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Planned gifts are charitable gifts that are structured to integrate your charitable, family, and financial goals. They include bequests, life income gifts, and complex current gifts, such as gifts of business interests or real estate. Like outright gifts, planned gifts receive favorable tax treatment and give you the satisfaction of providing for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Why consider making a planned gift?

Planned gifts can make it possible for you to meet the dual goals of providing for the future of the College of Arts and Sciences while at the same time assisting you in meeting personal and family financial goals.  Planned gifts can enable you to:

  • Make a larger charitable gift than you thought possible
  • Reduce or eliminate your estate tax liability
  • Increase your income by utilizing assets that are not productive
  • Plan for the future financial needs of your loved ones
  • Continue support for your favorite departments or programs within the College after you die

What type of planned gift is right for me?

There are many creative ways to tailor planned gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences at Carolina.  The two primary categories of planned gifts are:

  • Bequests:  A gift through your estate to fund your Carolina legacy
  • Life income gifts:  A gift that will provide you income for life and later a gift to Carolina

For more information about planned giving opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact:

The Arts and Sciences Foundation
523 E. Franklin St., CB 6115
Chapel Hill NC 27599-6115
(919) 962-0108