Honor Roll 2018

The College of Arts & Sciences extends its sincere gratitude to the generous donors who supported its students, faculty, and programs in fiscal year 2017-2018.  This year the College had its most successful fundraising year ever, with gifts and commitments totaling over $120,000,000. This includes $1.9 million in annual fund gifts to the College, another record.

The 2018 Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts to the College of Arts & Sciences between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, qualifying them for membership in the following giving societies:


Cornerstone Society ($25,000 and above)

The Cornerstone Society, the most prestigious giving society of the College of Arts & Sciences, honors donors who have given $25,000 or more to the College of Arts & Sciences. These gifts help transform the College and allow us to carry on the Carolina tradition of providing a high-quality education to the best and brightest.

Chancellor’s Circle ($10,000-$24,999)

The Chancellor’s Circle recognizes gracious donors who support the College with a gift from $10,000 to $24,999.  These transformative gifts help bring innovative programs, ideas and more to students who will go on to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Carolina Society ($5,000-$9,999)

The Carolina Society acknowledges those who have given a gift between $5,000 and $9,999 to the College. These gifts provide students with scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and real-world experiences they need and that employers seek.

1793 Society ($2,000-$4,999)

The 1793 Society shows appreciation to donors who have provided the College with a $2,000 to $4,999 gift. These gifts can help expand graduate student funding and help bring the best and brightest to the College.

Dean’s Circle ($1,500-$1,999)

The Dean’s Circle shows gratitude to donors who have made a gift of $1,500 to $1,999. These gifts afford students the environment, tools and support they need to bring their ideas to life.

Young Alumni Levels

Young Alumni Levels recognize graduates of the last decade who have made the College a philanthropic priority. This includes:

The classes of 2007 to 2011: $1000 or above.

The Classes of 2012 to 2016: $500 and above.

Current Students

Current Students honors those who are currently enrolled at UNC Chapel Hill and have generously started their philanthropic journey with the College.

Current students: $250 and above.


Corporations, Foundations, Estates, and Trusts

Thank you to the generous corporate and foundation partners that chose to invest in the College of Arts and Sciences with a gift or grant during the 2017 fiscal year.


The Honor Roll does not include pledges, bequest or other planned gifts to the College.  This list has been prepared with great care to ensure its accuracy.  To report a mistake, please contact Ashlee Bursch at 919-843-9853.

Thank, you once again, for generously supporting the College of Arts & Sciences at Carolina!



Cornerstone Society

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Alford, Jacksonville, NC
Dr. Rebecca Elise Balter, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Richard David Batchelder Jr. and Ms. Margaret Fazzano Batchelder, Boston, MA
Mr. Kyle Blackmon, New York, NY
Peter and Heather Boneparth, Lawrence, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Boney, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Louise Freemon Brady and Mr. James Edward Brady, Greensboro, NC
Lee and Sunny Burrows, Atlanta, GA
Hacker and Kitty Caldwell, Chattanooga, TN
Jan and Steve Capps, Wrightsville Beach, NC
W. Hodding Carter III and Patricia Derian Carter, Chapel Hill, NC
W. Lowry and Susan S. Caudill, Durham, NC
Mr. Max C. Chapman, Jr., Little Falls, NJ
Mr. Debashish Chatterjee, Fremont, CA
Robert William Chesney and Mary Catherine Archer Chesney, Charlotte, NC
Mark P. Clein, Chevy Chase, MD
Aimee and Tom Chubb, Atlanta, GA
Rebecca and Munroe Cobey, Chapel Hill, NC
Vicki U. and David F. Craver, Riverside, CT
Rose and Steve Crawford, Bronxville, NY
Stephen Cumbie and Druscilla French, Vienna, VA
Julia and Frank Daniels, Jr., Raleigh, NC
Olivia Ratledge Delacruz, Vero Beach, FL
Steven S. Dunlevie, Atlanta, GA
Rob and Leigh Edwards, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Stephen Edwards and Ms. Elizabeth Edwards, Greenwich, CT
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott, Charlotte, NC
Luke E. and Katherine Bryan Fichthorn IV, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. and Mrs. Jaroslav T. Folda III, Chapel Hill, NC
David G. Frey, Grand Rapids, MI
Molly and Henry Froelich, Charlotte, NC
Duvall S. Fuqua, Atlanta, GA
Ms. Joan Heckler Gillings, Chapel Hill, NC
Donald Gilman, Washington, DC
Buck and Kay Goldstein, Chapel Hill, NC
Leonard Goodman, New York, NY
Mr. Michael Francis Grace and Ms. Laura Babb Grace, Charlotte, NC
Peter T. and Laura M. Grauer, New York, NY
Dr. H. Lee Griffin and Ms. Betty Ann Thomas Griffin, Williamsburg, VA
Matthew Michael Guest and Paige McArthur Guest, Short Hills, NJ
Mr. Henry H. Hamilton III, Houston, TX
R.M. Hanes, Charlottesville, VA
Chandler Hardwick and Monie T. Hardwick, Bluffton, SC
D. Brian Hargrove, New York, NY
Mr. Allan Niles Haseley and Mrs. Kelly Beck Haseley, Charlotte, NC
Tom and Lisa Hazen, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Carl Hess and Ms. Carol Hess, New York, NY
Mr. Michael-Bryant Hicks, Indianapolis, IN
John C. and Susan M. Hoyle, Washington, DC
Glenn H. Hutchins, Rye, NY
Barbara and Pitt Hyde, Memphis, TN
Stephen Howard Israel and Nina Vera Zemo-Israel, New York, NY
William D. and Dr. Sally C. Johnson, Knoxville, TN
Mr. George Dean Johnson III and Ms. Carter Lee Johnson, Spartanburg, SC
Ms. Jennifer Johnson and Mr. János Kollár, Princeton, NJ
Steven H. Kapp, Philadelphia, PA
The Reverend Douglas F. Kelly, Pinehurst, NC
Frank* and Betty Kenan, Chapel Hill, NC
Thomas Stephen Kenan III, Chapel Hill, NC
Daniel Kennedy, Chattanooga, TN
Lisa and Ted Kerner, Jr., MD, Winston Salem, NC
Dr. William Westcott Kibler and Ms. Nancy Schwan Kibler, Austin, TX
Philip L. Kirstein, Princeton, NJ
David Mabon Knott and Virginia Commander Knott, Mill Neck, NY
Mr. David M. Knott Jr., Syosset, NY
Virginia Mabon Knott, NY, NY
Gary G. and Carolyn J. Koch, Chapel Hill, NC
Mark and Elizabeth Kogan, Avon, CO
Mr. Michael Krimminger, Derwood, MD
James Lampley, Woodland Hills, CA
Wendy R. Hamburger-Langman and M. Steven Langman, New York, NY
Dorothy Shuford Lanier, Bedford, NY
Dr. Peter Alexander Larkin Jr. and Ms. Ashley S. Larkin, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Jon Erik Larson and Ms. Susan Marie Croce, Oradell, NJ
Dr. Michael Jeffery Lea and Ms. Teresa Baker Lea, Cardiff By the Sea, CA
Mr. Charles David Lee and Ms. Lois Bartlett Lee, Sarasota, FL
Mr. Nolan Delano Lovins, Lenoir, NC
Thomas Luther Lutz, Dallas, TX
Dr. Lan Ma and Dr. Gang Pei, Shanghai, SH
Brian and Susan Mashburn, West Bloomfield, MI
Daniel and Anita McClernon, Cary, NC
Mr. John D. McHarry, Wilmington, NC
Mr. Ward S. McNally and Ms. Melissa T. McNally, Chicago, IL
Dr. H. Craig Melchert, Carrboro, NC
Mr. Kenneth Rhudar Miller and Ms. Jacqueline Brown Miller, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Modisett, New York, NY
Mr. R. Christian Moise and Ms. Allison B. Moise, Franklin, TN
John T. Moore, Saint James, NY
Ralph and Juli Mosley, Nashville, TN
Katharine Caldwell Nevin, Johns Island, SC
Mr. and Mrs. McKee Nunnally, Jr., Atlanta, GA
Paul Gray Parker and Andrea Jane Hagan, New York, NY
Florence and James L. Peacock, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Christopher J. Peterson, Incline Village, NV
Kim and Phil Phillips, Chapel Hill, NC
John R. Pope, Atlanta, GA
James Arthur Pope, Raleigh, NC
Professor Beth Sheba Posner, Chapel Hill, NC
John A. Powell, New Orleans, LA
Benjamine and Jennie Lou Reid, Miami, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ritok, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Julian H. Robertson, Jr., New York, NY
Martin L. and Carol Fri Robinson, Charlotte, NC
Nelson Schwab III, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Katherine Seligmann, Wake Forest, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Shuford, Charlotte, NC
Stephen P. Shuford, Charlotte, NC
Eric and Lori Sklut, Charlotte, NC
C. Austin and Stephanie Stephens, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Story III, Park City, UT
Ms. Christina Elizabeth Story, Kamas, UT
Benjamin J. Sullivan, Jr., Rye, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford L. Taylor, Jr., Vestavia, AL
John Lothrop Thompson and Patricia Rumley Thompson, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Townsend III, Greenwich, CT
Mr. Christian Douglas Wall and Ms. Maggie Wall, Ridgewood, NJ
Dr. Joel Chandler Walz, Easthampton, MA
Nancy and Monty White, Winston Salem, NC
Elijah White, Jr., Spring, TX
Loyal and Margaret Wilson, Chagrin Falls, OH
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Winston, Sr., Raleigh, NC
James H. Winston, Jacksonville, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Wood, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodard, Shady Shores, TX
Tucker York, New York, NY


