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No sleepy summer for UNC faculty on campus

Faculty, staff and graduate students have had a full and fruitful summer in Chapel Hill — engaging students in research about topics from climate change to archaeology, helping teachers enhance their curricular content on the African diaspora, creating beautiful music and lively theater performances and more.

Finding a niche

No matter where Carlos Perez-Heydrich went in the Cuban communities of Miami, somebody knew his name. So when it came time to pick a college, he didn’t want to follow his family’s familiar footsteps and stay in South Florida.

On Campus and Abroad: Global area studies centers offer resources and expertise on world regions

Six global area studies centers in the College of Arts and Sciences focus on world regions and actively promote the research and study of global issues.

South American example illustrates Rocky Mountain formation

New work from an international team of researchers including Sanja Knezevic Antonijevic of UNC-Chapel Hill and Carnegie’s Lara Wagner improves our understanding of the geological activity that is thought to have formed the Rocky Mountains. It is published by Nature.

A parting toast to College leaders who left their mark

Three long-serving faculty members in the College retired at the end of the spring 2015 semester after completing countless hours of service at Carolina and scholarship in the fields of anthropology, astronomy and computer science.

Stephen Hawking to deliver lecture at UNC-Chapel Hill’s conference in Sweden

Stephen Hawking will join many of the founding members of modern physics in Stockholm in August for a conference co-sponsored by UNC-Chapel Hill. The conference and lecture were arranged by UNC physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton.

Carolina Horizons hosts 43 American Indian seniors

In late June, the UNC American Indian Center hosted 43 rising high school American Indian seniors from 11 different native nations to learn about the college application process through Carolina Horizons.