Davis West, Cary, NC
John Robbins and Campbell Lucas Wester, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Whitton, Blowing Rock, NC
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Wilkerson, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Arthur Williams, Burlington, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilmott, Bronxville, NY
Ashley and John Wilson, Chapel Hill, NC
Prince Dixon Witt and Mike Witt, Charlotte, NC
David Bernard Wolfe, Brookline, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wood, Richmond, VA
Lee Polk Woody, Jr., Towson, MD
William Lewis Wortmann, Washington, DC
Paul Jeon Chao Yang and Dorothy Jones Yang, Kirkland, WA
Dr. Heather G. Yeowell and Dr. David A. Yeowell, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Miriam H. Zietlow and Dr. Thomas C. Zietlow, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin J. Zieve, Midlothian, VA

Dean’s Circle

David Alan Adamson, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. John Fredrick Altschuler and Mrs. Leah Harris Altschuler, Studio City, CA
Mac and Ellen Ball, New Orleans, LA
Laura Raper Stroupe Barrier, Greensboro, NC
Ms. Vivienne Benesch, Chapel Hill, NC
Steve Benezra, Ph.D., Hillsborough, NC
Brian M. Boutte and Mrs. Jennifer L. Boutte, Smyrna, GA
D. Byron Braswell, Cary, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Buddendeck, Cary, NC
Mr. Adam M. Burns and Ms. Jacqueline Raskin-Burns, Bethesda, MD
Richard Lee Clark and Linda H. Clark, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Linda L. Clark, Long Beach, CA
Stephen and MargEva Cole, Durham, NC
Mr. Lee D. Hamilton and Ms. Kimberly A. Costello, Greensboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Crawford III, Nashville, TN
Ryan Preston Dahl, Rye, NY
Dr. Jeff Y. Dai, New Brunswick, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Damgard, Richmond, VA
Daniel Clyde Deitz, Fletcher, NC
Mr. Randolph B. Dunbar and Ms. Shawna Sharp, Lafayette, CO
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Kathleen Ellison, Burlington, NC
William W. Espy, Atlanta, GA
Mr. John W. Falkenbury, Concord, NC
Robert Brabham Felder and Judith Jones Felder, Iowa City, IA
Ms. Mary F. Flanagan, Chapel Hill, NC
Benjamin E. Fountain III, Dallas, TX
Richard F. Fox and Betsy Freeman Fox, Greensboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gordon, Atlanta, GA
William A. and Barbara S. Graham, Cambridge, MA
Mr. F. Sheffield Hale, Atlanta, GA
Michael A. Harpold, PhD, Durham, NC
Mr. James A. Harrill III, Columbus, OH
Ms. Shakti Routray, Bridgewater, NJ
Mr. Sam M. Hayes, Raleigh, NC
Wilson Hayman and Jennie Jarrell Hayman, Raleigh, NC
Raymond Eugene Owens, Jr. and Sara Wyche Higgins, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Hinton, Raleigh, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Hocking, Merion Station, PA
Dr. Michael J. Holland, Pittsburgh, PA
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Holman, Durham, NC
Mr. Mark C. Holoman, Charlotte, NC
David James Howell, San Francisco, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Hunt, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Keith A. James, Germantown, TN
Dr. Charles S. Keeter and Dr. Rosemary Jann, Arlington, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Johnathon D. Jones, Cary, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Kabrhel, Belmont, MA
Mr. Robert S. Kadis*, Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Claudia B. Kadis, Raleigh, NC
Hugon Karwowski and Joanna Karwowski, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Alan M. Rauch and Ms. Merrill King, Fort Worth, TX
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius V. King III, New York, NY
Dr. Rupa K. Kitchens and Mr. David M. Kitchens, Birmingham, AL
Mr. David T. Robinson and Ms. Laura L. Kline, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kusa, Apex, NC
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Lathrop, Atlanta, GA
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Leeth, Needham, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Levan, Roanoke, VA
Timothy Patrick Logan, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Loudon, Meriden, NH
Ms. Riana Lynn, Evanston, IL
Hanson Rufus Malpass and Betsy June Cooke Malpass, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Massey, Jr., Atlanta, GA
Mr. Dwayne S. Mears, Tustin, CA
Dr. Philip W. Meilman, Arlington, VA
James E. Miles III, New Orleans, LA
James and Susan Moeser, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John Mullins, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Ian S. Mullins
Dr. Vijay M. Murthy and Dr. Julie S. Murthy, San Mateo, CA
Mr. Robert W. Oast Jr., Asheville, NC
Toby Beth Osofsky, Jersey City, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Owens, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. John B. Page, Miami, FL
Ms. Monica G. Parham, San Francisco, CA
Mr. David W. Parham, Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Parks, Seattle, WA
Dr. Deepak Pasi and Bharti Pasi, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Mohit Pasi and Dr. Sonia Pasi, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Leigh A. Pember, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Quinn, Brentwood, TN
Deborah and Ed Roach, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Rogoff, Stillwater, MN
Mr. William K. Schmitt, Charlotte, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Sidharth A. Shah, Cary, NC
Ms. Carole L. Shelby, Chapel Hill, NC
Edward* and Suzanne Silver, High Point, NC
Steve Smiley, Spartanburg, SC
Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Smith, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Snyder IV, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Sparrow, Houston, TX
Ms. Rachel Z. Springs, Atlanta, GA
Linda and Mason Stephenson, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Leon E. Stockton, Goldsboro, NC
Mr. Mark A. Suskin, Arlington, VA
Edwin Jay Taff, Weston, MA
Brian Teets and Molly Putman Teets, Marblehead, MA
Patrick Elder Vaughn, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. W. Riley Waugh, Hillsborough, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Weaver, Goldsboro, NC
Iris and Stephen Weiss, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Werner, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Martin R. West III, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. W. Daniel Westmoreland, San Antonio, TX
Adam Portius Wheeler, McLean, VA
Mr. Thomas M. Whitehurst and Ms. Eugenia Johnston, Fort Payne, AL
Mr. and Mrs. Julian R. Williamson, Raleigh, NC
Ronald and Ann Wooten, Raleigh, NC
Geoffrey W. Wright, Apo, AE
Susan Goerlich Zief, Princeton, NJ

