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Grant to Institute for the Study of the Americas will expand collaborations with Cuba

The Institute for the Study of the Americas in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences has received an $88,000 grant from the Christopher Reynolds Foundation to support expanded collaborations with Cuba.

Anthropologist awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Anthropologist Patricia McAnany at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to support her research. McAnany is the Kenan Eminent Professor of Anthropology in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Liberal arts led Kopp to fulfilling medical career

Vincent Kopp, pediatric anesthesiology at the UNC School of Medicine, double majored in English and religion at UNC. Though he excelled in the sciences, his training in humanities enhanced his analytical skills more than he expected.

The future of LGBT rights in America

Frank Bruni, a UNC alumnus and New York Times journalist, and Jonathan Capehart, journalist for the Washington Post and MSNBC, participated in a forum on the future of LGBT rights in America at UNC-Chapel Hill.

To find something new

Jay Zhang is not just at Carolina to learn, he’s here to discover. “I wanted to get onto the very edge of research and see what’s happening now.” (WATCH VIDEO)

Nothing could be finer: Carol Folt elected chancellor

Carol L. Folt, interim president at Dartmouth College and an internationally recognized environmental scientist, will become the first woman to lead Carolina.

Graduate student’s research focuses on music in the African-American community

Doctoral student Will Boone spent hundreds of hours attending services at Durham’s Faith Assembly Christian Center, experiencing fellowship with members, conducting interviews, and rehearsing and performing with the church band.