Chancellor’s Circle

Ms. Carmen Holding Ames, Raleigh, NC
Mr. David A. Barnebl, Crown Point, NY
Laura Raper Stroupe Barrier, Greensboro, NC
Leslie Benning and Rafael Bejarano, New York, NY
Gary Sterling Berger, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Bielsky, Sullivans Island, SC
John Daniel Binnie and Michelle Arthur Binnie, Greenwich, CT
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Borden, Jr., Goldsboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee Borden, Goldsboro, NC
Jakie and Peter Bowles, Richmond, VA
Stephen G. Brantley, MD, Tampa, FL
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Brenizer, Charleston, SC
Anne Faris Brennan, New York, NY
Ms. Lana M. Bridges Phillips and Mr. Kevin Wayne Phillips, Bronxville, NY
R. Duke Buchan III and Hannah Flournoy Buchan, Palm Beach, FL
Mark Joseph Buono, Waldwick, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Burnett, Greensboro, NC
Mr. Swadesh B. Chatterjee and Dr. Manjusri P. Chatt****, Cary, NC
Claire and Hudnall Christopher, Winston Salem, NC
William Grimes Clark IV and Tiffany Miller Clark, Tarboro, NC
Keith O. Cowan, Atlanta, GA
Ann Rankin Cowan, Atlanta, GA
Michael F. and Monica Longworth Coyne, New York, NY
Robert Denniston Crews, San Carlos, CA
Mr. William Russell Cumpston and Ms. Christine Snyder Cumpston, Monte Sereno, CA
Stephen and Linda De May, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Michael A. DiIorio, London, England
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dorn, Washington, DC
Michael Nathan Driscoll, Manassas, VA
Mr. Theodore Bratton DuBose, Columbia, SC
Mike and Mindy Egan, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Stuart Elliot Eizenstat, Chevy Chase, MD
Douglas R. Evans, Dallas, TX
Mr. Jonathan Bernard Fassberg and Mrs. Edith Fassberg, New York, NY
Dr. Robert Louis Ferris, Pittsburgh, PA
John A. Fichthorn, Darien, CT
Dan Fitz, London, England
Frank Lee Flautt III, Knoxville, TN
Mr. Richard M. Forbis, Carrboro, NC
Ms. Nicola Constance Lloyd Gafinowitz and Mr. Martin Gafinowitz, Chapel Hill, NC
Larry L. and Carol G. Gellerstedt, Atlanta, GA
Timothy M. and Cosby W. George, Greenwich, CT
Lisa and Robert Gfeller, Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Kristin S. Gilbert, Maplewood, NJ
Ruth Ellen and Thold Gill, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Vernon F. Glenn, Charleston, SC
John and Sallie Glover, Raleigh, NC
Brian and Alisa Golson, Tiburon, CA
James C. Goodnight, Jr., Boone, NC
N. Jay Gould, New York, NY
Mr. Timothy Richard Graves and Mrs. Cathey Stricker Graves, Manhattan Beach, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray, Atlanta, GA
Julia S. Grumbles, Chapel Hill, NC
William Henry Grumbles, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr., Winston Salem, NC
Chandler Hardwick and Monie T. Hardwick, Bluffton, SC
Michael A. Harpold, PhD, Durham, NC
Lawrence Worth Harris, Jr. and Donna Kurtz Harris, Raleigh, NC
Richard and Ford Hibbits, Raleigh, NC
William T. Hobbs II and Elizabeth Gilman Hobbs, Charlotte, NC
Harriet T. Holderness and James Edward Luebchow, Chapel Hill, NC
Howard Holsenbeck, Houston, TX
Jerry Leo Horner, Jr., Durham, NC
Mr. Thomas Lee Isenhour, Suffolk, VA
Ms. Sue Weathers Kaloyannides, Raleigh, NC
Barbara Ann Kampf, Potomac, MD
Joseph Michael Kampf, Potomac, MD
Nancy and Willis King, Summit, NJ
Ms. Stephanie Dozier Kirkman and Mr. Douglas Kirkman, Isle of Palms, SC
Stuart Wright Kronauge, Atlanta, GA
Mrs. Elinor G.A. Langer and Mr. James S. Langer, Santa Barbara, CA
Mr. Matthew Terrence Lee, Asheville, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Liotta, Mooresville, NC
J. Weston Lockhart, London, England
Billy and Laura Logan, Greenwich, CT
Mr. Douglas M. Loudon and Ms. Jean M. Loudon, Meriden, NH
Scott MacDonald, Del Mar, CA
Frances Chapman and John F. Mangan, Charlotte, NC
Mr. John R. Mattlocks, Trent Woods, NC
S. Spence McCachren, Jr., Maryville, TN
Mr. and Mrs. William O. McCoy, Chapel Hill, NC
Lane Morris McDonald, New York, NY
Glenn and Patricia McKenzie, Hampton, NH
Mr. Emmett English McLean, Dallas, TX
Mr. and Mrs. John O. McNairy, Kinston, NC
Christian Keener Miller and Kristin M. Miller, Old Greenwich, CT
Mr. Nicholas Rourke Miller and Dr. Laura Grace Miller, Atlanta, GA
Charles Moehrke, Jr., Cary, NC
Mr. David Thomson Mohler, Chevy Chase, MD
Ms. Jane Swain Molster, Richmond, VA
Mr. and Mrs. William Cabot Monk, Jr., Greenville, NC
Dena and Chris Moore, Richmond, VA
Shawn Healy Morton and Emily SooHoo, Charlotte, NC
Thomas LaFontine Odom and Carmen H. Odom, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Willard Joseph Overlock III and Ms. Colleen Overlock, New York, NY
Mr. Dean E. Painter, Jr., Raleigh, NC
Dr. Anna M. Paré and Dr. Richard E. Pare, Atlanta GA
Bill and Luann Parmelee, West Palm Beach, FL
Ms. Dana Underwood Perriello, Rye, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Phelps, Roswell, GA
Mr. Andrew C. Pike, Charlotte, NC
Suzanne S. and Charles T. Plambeck, Princeton, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Andrea Ponti, London, England
Bryan Holmes Pope and Greer Barber Pope, Atlanta, GA
Marilyn Jacobs Preyer and L. Richardson Preyer, Jr., Hillsborough, NC
Mary George Rajkumar and Raj Rajkumar, Singapore
George Bard Ferrier Ramsay and Anne Edmonds Ramsay, Raleigh, NC
Benjamine and Jennie Lou Reid, Coral Gables, FL
Dr. Darlene Redman, Houston, TX
Alex Robertson, New York, NY
Bill and Maribeth Robinson, Monmouth Junction, NJ
Sarah Duckett Robinson, McLean, VA
Cathy Rollins and Arthur Rollins, Atlanta, GA
Nicole Wilson Rubin, Portola Valley, CA
Suzy and Buford Sears, Buffalo, NY
Cecil and Linda Sewell, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Tilak M. Shah and Ms. Aruna T. Shah, Cary, NC
C. Scott Shultz and Leigh Huff Shultz, Maplewood, NJ
Susan and Steve Skolsky, Chapel Hill, NC
James H. Smith, Jr., Burlington, NC
Sherwood and Eve Smith, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Sidney C. Smith Jr. and Ms. Lucy Smith, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William H. Smith, Greensboro, NC
Ed and Carol Smithwick, Chapel Hill, NC
John Curtis Staton and Margaret McLanahan Staton, Atlanta, GA
Michael A. Stegman, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. William Elliott Stephenson, Cedar Hill, TX
Mr. Michael Livingston Stutts, Dallas, TX
Frank and Shelayne Sutton, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Jeffrey Allen Taylor and Ms. Constance Smith Taylor, Marietta, GA
William W. Taylor III, Washington, DC
Elizabeth G. Taylor and David W. DeBruin, Chevy Chase, MD
Justin Allen Thornton and Debra Wheless Thornton, McLean, VA
Mr. J. Stanley Tucker, New York, NY
Mrs. Joyce Bottomley Tufts, Pinehurst, NC
Dr. Murray W. Turner, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Paul A. Volcker, New York, NY
Jane and Robertson Wall Scholarship Fund, Campobello, SC
Mr. Larry McLendon Weaver, Durham, NC
The Honorable Allen Hewitt Wellons and Ms. Elizabeth Hobgood Wellons, Smithfield, NC
Gregory and Anne Wessling, Cornelius, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wickham, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Donaldson G. Williams, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Mel A. Williams, Chapel Hill, NC
Ward and Margaret Williams, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Caroline C. Williamson, New York, NY
Mr. Qi Wu, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Ms. Ann M. Yoder, Kure Beach, NC


