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photo of a man driving a car

Gig workers face more risks than most during pandemic

New York City is home to approximately 150,000 gig workers — independent contractors who perform odd jobs through online platforms like Rover, Task Rabbit, GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft. While an essential part of the economy, such workers are more exposed to the virus and often lack the protections afforded to permanent employees such as access to health benefits, paid … Read more

Cassandra R. Davis will lead a team of researchers in examining the impact of COVID-19 on college persistence among first-generation college students.

Calculating COVID-19’s educational costs

Cassandra R. Davis studies the impact of natural disasters on schools and communities. Now the public policy professor is turning her attention to the impact of another kind of disaster — a global pandemic — on first-generation college students.

Catya McMullen (left) with Jenna Worsham.

Helping hungry kids

The Homebound Project, an online theater initiative co-founded by Carolina alumna and playwright Catya McMullen, is raising money to help feed children affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Closeup of a hand in a purple glove administering drops into a lab beaker

UNC team receives NSF RAPID grant for lung-mucus strategy to mitigate COVID-19 transmission, infection

An interdisciplinary team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has received funding to explore the critical role of airway mucus in the transmission, infection and spread versus protection from COVID-19.

Laura Yurco

Yurco named 2020 Manager of the Year

Laura Yurco in the department of chemistry has been named 2020 Manager of the Year. She joined the department of chemistry in 2017 with over 13 years of experience with the University.  

graphic illustration of a brain inside of a robot

Machine Morality

As machines become more autonomous, humans must define the limits of their decision-making. UNC postdoctoral researcher Yochanan Bigman addresses this topic, suggesting where to draw the line when self-governing technology is required to make life-or-death decisions. After a late-night shopping trip one Sunday evening in Tempe, Arizona, Elaine Herzberg loads her grocery bags onto her bicycle. She approaches a four-lane … Read more

A small autonomous vehicle

The Fast and the Autonomous

In a small corner of Sitterson Hall sits a fleet of pint-size cars that can see and navigate independently, winning races for the team of UNC computer science students that created them.

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