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The cupola of Hyde Hall with fall foliage behind it. On top of the cupola is an small owl.

Hyde Hall at 20

Nestled in the upper quad of McCorkle Place with its brick exterior, you could be forgiven for thinking that Hyde Hall is a historic building with roots to the University’s earliest decades. But the building, which is home to the College’s Institute for the Arts and Humanities, is just turning 20 years old.

A headshot of Noreen McDonald

Noreen McDonald named new senior associate dean for social sciences and global programs

McDonald brings a wealth of experience to the role, including having served as a UNC faculty member since 2007 and as the chair of the department of city and regional planning since 2016.

Cassandra R. Davis sits at a classroom desk.

Davis presents research on natural hazards’ impact on schools

Cassandra R. Davis, assistant professor of public policy, presented research on the impacts of hurricanes on schools and their communities and suggested policy changes to aid schools during future natural hazards.

Carl Rodriguez stands in front of a chalkboard with writing on it.

Physicist Carl Rodriguez receives 2022 Packard Fellowship

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has announced that Carl Rodriguez, who will join UNC’s department of physics and astronomy in January 2023, is one of 20 recipients of the 2022 Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering.

Florence Dore is holding a guitar and singing at an outside performance.

Academia and rock ’n’ roll live in harmony for this Carolina professor

Florence Dore has a new album and a new book out this fall. She’s been touring the country singing and talking about one of her favorite topics: the intersection of literature and rock ’n’ roll.

Ashton Thorne reads zines at a table in a library. A folder filled with other zines sits in front of him, and his computer is open to make research notes.

Ashton Thorne spent his summer searching for elusive, queercore zines

The UNC senior’s research took him to libraries in Chicago and North Carolina to find transgender representation in queercore publications from the ’80s to the early 2000s.

The backs of a line of children playing outside on the grass, dressed in warm weather attire.

Early deprivation continues to affect brain development well into adolescence

A new study published on Oct. 7 in Science Advances shows that early deprivation continues to affect brain development well into adolescence. “We know … that experiences early in life shape brain development but until now, this has never been shown conclusively in humans,” says Margaret Sheridan, a clinical psychologist at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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