Carolina Society

Nancy Robertson Abbey and Douglas Dix Abbey, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Wilton J. Aebersold, New Albany, IN
Mr. John Graves Aldridge Jr. and Mrs. Leah Stanton Aldridge, Atlanta, GA
Mr. John Fredrick Altschuler and Mrs. Leah Harris Altschuler, Studio City, CA
R. Franklin Andrews, Bethesda, MD
Dr. Anne Hudson Angevine and Mr. Peter D. Angevine, Bronxville, NY
Fay Pushkin Aronson, Coral Gables, FL
Dr. Daphne Athas, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Q. Whitfield Ayres, Arlington, VA
Ms. Sara Stowe Ayres, New York, NY
Dr. Ronald Tadao Azuma, San Jose, CA
Gregory Arthur Baer, Chevy Chase, MD
Gina Wright Bartasi, New York, NY
Laura and John Beckworth, Austin, TX
Dr. Jerry Bell and Mrs. Tina Bell, Chapel Hill, NC
Mrs. Neill Pons Bellamy and Mr. William Murray Bellamy, Richmond, VA
Frederick D. Benton, Aiken, SC
Mr. Davis Collins Berg and Ms. Coventry Berg, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Lelia E. Blackwell and John D. Watson, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William LeGette Blythe II, Bronx, NY
Drs. David and Stephane Booth, Stow, OH
Mr. William Lewis Bost III and Ms. Helen Mattox Bost, Atlanta, GA
Mr. William Lewis Bost Jr. and Ms. Ruthanna J. Bost, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Morris L. Botkin and Mrs. Kelle A. Botkin, Matthews, NC
Mr. James Keith Brown, New York, NY
Mr. Karl Franklin Brumback and Mrs. Eileen Pollart Brumback, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Bryson, Vero Beach, FL
Drs. Jay Bryson and Margaret Commins, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III, Winston Salem, NC
Gordon E. Cadwgan, Jr., West Palm Beach, FL
A. Britt Canady, Charlotte, NC
Diane Elliott Caton, Charlottesville, VA
Ms. Joan E. Caviness and Dr. Scot K. Huber, Raleigh, NC
Robert M. Chadwick, East Windsor, NJ
Norman P. Chapel and Mary Beth Chapel, Edina, MN
Mr. Max Carrol Chapman III and Mrs. Ana Gomez Chapman, Jackson, WY
Robert F. and Helen H. Conrad, Hillsborough, NC
Thomas F. Cunningham, Gaithersburg, MD
Mr. John Withers Currie, Columbia, SC
Ms. Melissa Marie Daniels, San Carlos, CA
M. Brian Daniels and Julie Rose Daniels, La Canada Flintridge, CA
Fred Davenport, Wilmington, NC
Mr. John D. Deering and Ms. Mary Kay Deering, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Juli Dewar and Mr. Henry H. Dewar II, Dallas, TX
Christina Sampogna Downey, Riverside, CT
W. Christopher Draper, Jr., Califon, NJ
Cheray Duchin, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Chip Duckett, High Point, NC
Beth and Chuck Duckett, Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Katherine Copeland Dunlevie, Columbus, GA
Ms. Elizabeth Ellis Eason, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Eason, Durham, NC
Russell S. Edmister, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Matthew S. Edwards, Darien, CT
Mrs. Kristin P. Edwards, Darien, CT
Ms. Gisele Friedrichs Egge and Mr. William Robert Egge, Charlotte, NC
Mr. John Gray Blount Ellison, Jr., Greensboro, NC
Eli N. Evans, New York, NY
Cherie Fogle Faulkner, Raleigh, NC
Luke E. and Katherine Bryan Fichthorn IV, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Alan S. Fields, Lexington, MA
Ms. Kathleen Ann Ford, Wilton, CT
David and Nancy Fortenbery, Charlotte, NC
Richard and Judith Fox, Chapel Hill, NC
Raymond Wilford Fraley, Jr., Fayetteville, TN
Tripp Frey, Grand Rapids, MI
Gary J. Gala, Chapel Hill, NC
Ben Gambill, New York, NY
Dr. Joanne M. Garrett and Dr. Peter A. Garrett, Chapel Hill, NC
James Sevier Gilliland, Jr., Memphis, TN
Mr. and Mrs. E. Vernon F. Glenn, Charleston, SC
Robert H. Hackney, Jr. and Shauna Holiman, New Preston, CT
John Robert Hand and Shawndell Gainous Hand, Mount Pleasant, SC
Dr. William Happer and Ms. Barbara Baker Happer, Princeton, NJ
Dr. John William Hardin and Ms. Jane Ann Hardin, Durham, NC
Mrs. Jo Ann Towery Harllee and Mr. James Edgar Harllee, Chapel Hill, NC
Anthony S. and Hope R. Harrington, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Harrison, Jr., North Palm Beach, FL
Mr. Neil Mohan Harwani, Greensboro, NC
Ms. Laura E. Hess, Sharon, MA
John Frank Hoadley and Beth Carol Fuchs, McLean, VA
Ms. Ivy Hoffman and Ms. Megan Valentine, Pittsboro, NC
Ron and Cheryl Howard, Greenwich, CT
James Richard Huddle and Jane Fuller Huddle, Charlotte, NC
Mr. J. Winder Hughes III, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Chris and Anna Hunter, Chapel Hill, NC
Kathy and Kenneth John, Arlington, VA
Dr. Corey Samuel Johnson, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Gabriel Thomas Jones and Mrs. Merrin Kramer Jones, Westport, CT
Mr. Nirav Dinesh Kachalia and Ms. Juhi Nath Kachalia, Chapel Hill, NC
Clarke Robert Keough and Elizabeth Adams Keough, New York, NY
Dr. Robert Lee Kuykendal and Ms. Kathryn Robinson Kuykendal, Chapel Hill, NC
Kimberly Kyser, Chapel Hill, NC
Kelly Landreth, Dallas, TX
Mr. Oren Mitchell Lang-Furr and Dr. Mary B. Lang-Furr, Seattle, WA
Seymour M. and Carol Levin, Greensboro, NC
Hal and Holly Levinson, Charlotte, NC
Lana Lewin, New York, NY
Leon Otis Livingston, Memphis, TN
Ms. Paula Jean Lombardi, Charlotte, NC
Lee and Trey Loughran, Atlanta, GA
Richard B. and Linda C. Lupton, Westerville, OH
Robert and Vivian Manekin, Owings Mills, MD
Ms. Sarah Robbins Mars, Boston, MA
Ann G. Matthysse, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Robert Eric May Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Mark John McCann and Mrs. Debbie McCann, Oak Park, IL
Mr. Robert Weller McCarthy and Ms. Robin G. McCarthy, Chapel Hill, NC
Pattie Sapp McCrady, Atlanta, GA
John Borden and Grace D. McKinnon, Winston Salem, NC
R. Andrew McMillan, Jr. and Kathrine Reynolds McMillan, Shepherdstown, WV
Convere Godwin McNichols and John R. McNichols, Charlotte, NC
Dyke Messinger and Deborah Messinger, Salisbury, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Robboy, Chapel Hill, NC
Madeline and Everette Mills, Greensboro, NC
Elaine Callahan Mims and Charles Van Horn Mims, Spring, TX
Elizabeth Lynn Mitchell, Arlington, VA
Nikhil Mittal and Pritha Mittal, New York, NY
Mr. Anuj Mittal and Ms. Vinita Mittal, Cary, NC
Mark Morris and Julie Morris, Raleigh, NC
Philip Victor Moss, Allendale, NJ
Ms. Suzanne Smith Mullins, Denver, CO
Sally Marie Murray, Lubbock, TX
T. David Neill and Scottie G. Neill, Winston Salem, NC
Mr. H. McKee Nunnally II and Ms. Laura Halle Nunnally, Atlanta, GA
John and Cynthia O’Hara, Boston, MA
Russ and Robyn Owens, Durham, NC
Robert L. Page, Greensboro, NC
Dr. Scott Helmuth Petermann and Ms. Debra T. Petermann, Valdosta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Phillips, Jr., Greensboro, NC
Ms. Catherine Cornwell Philpott, Charlotte, NC
Michael B.* and Sandra Piller, Los Angeles, CA
Ms. Elizabeth Poindexter and Mr. John W. Poindexter, Atlanta, GA
Caleb Joseph Pollock, Grapevine, TX
Edwin and Harriet Poston, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Dean R. Powell, Mill Valley, CA
R. M. Propst and D. L. Wood, York, SC
Jonathan T. M. and Ashley R. Reckford, Atlanta, GA
Katherine P. Reeves and Eric Reeves, Dallas, TX
Ms. Ashley Edens Reid, Greenwich, CT
Nancy Marie Rodriguez, Rijswijk, NL
Francis O. Rollins and Lydia E. Rollins, Houston, TX
Coleman D. and Carol M. Ross, Chapel Hill, NC
James M. Schnell and Harriet Hodges Schnell, Richmond, VA
Mr. K. Barry Schochet, La Jolla, CA
Ms. Anne Cooper Schout and Mr. James William Schout Jr., New Bern, NC
Dr. Stephen B. Sears, Siler City, NC
Mr. David Alan Sears, Portsmouth, NH
Mr. Gregory Alan Seitz and Ms. Eileen Fallon Seitz, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Kaushik Sen and Ms. Ananya Sen, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Bimal Ramesh Shah and Ms. Rina Khemlani Shah, Durham, NC
Ms. Betty M. Shaw, Saint Louis Park, MN
Mr. Kenneth N. Shelton, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. James Lee Sigman, Charlotte, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Smiley, Spartanburg, SC
Joan W. Sorensen and E. Paul Sorensen, Providence, RI
Dr. James J. Sosnowski and Ms. Donna Sosnowski, Cary, NC
Peter F. and Linda Spies, Monmouth Beach, NJ
Mr. John H. Spillman Jr. and Ms. Catherine Nelson Spillman, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Mary Margaret Steedly*, Lincoln, MA
Ms. Laurie Dykstra Steele and Mr. Douglas Robert Steele, Matthews, NC
Dale A. Strickland, Durham, NC
Mr. Andrew John Surwilo, Allendale, NJ
R. Rand Tucker, Ann Arbor, MI
Arthur Vaughn Tucker, Jr., Fairfield, OH
Tom and Betsy Uhlman, New York, NY
Dr. James Aubrey Underwood Jr., Jackson, MS
Mr. Andrew William Vail, Chicago, IL
Paul and Diane Viser, Clinton, NC
Mr. Bin Wang
Thomas Harrison Watkins and Sharon Brown Watkins, Blacksburg, VA
Ms. Ashley Burns Watson and Ms. Karen Twait, Flourtown, PA
Stacia Byers Wells, Atherton, CA
John Robbins and Campbell Lucas Wester, Charlotte, NC
J. Spencer Whitman and Leslie M. Whitman, Charlotte, NC
Samuel Adams Williamson, Larchmont, NY
Lee Polk Woody, Jr., Towson, MD
James and Bonnie Yankaskas, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Alexander Nuri Yong and Ms. Wendi Christine Sturgis, New York, NY
Ray Allen Yount and Agnes Bell Yount, Cumberland, MD


