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Early morning clouds are reflected in a blue pool on the Ngozumba glacier in the Gokyo Valley of Nepal, with the twin peaks of Cholatse and Arakam Tse visible in the background. (Photo by Roberto Camassa.)

Science, spirituality and synergy in Nepal

In a three-week journey from Chapel Hill to the Himalayas to study the effects of climate change on Buddhist holy lakes, two mathematicians, a marine scientist and a religious studies scholar overcame multiple challenges and proved the value of an interdisciplinary team.

The slide says "Stories to Save Lives: Health, Illness and Medical Care"

Saving lives through stories

The Southern Oral History Program launches a major research initiative — to collect oral histories in rural North Carolina communities that inform health care research, practice and policy.

Month of Latin Jazz: Music department celebrates Latin Jazz with a new festival

The UNC music department will celebrate the inaugural Month of Latin Jazz Sept. 29-Oct. 30.

Amy Gladfleter in her lab

Gladfelter wins “big ideas” grant from National Science Foundation

Biologist Amy Gladfelter has received a “10 big ideas for future investments” award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support interdisciplinary research in “Understanding the Rules of Life.” The awards, totaling $15 million and given to 29 projects, demonstrate NSF’s commitment to address some of the greatest challenges in understanding the living world, in all of its complex levels … Continued

New research provides insight into how plant pathogens trigger plant diseases that threaten the global food supply

A UNC-Chapel Hill interdisciplinary research team of chemists and biologists has unlocked an important clue in understanding how plant pathogens cause diseases that can create significant crop damage worldwide.

Hussong and Jones photo

The Modern Family

As the world changes and diversifies, so do family dynamics. But research on the topic is slow to move away from the ideas established 50 years ago. To bring it into the 21st century, a team of researchers from the UNC Center for Developmental Science have written nine papers that shine a light on the modern family and offer advice … Continued

Vicini photo

Center for European Studies and TransAtlantic Masters Program Host Anniversary Celebration

The 2018-2019 academic year marks two important anniversaries for the Center for European Studies (CES) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: its founding 25 years ago to advance understanding of the social, political, and economic events that shape contemporary Europe, and the establishment of its TransAtlantic Masters (TAM) Program 20 years ago. On September 6, the center hosted … Continued