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UNC seniors earn State Department merit scholarships

Robert Seck wants to work for the Department of State’s Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Ben Turman aspires to work abroad, also for the State Department, reporting to the agency about current events where he is stationed as they relate to U.S. interests. Both rising seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North … Continued

New partnership with Peking University

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is expanding its international academic offerings through a consortium on urban and regional planning and management with Peking University, one of the leading universities in China. The consortium will support cooperative research, education and training activities in urban and regional planning and management. The Center for Urban and Regional Studies and the … Continued

Phillips Ambassadors to Study in Asia

Eighteen undergraduates and one graduate student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been selected as Phillips Ambassadors for 2011 study abroad programs in Asia. They will study in China, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. UNC’s Phillips Ambassadors program includes a three-credit academic course that puts the experience in global context and challenges students to share their experiences … Continued

Research shows voters rejecting Islamic parties

No one knows what will happen in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. But history paints a hopeful picture of how things might go if democratic elections are allowed.

2011 Burch Fellows take on world challenges with innovative projects

Six Carolina undergraduates will head off on exciting journeys in the United States and abroad to pursue independent study projects of their own design, thanks to the Burch Fellows Program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The program, supported by Lucius E. Burch III, a 1963 Carolina graduate, recognizes undergraduates at the University who possess extraordinary ability, promise and … Continued

Interdisciplinary Galapagos research: Project examples

Editor’s note: This sidebar accompanied a feature article in the spring ’11 issue of Carolina Arts & Sciencesmagazine on the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Initiative includes wide-ranging research projects engaging faculty across disciplines. Here are just a few examples of recently funded projects: Mobility UNC researchers Ronald Rindfuss, Kyle Crowder and Margarita Mooney (sociology) and USFQ researchers Carlos Mena and … Continued

Creative Collaborations: Languages Across the Curriculum

Imagine taking a class on postwar Germany in German or a global business marketing class in Spanish. Students interested in advancing their language skills at Carolina are doing just that, thanks to the Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Sophomore international studies major Ana Cabello-De La Garza is taking her second LAC course … Continued