1793 Society

Virginia M. Aldige, Chapel Hill, NC
Allison and Steven Aldrich, Los Altos, CA
Mr. and Mrs. G. Page Allen, Raleigh, NC
Dr. and Mrs. John Granville Alley, Jr., Raleigh, NC
Ivan V. Anderson, Jr. and Renee Dobbins Anderson, Charleston, SC
Nathan and Kara Andrews, Hillsborough, NC
Daniel Armstrong III, Washington, DC
Ms. Deirdre Merron Arnold and Mr. W. Richard Arnold II, Durham, NC
Mrs. Katherine Blass Asaro and Mr. Andrew Vito Asaro, Chapel Hill, NC
Donald A. Baer, Washington, DC
Toby Beth Osofsky, Jersey City, NJ
Mr. Michael Derek Barnes, Charlotte, NC
Dr. L. Jarrett Barnhill, Jr., Hillsborough, NC
Scott Franklin Bass, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer Murdock Bateman, Colorado Springs, CO
Ms. Kathryn Elizabeth Bell, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Bert Lester Bennett Jr., Winston Salem, NC
Philip D. Bennett, Holderness, NH
Win and Rosanah Bennett, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. Ethan A. Berghoff, Highland Park, IL
Stuart R. Berryhill and Lily Anne Lim, Lakewood, CA
Mr. Alan Bershaw, New Britain, CT
Mr. Stanley Maxwell Bershaw, Norwalk, CT
Stephen Shaw Birdsall, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Richard Swanton Black Jr., Raleigh, NC
Dr. Alvin Boskoff, Atlanta, GA
Lillian H. Hardison, Asheboro, NC
John L. Brantley, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Kristin Breuss and Geoff Burgess, London, England
Frederick Baker Bridgers, Elm City, NC
Dr. Bartholomew Brigidi, Durham, NC
Ms. Lisa Mitchell Broitman, Kensington, MD
Dr. Mary Hughes Brookhart and Dr. Maurice S. Brookhart, Carrboro, NC
Mr. Daniel Klemp Browder, Shady Valley, TN
Mr. Michael Luther Brown and Ms. Tammy Thompson Brown, Chesterfield, MD
Jefferson Whittaker Brown and Cantey Sutton Brown, Charlotte, NC
Clyde and Jeannie Browning,Charlotte, NC
Ms. Scott Cole Bryan and Mr. Charles Russell Bryan, Charlotte, NC
Hope Holding Connell, Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Karen K. Buddendeck and Mr. Michael J. Buddendeck, Cary, NC
L. Duncan Buoyer and Ellen Buoyer, Richmond, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Burke, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Wayne Michael Busch and Melissa Hastings Busch, Chicago, IL
Timothy Cage, New York, NY
Dr. David Roy Carpenter and Dr. Rebecca Louise Howe, Greensboro, NC
Thomas D. Carr, Chicago, IL
William Singleton Carroll, Bellevue, WA
Douglas E. Caton and Nancy Artis Caton, Charlottesville, VA
Dr. Ranieri Moore Cavaceppi and Ms. Hilary Pell Dove, Washington, DC
Courtney and Philip Cavatoni, Daniel Island, SC
Mr. Jeffrey Edward Chandler and Ms. Paige Hershey Chandler, Chapel Hill, NC
Anne-Lynne Charbonnet, New Orleans, LA
Dr. and Mrs. Scott J. Childress, Philadelphia, PA
Mr. Charles Thomas Clark and Ms. Dorothea Jenkins Clark, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Clemmons, Clayton, GA
Dr. Daniel Kennedy Clift, Boston, MA
Sanford A. Cockrell III, Madison, CT
Mr. Harvey Colchamiro, New York, NY
Ann Colley, New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cone, Jr., Greensboro, NC
Mr. Paul Connuck and Ms. Lauren Weinberger, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Lisa Atkins Cook and Mr. Philip Henry Cook Jr., Charlotte, NC
Mr. Michael Jude Cooney and Mrs. Margaret Cooney, New York, NY
Mr. Robert Quentin Cordell II, Los Gatos, CA
G. Lee Cory, Jr. and Karen Spencer Cory, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Jon Walter Coss, Reno, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Cowell in memory of Russell S. Cowell, Jr. 1980 (highest #), Williamsburg, VA
Cynthia Kay Crews, Denver, CO
Neil and Laura Brown Cronin, Boston, MA
Mr. Charles Armstrong Cross, McLean, VA
Mr. John Clifford Crumpler and Ms. Lou Anne Gattis Crumpler, Raleigh, NC
Van Womack Daniel III, Wise, VA
John M. Darden III, Atlanta, GA
Rebecca Wesson Darwin and Cress Darwin, Charleston, SC
Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald Davis, Jr., Columbia, MD
Ms. Eva Smith Davis and Mr. Allen Mattson Davis, San Francisco, CA
Anna Deak-Phillips, Charlotte, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Deering, Miami Beach, FL
Robert L. Dewar, New Braunfels, TX
Ms. Rosemary Dittmar, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Matt Hughes Dobson V, Franklin, TN
Ms. Eileen K. Doherty, Durham, NC
Ms. Marlin H. Dohlman and Mr. Peter A. Dohlman, Washington, DC
Mr. Robert Allen Douglass and Dr. Elinor Bradshaw Douglass, Atlanta, GA
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Dressler, Greensboro, NC
Ms. Heather May Drummond, Bethesda, MD
Dr. Steven Sheppard Dunlevie Jr., Atlanta, GA
Mrs. Victoria S.C. Durham and Mr. J. Porter Durham Jr., Charlotte, NC
H. Timothy Efird II, Gastonia, NC
Emmett N. Ellis IV and Patricia L. Truscelli, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Entwistle III, Lafayette Hill, PA
Pat and Jack Evans, Chapel Hill, NC
Jerry R. Everhardt and Margaret DuBose Avery, Raleigh, NC
Matthew Ewend and Lisa Carey, Chapel Hill, NC
Nancy J. Farmer and A. Everette James, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Brian M. Fenty, New York, NY
John Maxim Ferrari and Pamela Wolfe Ferrari, Ocean City, MD
Luke and Nancy P. Fichthorn III, Vero Beach, FL
Ms. Mary Fieger Flanagan, Chapel Hill, NC
Alexander G. and Janet M. Floyd, Raleigh, NC
Kristine Karen Forney and William Flaville Prizer, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Brand Fortner and Ms. Susan McCormick Andresen, Durham, NC
Diane Frazier, Pittsboro, NC
Dr. Nicole Rene Frei, Ann Arbor, MI
Bill and Jenny Fuller, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Paul W. Gabrielson and Mary Love May, Hillsborough, NC
