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Danny Peralta

Danny Peralta and the Carolina Works Program

Carolina Works provides financial opportunites to undergraduate students through work-study poistions.

black and white photo of a flag saying "A man was lynched yesterday"

A History Suppressed

A dark time in our nation’s history, the period between the end of post-Civil War Reconstruction and 1950 saw thousands of African Americans murdered via lynching – predominantly in the South. Two UNC professors hope to honor these individuals by uncovering injustices that, for decades, have been systematically erased from public memory.


These Gummy Bear-Looking Things Will Inherit the Earth

What can we learn from tardigrades, aka ‘water bears,’ these ultimate survivors? And what might they help us figure out regarding human health and disease?

Montage of a yearbook photo spread with black and white pictures of students and professor Mitch Prinstein's yearbook photo, in color, in the center of the spread.

The right kind of popularity

Two different types of popularity exist, according to Carolina professor Mitch Prinstein, and being cool is not always a good predictor of future success.

Students walk across the sand at the Outer Banks Field Site.

New name, new emphasis, for environmental program at UNC

A new interdisciplinary program in Environment, Ecology and Energy (E³P) will leverage the College’s strengths in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to teach students how to best manage resources in an ever-changing world.

Christian Cambizaca

Meet a Tar Heel: Christian Cambizaca

Incoming first-year student Christian Cambizaca has the rare quality of being trilingual — or hexalingual if you count the three computer coding languages he’s taught himself.

Candace Epps-Robertson

New faculty join the College to kick off 2018-2019 academic year

For the 2018–19 academic year, 86 new people will join the Carolina faculty. Here’s an introduction to a few of them in the College of Arts & Sciences.

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