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Dalal Azam stands with an umbrella near the Old Well.

A mentor for future scientists

As a Chancellor’s Science Scholar, Carolina senior Dalal Azzam found the opportunities and support to thrive in the research lab and in her studies. Now, the Tar Heel is paying that support forward by serving as a mentor for more young scientists.

Erik Alexanian and Frank Leibfarth (left to right) dressed in lab gear and masks pull on a piece of plastic.

Creating a better plastic

Carolina chemists may have a solution to the country’s plastic problem by “upcycling” plastic trash to tougher, stronger material.

A photo of Brandon Feaster in a white lab coat on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus

A ‘natural landing spot’

Carolina alumnus Brandon Feaster arrived in Chapel Hill with his eyes set on a Ph.D. in biology for a career in the research lab. But undergrad research and the Chancellor’s Science Scholars provided the Tar Heel with the experiences and support to pursue a different career.

A photo of a chemistry lab

Building a more inclusive scientific community through the Chancellor’s Science Scholars

The Chancellor’s Science Scholar’s program at Carolina is supporting promising young scientists and actively working to build a more diverse scientific community. That goal, director Thomas Freeman says, is critical to everybody.

Kena Lemu posing in front of a UNC-Chapel Hill building

Becoming the change

Kena Lemu knew as a child that she wanted to be the change that her community needed, and at Carolina, she’s gained the tools and experience to make that impact.

Black and white drawing

Making data science connections

Whether the research involves satirical French cartoons, mutating tumors or ancient Greek tombstones, three Carolina faculty say using datasets opens doors to discovery.

Text reads: Bookmark This: Arne L. Kalleberg, Kevin Hewison and Kwang-Yeong Shin with a colllage of all three authors.

Bookmark This

Bookmark This is a feature that highlights new books by College authors. This month: “Precarious Asia: Global Capitalism and Work in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia” by Arne L. Kalleberg, Kevin Hewison and Kwang-Yeong Shin.

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