Shayne Gad and Novie Beth Ragan Gad, Cary, NC
Ms. Yanli Gao and Mr. William David Shaw, Cary, NC
Mr. Scott James Gerding and Ms. Brenda Fenton Gerding, Winston Salem, NC
Peter S. Gilchrist III, Huntersville, NC
James S. Gold, New York, NY
Gerry Good, Lake Oswego, OR
Drs. L. and O. E. Greenwald, Efland, NC
Dustin Joel Gross and Susan Gillings Gross, Wrightsville Beach, NC
Steven and Gail Grossman, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Veronica Moore Guarino and Mr. Guy Joseph Guarino Jr., Hickory, NC
John D. Gumbel and Stacey Gumbel, New Bern, NC
Dr. Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Mrs. Amy Guskiewicz, Chapel Hill, NC
Samuel C. Guy, Houston, TX
Janet Hadler, Chapel Hill, NC
Carol Cutherbertson Hamrick, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Christopher William Harbinson, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Osborne Bennett Hardison III and Ms. Hope Adams Hardison, Palo Alto, CA
Joseph M. Harmon, MD, Mount Pleasant, SC
Dr. O. James Hart, Jr., Mocksville, NC
Kathleen Samsot Hawk, Houston, TX
Mr. Frank Jordan Hawley, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Justin Fletcher Haynie and Mrs. Emily Peeples Haynie, Fort Mill, SC
Professor Lenwood Scott Heath and Ms. Deanie Harris Heath, Blacksburg, VA
James T. Hedrick, Jr. and Laurie Hedrick, Charlotte, NC
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Henley, Jr., Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Deborah Meetze Hinton, Bethesda, MD
Ms. Susan Hirsch, New York, NY
Mr. Yung-Chang Ho, Blue Bell, PA
The Honorable and Mrs. Truman McGill Hobbs, Montgomery, AL
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Hocking, Wynnewood, PA
Alexander Weld Hodges, Atlanta, GA
Lawrence L. Hooper, Jr., Reisterstown, MD
Mr. Changhua Huang and Ms. Li Chen, Cupertino, CA
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Huey, Cincinnati, OH
Mr. Robert H. Huffman, Federal Way, WA
Ms. Lorraine Davis Huschle and Mr. Ian M. Huschle, Locust Valley, NY
Barbara I. Jacobs, Durham, NC
Michael Ira Jacobson, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Aleix Jarvis, McLean, VA
Pembroke N. and Patricia C. Jenkins, Wilmington, NC
Mr. Campbell O. Jenkins III, Charlotte, NC
Mr. John Carlton Jester IV and Ms. Janice Payne Jester, Weston, MA
Ms. Jennifer Jobrack, Wilmette, IL
Ms. Kelly Jorgenson Johnson and Mr. Christian Kent Johnson Jr., Golden, CO
Mr. Mark B. Johnson and Ms. Donna M. Tasso-Johnson, Potomac, MD
Joyce Kachergis*, Pittsboro, NC
Robert and Teresa Kadlec, Jr., Manhattan Beach, CA
Ms. Jerri A. Kallam, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Timothy Quaid Karcher, Jersey City, NJ
Hugon Karwowski and Joanna Karwowski, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Kaufman, Needham, MA
C. H. “Jack” and Joyce Keller, Hilton Head Island, SC
Mr. Graham Thomas Kelly and Ms. Jennifer Hale Kelly, Atlanta, GA
Michael Kennedy, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Frank W. Kiker, Jr., Charlotte, NC
Dr. Christopher Moore Killian and Ms. Sharon Horner Killian, Johnson City, TN
Kimberley C. “Kayce” King, Winston Salem, NC
Drs. Kimball and Harriet King, Chapel Hill, NC
Paul F. Knouse, Jr., Winston Salem, NC
Ms. Joanna Elin Lyndrup, Ridgewood, NJ
Mr. Walter Eakin Kuhn and Ms. Shaina Vatz Kuhn, Washington, DC
Ms. Sandra Lambert and Mr. Kenneth Lambert, Seekonk, MA
Tom and Donna Lambeth, Winston Salem, NC
Mr. Kenneth William Langley and Ms. Ashley Richardson Langley, Apex, NC
Ms. Ruth Arnall Lanier and Mr. J. Reese Lanier Jr., Atlanta, GA
Eugene Y. Lao, Burlingame, CA
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Lathrop, Atlanta, GA
Drs. Michael D. and Polly J. Lauffenburger, Winston Salem, NC
Dr. and Mrs. W. Hampton Lefler, Winston Salem, NC
Dr. James Linwood Leloudis II and Ms. Dianne Hall Leloudis, Chapel Hill, NC
Eleanor Wright Lindemann, Charlotte, NC
Timothy Patrick Logan, Charlotte, NC
Kathryn Scott Long and Robert E. Long, Jr., Greensboro, NC
Ms. Elizabeth Pankey Lotspeich, Miami, FL
Matthew and Rebecca Lowell, Los Altos, CA
Mr. Ping Lu and Dr. Yihui Wang, Hoboken, NJ
Mr. Rhett Nicholson Mabry and Ms. Virginia Glascock Mabry, Davidson, NC
Mr. Robert Charles MacCallum, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Wendell Carlton Maddrey, Upper Montclair, NJ
Lawrence Donald Margerum, Lafayette, CA
Mr. Stephen Mark and Ms. Anna-Karin Mark, Riverside, CT
Jan Allen Marks, Pittsburgh, PA
D. G. and Harriet Martin, Chapel Hill, NC
John and Lee McColl, Atlanta, GA
Miriam Ferebee McFadden, Nashville, TN
Mr. Matthew Dolan McKearn, Washington, DC
Alexander Duncan McLean, Memphis, TN
Ms. Sharon Elaine McNeill, Houston, TX
Molly Monk Mears, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Dwayne Scott Mears, Tustin, CA
Jim and Carol Medford, Greensboro, NC
Mr. Andrew Leigh Mehlhop and Ms. Delynda Tolen Mehlhop, Spring, TX
Ms. Deborah Penley Miller, Atlanta, GA
Bertram Goodwin Minisman, Jr. and Carol S. Minisman, Vestavia, AL
Dr. Christopher Brent Mizelle, New Bern, NC
James and Susan Moeser, Chapel Hill, NC
Peter C. Moister, Atlanta, GA
Frederick Karl Molen, Garnet Valley, PA
Dr. Jeffrey M. Morrison and Dr. Suzanne DePalma Morrison, Raleigh, NC
Morgan Howell Moylan and Michael Francis Moylan, Hillsborough, NC
Fred and JoAnn Mueller, Chapel Hill, NC
Danny and Margaret Mullis, Mount Pleasant, SC
Dr. Vijay M.K. Murthy and Dr. Julie Schlenker Murthy, San Mateo, CA
Alan S. Neely, Sr. and Butchie Neely, Atlanta, GA
Charles E. Noell, Monkton, MD
Mr. Jared Adam Novak, Austin, TX
Mr. Jacob Hunter Novak, Weaverville, NC
Dr. Stephen B. Novak and Mrs. Mary M. Novak, Weaverville, NC