Young Alumni

Mr. Caelan J. Dick, Salvo, NC
Mr. Inkwon D. Jung, Seoul, South Korea
Mr. Robert W. Kadlec III, Manhattan Beach, CA
Miss Jessica H. Lee, London, England
Mr. Christopher A. Marchetti, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Claire E. Poindexter, Thomasville, NC
Mr. Craig L. Rollins, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Nicholas A. Temple, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Charles W. Walldorf III, Charlottesville, VA
William Mcdaniel Bondurant, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Elliott B. Brennan, Charleston, MA
Mr. Dane C. Arnesen and Ms. Meredith J. Engelen, Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Charlotte Courtney Egerton and Mr. Robert Neill Wessell, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Ian M. Noblit, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Leigh A. Pember, New York, NY
Mr. Joseph M. Taylor, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Jacob Yaniero, Charlotte, NC

Corporations, Foundations, Estates and Trusts

3M Company, Inc. – HQ
3M Matching Gifts
A. Donald Stallings Revocable Trust
A. E. Finley Foundation, Inc.
A. J. Fletcher Foundation
Abauman Family Foundation, Inc.
Adobe Systems, Incorporated
Allendale Fund
Alliance for Heritage Conservation
Allstate Insurance Company Matching Gifts
Alta Foods LLC, Inc.
American Endowment Foundation
American Institute of Iranian Studies
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts
Anadarko Petroleum Matching Gifts
Apache Corporation – Matching Gifts
Apple Computer Matching Gifts
Augusta Brown Holland Philanthropic Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Barnes, Eleanor (Estate of)
Bessemer Improvement Co
BlackRock Matching Gifts
Borden Foundation
Borden Fund Inc
Boston Children’s Hospital
Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr. Living Trust
C. Curtis Meltzer Living Trust
Capital Group Company Charitable Foundation Matching Gifts
Carolyn Smith Foundation
Catalyst Advisors, LP
Caudill Family Foundation
Chamber of Commerce of Wayne County, Inc.
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Charles M. Winston Family Foundation
Charlesmead Foundation
Citizens Charitable Foundation – Matching Gifts
Commonwealth Charitable Fund
Communities Foundation of Texas
Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Community Foundation of West Georgia
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
Corning Incorporated Foundation Matching Gifts
Cornwell Foundation
Cowan Foundation
Curtis Sitterson Living Trust
David W. Parham Trust
Deloitte Foundation Matching Gifts
Donald & Marilyn Keough Foundation
Doswell Gullat Testamentary Trust
Eastman Chemical Company – HQ
Eli Lilly & Company – HQ
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ella Ann L. & Frank B. Holding Foundation
Emily L. Pollard Trust
Emwiga Foundation
Essick Foundation, Inc.
Exodus 1947 Institute
ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gifts
Fay P. Aronson Trust
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Foundation
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts
Floyd Family Foundation
Foundation for the Carolinas
Frey Foundation
Friends of Seymour Johnson AFB
G. Munroe Cobey Revocable Trust
Gary W. Parr Family Foundation
Gaston Community Foundation
GEICO Matching Gifts
General Electric Company Matching Gifts
Genworth Financial Capital
GlaxoSmithKline Matching Gifts
Goldman Sachs & Company Matching Gifts
Goldman Sachs Gives
Google Matching Gifts
Google, Inc.
Gordon E. and May R. Cadwgan Foundation
Grassy Creek Foundation
Graves, Mary A. (Estate of)
Gray Holdings, LLC Matching Gifts
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Harris Glover Foundation
Hillsdale Fund
Hobby Family Foundation
Humana, Inc. Matching Gifts
Hyde Family Foundations
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts
IBM-Corporation – Endicott, NY
IKA Works, Inc.
ImpactAssets, Inc.
