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Computer scientist to speak at doctoral hooding ceremony

Marc Levoy – whose career achievements include developing the cartoon animation system used in “The Flintstones” TV show and launching Google’s Street View project – will be the keynote speaker for UNC’s  2012 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony on May 12. During the ceremony, each participating graduate will be called to the stage to have the hood of the commencement regalia conferred … Continued

January events: art, music, plays, photography and more

The College of Arts and Sciences January calendar has plenty of arts events and more to launch your new year. Enclosed are highlights, followed by a link to the University calendar for even more activities. Jan. 10-Feb. 7:  UNC’s  First-Year MFA Exhibit, Built Forged Faked, explores unraveling narratives of identity, race, gender, geography, ritual and constructed spaces. Opening reception Jan. … Continued

Graduate student Pamela Reynolds: Protecting North Carolina’s oyster reefs

Oyster reefs in North Carolina estuaries have collapsed over the last century, leading to the loss of important ecosystem goods and services they provide to the people in this state. Oysters provide critical nursery habitat for fisheries, biofiltration and shoreline stabilization. Their value as ecosystem engineers greatly outweighs their value as a fisheries commodity. However, efforts to restore and manage … Continued