Mr. Douglas Aaron Oberdorfer, Jacksonville, FL
Ms. Lori Collins O’Brien and Mr. Daniel J. O’Brien, Memphis, TN
Dr. Edward M. Olefirowicz and Mrs. Karri A. Olefirowicz, Titusville, FL
Paul Oliver and Sheila Barry-Oliver, Pinellas Park, FL
Ms. Virginia C. Olmsted, Oyster Bay, NY
Wilson Orr and Caroline Cockrell Orr, Memphis, TN
Mr. Geoffrey Lawrence Owen and Ms. Lauren Brown Owen, Pleasanton, CA
Maccy and Don Paley, Lawrence, NY
Dr. Mark Anthony Parris and Mrs. Amy Parris, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Michael Parrish, Charlotte, NC
John Paul Paulson, Greenwich, CT
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Pearson, Vestavia, AL
Dr. Louis A. Perez and Professor Deborah M. Weissman, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Eliana Miller Perrin and Dr. Andrew J. Perrin, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Jonathan Frederick Pingle and Ms. Jennifer Tracy Pingle, Kensington, MD
Dr. Robert Pinschmidt and Ms. Marilyn Pinschmidt, Carrboro, NC
Anne and Billy Pizer, Durham, NC
Ms. Mary Beth Porucznik, El Cajon, CA
Mr. Herbert T. Posner and Ms. Jacklyn H. Posner, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Sara Laurens Pressly, Charlotte, NC
Jane Bethell Preyer, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. E. Allen Prichard, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Lilian P. Pruett, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. William H. Race, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Emmett G. Rand, Jr., West New York, NJ
Mr. William Alexander Raney Jr. and Ms. Jane Hensdale Raney, Wilmington, NC
Ed and Suzy Rankin, Fairview, NC
Thomas E. Reynolds, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Scott Burgess Rhodes, Atlanta, GA
Jamie Rice, Hilton Head Island, SC
Charles Henry Richman and Katharine Klimpke Richman, Saratoga Springs, NY
Dr. R. Paul Rieker Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Nichols Rieker, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Lauren Sessoms Rivers, Chapel Hill, NC
Larry E. and Debra B. Robbins, Raleigh, NC
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Robboy, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Bennett Lee Rogers and Mrs. Sally DeJoseph Rogers, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Jonathan Michael Rogoff and Ms. Joanne Turner Rogoff, Stillwater, MN
Thomas W. and Susan D. Ross, Charlotte, NC
John Russell and Kelley Russell, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Jonathan D. Sarna and Ms. Ruth Langer, West Newton, MA
Geoffrey D. Sayre-McCord and Harriet Sayre-McCord, Durham, NC
Mr. Ryan E. Schlitt, Dallas, TX
Ms. Emerson Haley Schulz, Wake Forest, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Schwartz, Atlanta, GA
Laura Townsend Scott, Naples, FL
Mr. Michael Seibel, San Francisco, CA
Minor and Harold Shaw, Greenville, SC
Mr. Bryan Simpson Jr. and Ms. Page Mankin Simpson, Jacksonville, FL
Mr. Dean Sink, High Point, NC
Mr. John B. Slidell, Annapolis, MD
Mr. John H. Small, Greensboro, NC
Steve Smiley, Spartanburg, SC
Jerri Sheryl Smith, Mooresville, NC
Dr. Austin Gerald Smith, Westlake Village, CA
Mr. Roger William Smith Jr. and Ms. Leigh Ann Garner Smith, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Clifford Weldon Smith Jr. and Dr. Bernie Todd Smith, Rochester, NY
Mr. Glenn A. Smith, Lafayette, CA
Mr. and Mrs. James McNeil Snow, High Point, NC
Elizabeth Rider Soboeiro and Michael Francis Soboeiro, Raleigh, NC
David Sontag, Chapel Hill, NC
Frank and Melanie Spencer, Philadelphia, PA
Chuck Stafford, Bedford, NY
Kenneth G. Starling, McLean, VA
Susan Camp Stocks, Arlington, VA
Colonel L. Phillip Stroud, Jr. and Lisa Matthews Stroud, Cary, NC
Robert L. Susick and Kristine Bergstrand, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tanner III, Raleigh, NC
Ms. A. Ferebee Bishop Taube, New York, NY
Ms. Christina Monroe Teague and Mr. Nelson Stone Teague Jr., Charlottesville, VA
Betty Temple, Travelers Rest, SC
Mrs. Cordelia Gant Thompson and Dr. W. Chandler Thompson, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Lamar Sparkman Toole, Charlottesville, VA
Mr. Michael Wisely Trinh, Belmont, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Thompson Tygart, Colorado Springs, CO
Tom and Judi Tygart, Jacksonville, FL
David Erich Tyson and Treva Watkins Tyson, Raleigh, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Waddell III, Burlington, NC
Mr. Ira Jay Wagner, Bethesda, MD
Caroline E. Wainright and Colby D. Schwartz, Atlanta, GA
Elizabeth Campbell Walker, Greenwich, CT
Dr. Paul Steven Watson and Ms. Ashley Robinson Watson, Carrboro, NC
Alan H. Weinhouse, New York, NY
James Alphonso Wellons, Philadelphia, PA
Braxton Deams West and Carrie Davis West, Cary, NC
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Whitton, Blowing Rock, NC
Mrs. Kelly Jones Wilbanks and Dr. Peter T. Wilbanks, Richmond, VA
Dr. John Franklin Wilkerson and Ms. Millicent Marsh Wilkerson, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Robert Earl Williams Jr., Issaquah, WA
Mr. Basil C. Williams and Ms. Anna M. Williams, Englewood, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilmott, Bronxville, NY
Jean Jones Wilson and Charles T. Wilson, Jr., Durham, NC
Lori Wittlin and Bradley Lewis, Houston, TX
Mr. Charles J. Wolfe, Jr. and Ms. Sandra Roth, New York, NY
Thomas M. Woodbury, New York, NY
Paul Jeon Chao Yang and Dorothy Jones Yang, Kirkland, WA
Mr. Edwin Milton Yoder Jr. and Ms. Jane Warwick Yoder, Chapel Hill, NC
J. Blake Young, Jr. and Carol Payne Young, Highlands, NC
Dr. Miriam Heinrichs Zietlow and Dr. Thomas Christopher Zietlow, Raleigh, NC
Neil and Sharon Zimmerman, Houston, TX