Institute for Defense & Business
Intel Corp – HQ
Intel Foundation Matching Gifts
International Positive Psychology Association
J.B. Fuqua Foundation
Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County
Janie Molster Designs
JAX Foundation Trust
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Foundation of Greensboro
The JJCJ Foundation, Inc.
John G. Kennedy Foundation
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Matching Gifts
John William Pope Foundation
Joyce & Daniel Cowin Foundation, Inc.
JP Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
Kelly-Webb Trust
Kenan Family Foundation
Kerzman, Norberto (Estate of)
Knott Family Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Kuhn Advisors, Inc.
Kulynych Family Foundation II, Inc.
Kyser Foundation
LabCorp Matching Gifts
Laura & Peter Grauer Foundation
Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer Pa
Leighton/Oare Foundation Inc
LeoDelle Lassiter Jolley Foundation
Levine-Sklut Family Foundation
Lookout Foundation, Inc.
Lowder, Dwayne M. (Estate of)
Lunsford Richardson Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust
Lyerly Foundation
Mackenzie Family Foundation
Macquarie Group Foundation Matching Gifts
Magic, Inc.
Mantissa Corporation
Martha Guy 2003 Charitable Remainder Trust
Merck Foundation Matching Gifts
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Corporation Matching Gifts
Mitsubishi Electric
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
Mount Olive Pickle Company, Inc.
MYCO Medical Supplies, INC
N Darlene Walker & Associates LP
National Committee for the History of Art
National Philanthropic Trust
Nell B. Gullatt Trust
Nelson Schwab Family Foundation
Neurology & Pain Management
North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society
North Caroliniana Society
Panter Foundation
Paul Green Foundation
Pinnacle Bank
Pleasants Community Foundation Inc.
PNC Financial Services Group
Polyzen, Inc.
Prentice Foundation, Inc
Prior Family Foundation
R. A. Bryan Foundation
Raleigh Neurology Associates, P.A.
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Realan Foundation
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Robert R. Laidlaw Trust
Robertson Foundation
Rotary District 7710
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Rufty Homes
Ruth R. Hoyt-Anne H. Jolley Foundation, Inc.
S & A Spine PA
Salisbury-Rowan Community Foundation
Schwab Charitable
Shell Oil Company Matching Gifts
Shubert Foundation
Smith Family Foundation
Snyder Watchorn Foundation Inc
South Arts, Inc.
St. Andrew’s Society of North Carolina, Inc.
Sterling Foundation
Steward, Thomas F. (Estate of)
SunTrust Bank
SunTrust Bank Matching Gifts
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Taylor Charitable Trust
TCG Digital Solutions
Telikicherla Higher Education Foundation
The Anglo-American Charitable Foundaiton
The Bill and Agnes Monk Family Foundation
The Buchan Foundation
The Charles Goren and Hazen Family Foundation
The Community Foundation of NC East, Inc.
The Dena & Chris Moore Family Foundation
The Dewar Family Trust
The Dowd Foundation Inc.
The Gray Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust
The Hargrove Pierce Foundation
The Hobbs Foundation
The Moses* M. & Hannah L. Malkin Foundation
The R.P. Stephen Davis Charitable Remainder Unitrust
The Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
The Selavy Foundation
The Seymour and Carol Levin Foundation
The Shelby Family Foundation
The Stephen D. Falkenbury Jr. Foundation
The Winston-Salem Foundation
Thomas & Frances McGregor Foundation
Thomas A. Carrere Living Trust
TIAA Charitable
Townsend Family Foundation
Triad Foundation, Inc.
Triangle Community Foundation
TSWII Management Company
U. S. Charitable Gift Trust
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
United Way of Delaware
United Way of Rhode Island
UnitedHealth Group, Inc.
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