Dean’s Circle

David Alan Adamson, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Margaret J. Adamson, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson White Archie, Darien, CT
Mac and Ellen Ball, New Orleans, LA
Rodney Harwick Bell, Coral Gables, FL
Steve Benezra, Ph.D., Hillsborough, NC
Mr. Thomas Mente Benjamin, New Orleans, LA
Christina Benson, Durham, NC
Adar Taun Berghoff, Atlanta, GA
James Graham Best and Landis Cox Best, New York, NY
Mr. David B. Brown, Wilmington, DE
Mr. Dawson L. Cherry, Mount Pleasant, SC
Mr. James William Clark Jr., Raleigh, NC
Dr. Linda Loeb Clark, Long Beach, CA
Mr. Joseph Newton Craver II and Dr. Kendalyn Lutz-Craver, Shelby, NC
Ms. Shelia Lowder Creswell, Vienna, VA
Dr. Ernest Clifford Davenport Jr., Columbia Heights, MN
Ms. Kathy Ann Dayvault, China Grove, NC
Daniel Clyde Deitz, Fletcher, NC
Mr. John Wayne Dove and Mrs. Gail Magher Dove, Elizabethtown, NC
Edmund Durden and Laura Hynes Durden, Charlotte, NC
Joe Wesley Earnhardt, Brooklyn, NY
Debra A. Easter, Winston Salem, NC
Dr. Sherri Lynne Elder and Mr. Donald T. Elder, Richmond, TX
Dr. Miles Elmore, Asheville, NC
William W. Espy, Atlanta, GA
Gail McGregor Fearing, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. David Raymond Fitzsimmons II, Pittsburgh, PA
Richard F. Fox and Betsy Freeman Fox, Greensboro, NC
Peter B. Fox and Kim Blackwell Fox, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Betsy Noel Friedman, Sarasota, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilbert, New York, NY
Caroline K. Godfrey and Richard J. Godfrey, Morristown, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Goldrich, Virginia Beach, VA
Mr. David Lane Gordon and Mrs. Susan Gordon, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Lee Daniel Hamilton and Ms. Kimberly A. Costello, Greensboro, NC
Wilson Hayman and Jennie Jarrell Hayman, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Dawn M. Hedgecock and Mr. Joseph Hedgecock, Durham, NC
Mr. John Leonard Henderson, Goldsboro, NC
Charles and Lindsay Higgins, New York, NY
Dr. Henry Christian Hoffmann and Mrs. Michelle Burbea Hoffmann, Chicago, IL
Dr. Michael Joseph Holland, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Bryan Scott Hollander and Ms. Megan White Hollander, Columbia, MD
Mr. David M. Holman and Mrs. Sheila Clark Holman, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. William Horne Jr, Tampa, FL
David James Howell, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Manuel E. Jackson and Mrs. Susan Scott Jackson, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Keith Allen James, Germantown, TN
Dr. Susan J. Kelly, Chapel Hill, NC
Moyra Kileff and Brian Kileff, Chapel Hill, NC
Ms. Megan E. Kiley and Mr. Quinn Thomas Kiley, Chesterfield, MO
E. Falcon Knight, Jr., Virginia Beach, VA
Dr. Lloyd S. Kramer and Ms. Gwynne Pomeroy, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. David Michael Krinsky, La Canada Flintridge, CA
Dr. Theodore H. Leinbaugh, Carrboro, NC
Mr. Michael J. Lockerman, New York, NY
Felix Lurye, New York, NY
Ms. Julie Sayles Lynch and Mr. David Stephen Lynch, Concord, MA
Mr. Samuel P. Mackenzie and Ms. Marney Lynne Lutz, Calgary, AB
Ms. Sara Mount Malone, Carrboro, NC
Hanson Rufus Malpass and Betsy June Cooke Malpass, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ward Marslender, Raleigh, NC
Dewey Granville McCafferty and Jennifer Finnegan McCafferty, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Timothy Columbus McCoy Jr. and Ms. Christina Koun McCoy, Richmond, VA
Pamela Lynn McLean, Raleigh, NC
Robert A. McMillan, Martinsburg, WV
Mr. Andrew McNally V, Winnetka, IL
Mr. Craig Messinger and Mrs. Debra Messinger, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. William Edgar Moody and Ms. Trudy Higginbotham Moody, Flora, MS
Mary N. Morrow, Chapel Hill, NC
Paul and Linda Naylor, Durham, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Norwood, Jr., Goldsboro, NC
Mr. and Mrs. H. Patrick Oglesby, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Robert J. Parker Jr. and Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Taylor, Durham, NC
Ms. Cynthia Drum Parks, Seattle, WA
Mr. Joseph Elton Parrish and Mrs. Christy Conroy Parrish, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. and Mrs. Mack B. Pearsall, Asheville, NC
Mr. Ben Brophy Philips, Columbus, GA
Mrs. M. Elisa Pires
Ms. Janis Jaynes Quesada, Dallas, TX
Ms. Sara Anne Thomas Quinn and Mr. Stephen Quinn, Brentwood, TN
Dr. Alan Mark Rauch, Fort Worth, TX
Jason Todd Rein, New York, NY
Dr. Terry Ellen Rhodes, Chapel Hill, NC
Grayson Knox Rodgers, Birmingham, AL
Derek B. Rogers, Charlotte, NC
Daniel Wiskirchen Rupp, Central Hong Kong, HKI
F. Kevin Russell, Scottsdale, AZ
Mr. Brian Russell, Jupiter, FL
Mr. Frederick Newman Sager Jr. and Ms. Jane Bricard Sager, Atlanta, GA
Barbara Johnson Schneider and Peter Wayne Schneider, Brookhaven, GA
Robert H. Silver and Rhonda A. Silver, Montclair, NJ
Edward* and Suzanne Silver, High Point, NC
Ms. Tready Arthur Smith and Mr. Thayer Cheatham Smith Jr., Tampa, FL
Mr. James Arrington Snead, Baltimore, MD
Dr. James Thomas Sparrow and Ms. Doris Albertson Sparrow, Houston, TX
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sprott, Potomac, MD
Dr. Daniel Jay Stackhouse, Charlotte, NC
Linda and Mason Stephenson, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Mark A. Suskin, Arlington, VA
Edwin Jay Taff, Weston, MA
Janet S. Taylor, Charlotte, NC
Elizabeth and Ralph Teal, Jr., Myrtle Beach, SC
Mr. Robert Walker Teele, Richmond, VA
Brian Teets and Molly Putman Teets, Marblehead, MA
Dr. Allen Carter Templeton, Milford, NJ
Rebecca Eve Tillet, Newtown, PA
Mr. Richard S. Toppe and Ms. Glenda Smith Toppe, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Timothy Harrison Tulloch and Ms. Etsuko Kambara Tulloch, Riverside, CT
J. Vann and Jennifer Vogel, Asheville, NC
Ms. Lynda J. Wagoner, Archdale, NC
Dr. and Mr. Melanie P. Walker, Raleigh, NC
Iris and Stephen Weiss, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Martin R. West III, Chevy Chase, MD
Mr. W. Daniel Westmoreland, San Antonio, TX
Mr. Thomas Mitchell Whitehurst and Ms. Eugenia Johnston, Fort Payne, AL
Mrs. Virginia Sandidge Williams, Atlanta, GA
Christina Nelson Williams and Bradford Alan Williams, Raleigh, NC
Mr. Julian Robertson Williamson and Ms. Elizabeth Duerson Williamson, Raleigh, NC
Ashley and John Wilson, Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Thomas Brock Winslow and Dr. Bristol Rouse Winslow, Durham, NC
Mr. Ford Stedman Worthy and Mrs. Allison Lee Worthy, Chapel Hill, NC
William Lewis Wortmann, Washington, DC
Mr. David Colin Wright, Chapel Hill, NC
Geoffrey W. Wright, APO, AE
Susan Goerlich Zief, Princeton, NJ


Young Alumni

Mr. David Richard Alexandre, New York, NY
Mr. Lee Graham Becker, Brooklyn, NY
William Mcdaniel Bondurant, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Timothy Brunt and Ms. Stephanie Renee Brunt, Saint Louis, MO
Ms. Allison Mee Yan Chin, Valley Stream, NY
Jonathan Scott Gombinski, Miami, FL
Dr. Shawnya Lynnette Harris, Athens, GA
Mr. Brian Curtis Hunt and Ms. Jacqueline Summer Hunt, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Mitchell Craig Moehring and Dr. Rebekah W. Moehring, Hillsborough, NC
Mr. Jeffrey William Giertz and Ms. Kelly Laura Murphy, Washington, DC
Mr. Michael Wayne Parrish, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Thomas Oliver Porter II and Dr. Sarah Gore Porter, New York, NY
Dr. Andrew Ringlee, Ames, IA
Dr. Patrick Josey Smith and Dr. Angela Blotzer Smith, Durham, NC
Dr. Kara Kathleen Ward, Birmingham, AL
Mr. Joseph Patrick Ward and Ms. Cynthia Trinh Ward, London, England
Mr. Tao Xie, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Timothy Brunt and Ms. Stephanie Renee Brunt, Saint Louis, MO
Dr. Elizabeth Artemis Clark and Mr. Steve Peretti, Durham, NC
Ms. Katherine Margaret Collins, Chicago, IL
Mr. Brent Michael Comstock, Auburn, NE
Mr. John Curiel, Carrboro, NC
Alexander J. H. Hambacher, Charlotte, NC
Ms. Jennifer Stuart Mabie and Dr. Duncan Lascelles, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Gregory Michael Mcatee, Vestavia, AL
Ms. Elizabeth Landon McCain and Mr. John Wilson Irwin, Seattle, WA
Mr. Fred Bruton Monroe, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Charles Collett Patton Jr., Charlotte, NC
Dr. Andrew Ringlee, Ames, IA
Mr. Priyadarshi Sharma, Mountain View, CA
Dr. Patrick Josey Smith and Dr. Angela Blotzer Smith, Durham, NC
Mr. Sebastien Pierre Theunissen, New York, NY
Ms. Samantha Elizabeth Tulenko, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Rachel Margaret Uhlman, New York, NY
Mr. Mark Edward Viser, Christchurch, VA


Current Students

Miss Lee, Charlotte, NC
Mr. Sanders, McLean, VA
Mr. Sheehan, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Divaris and Ms. Villa-Torres, Chapel Hill, NC


Corporations, Foundations, Estates, and Trusts

3M Company, Inc – HQ
3M Matching Gifts
Abauman Family Foundation, Inc.
Abbey Revocable Living Trust
Adobe Systems, Incorporated
Alison Powell Sapikowski Rev Trust
Allendale Fund
Alliance Bernstein Matching Gifts
American Credit Acceptance
American Express Matching Gifts
American Football Coaches Foundation
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
Anadarko Petroleum
Anadarko Petroleum Matching Gifts
Andrew & Jeanine McNally Charitable Foundation
Apple Computer Matching Gifts
Arunit, LLC
Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Bell Leadership
Bessemer Improvement Co
Bilpuch, Marilyn S. (Estate of)
Boeing Company Matching Gifts
Borden Foundation
Boylan, Ann P. (Estate of)
BP Foundation Matching Gifts
C. Curtis Meltzer Living Trust
California Community Foundation Endowment Account
Cardinal Track Club
Carolina Meadows
Carter C. & Beverly B. Chinnis Annuity Trust
Caudill Family Foundation
Chapel Hill/Durham Korean School
Charles M. Winston Family Foundation
Charles W. Millard III Trust
Charlesmead Foundation
Chi Omega
Cisco Systems, Inc. – HQ
Clarion Associates, LLC
Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gifts
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Commeo Fidenter Foundation
Committee to Elect Michael Barnes
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Community Foundation of Gaston County
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Community Foundation of West Georgia
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
Concussion Awareness Recovery Run, Inc
Cornwell Foundation
Creech, Lawrence H. (Estate of)
Daniel Mickel Foundation of South Carolina
David C. Wright Revocable Trust
Degges, Elizabeth D. (Estate of)
Deloitte Foundation Matching Gifts
Dental Foundation of North Carolina, Inc.
Deutsche Bank AG – Global Sourcing
Donald & Marilyn Keough Foundation
Doris G. Quinn Foundation
Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy
Eastman Foundation
Elizabeth T. Williams Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Ella Ann L. & Frank B. Holding Foundation
Emily L. Pollard Trust
Emwiga Foundation
Enzerna Biosciences, LLC.
Ernst & Young Matching Gifts
Essick Foundation, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gifts
Fay P. Aronson Trust
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Floyd Family Foundation
Foundation for the Carolinas
Frank Borden Hanes 1990 Revocable Trust
Frank Borden Hanes 2012 Charitable Lead Trust-FBH
Frey Foundation
GEICO Matching Gifts
General Electric Company Matching Gifts
George H. Johnson Properties, Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline Matching Gifts
Goldman Sachs Gives
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Google Matching Gifts
Gordon E. and May R. Cadwgan Foundation
Governors Club
Grace Foundation Matching Gifts
Granville Towers
Grassy Creek Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Gregor G. Peterson Family Foundation, Inc.
Growler Grlz, LLC.
Grumbles Partners, L.P.
Harris Glover Foundation
Hartfield Foundation, Inc.
Henry A. & Betty H. Landsberger Charitable Remainder Trust
Hillsdale Fund
Hobby Family Foundation
Hodding & Betty Carter Family Charitable Foundation
Hutchins Family Foundation Inc.
Hyde Family Foundations
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts
ImpactAssets, Inc.
Intel Corporation
Intel Foundation Matching Gifts
International Positive Psychology Association
Jacobs Preyer Family Foundation
James C. Goodnight, Jr. Foundation
James H. Winston Revocable Trust
Janie Molster Designs
Jernigan, Jr., Rupert W. (Estate of)
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Foundation of Greensboro
Joan H. Gillings Foundation
John Erwin Charitable Remainder Trust
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Matching Gifts
John William Pope Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts
Johnson Development Associates, Inc. – HQ
Kenan Family Foundation
Knott Family Foundation
Kulynych Family Foundation II, Inc.
Kyser Foundation
LabCorp Matching Gifts
Laura & Peter Grauer Foundation
Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer Pa
Levine-Sklut Family Foundation
Light Art & Design
Lookout Foundation, Inc.
Lowell Living Trust
Lucky 5 LLC
Lunsford Richardson Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust
Lyerly Foundation
Lyle V. Jones Trust
Macquarie Group Foundation – MG
Magic, Inc.
Mantissa Corporation
Mark & Bette Morris Family Foundation
Matt H. Dobson Jr. Foundation
Matthew Gfeller Foundation
Merck Foundation Matching Gifts
MJM Group Managers, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
MPC Advisors LLC
N Darlene Walker & Associates LP
Nancy Ehle Trust
National Christian Foundation – HQ
National Philanthropic Trust
Nauticon Office Solutions
Nelson Schwab Family Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation
North Caroliniana Society
Olivia Delacruz Foundation
Ossur Americas
OTO Development, LLC
Parthenon Capital Partners/Brian Golson
Peacock Ventures LLC
PhysiMax Technologies
Prentice Foundation, Inc
Randleigh Foundation Trust
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Realan Foundation
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Renaissance Periodization LLC
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Reynolds American Foundation Matching Gifts
Robert & Tracy Winston Foundation, Inc.
Robertson Foundation
Rocky Mount Mill, LLC
Ron and Cheryl Howard Family Foundation
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Ruth R. Hoyt-Anne H. Jolley Foundation, Inc.
Salisbury-Rowan Community Foundation
Schwab Charitable
Scottish Gaelic Foundation of the USA
Scottish Heritage USA, Inc.
Shell Oil Company Matching Gifts
Shubert Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Smith Family Foundation
Snyder Watchorn Foundation Inc
Spoonflower, Inc.
State Legislative Leaders Foundation
Sterling Foundation
Suntrust Bank – Chapel Hill
SunTrust Bank Matching Gifts
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
T.S. Kenan, III Living Trust
Taylor Charitable Trust
TechWerks LLC
The Best Schools
The Buchan Foundation
The Charles Goren and Hazen Family Foundation
The Community Foundation of NC East, Inc.
The Defiant Requiem Foundation
The Dena & Chris Moore Family Foundation
The Eason Foundation
The Educational Foundation of America
The Hargrove Pierce Foundation
The Harvey McNairy Foundation, Inc.
The Hobbs Foundation
The JJCJ Foundation, Inc., Vonore, TN
The John G.B. Jr. and Jane R. Ellison Family Foundation, Inc.
The L&C Wood Family Foundation, Inc.
The Marc Sanders Foundation
The Mccurdy Family Foundation
The Q. Whitfield Ayres Trust
The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
The Selavy Foundation
The Seymour and Carol Levin Foundation
The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Ltd.
The Stephen D. Falkenbury Jr. Foundation
The Stuart S. and Birdie Gould Foundation
The William D. & Sally C. Johnson Family Foundation
The Winston-Salem Foundation
Thomas & Frances McGregor Foundation
Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation
TIAA Charitable
Tiger Eye Capital
Townsend Family Foundation
Triangle Community Foundation
Triangle Universities Ctr Advanced Study
TSWII Management Company
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
UNC General Alumni Association
United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit
United Way of Delaware
United Way of Miami-Dade City
University of Chicago
University of Notre Dame
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Verisk Analytics
Viser Family Fund Inc.
Visual Resources Association Foundation
Walt Disney Company Foundation Matching Gifts
Washington University in Saint Louis
William and Anne Harrison Foundation
William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust
William R. Kenan, Jr. Fund for Ethics
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Duke Energy Foundation
YourCause, LLC Trustee for MUFG Union Bank
YourCause, LLC Trustee for PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign