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UNC students living King’s legacy receive scholarship

Three students in the College of Arts and Sciences have been chosen to receive the Martin Luther King Jr. UNC Student Scholarship, an award given annually to students who not only excel academically, but who embody King’s commitment to civil and human rights in their contributions to the community.

Researchers build nonflammable lithium ion battery

Researchers led by chemist Joseph DeSimone at UNC have identified a surprising replacement for the only inherently flammable component of today’s lithium-ion batteries.

DeSimone recipient of 2014 Industrial Research Institute Medal

Chemist Joseph DeSimone is the recipient of the 2014 Industrial Research Institute (IRI) Medal.

Chemistry chair, Nobel Prize-winner receive alumni faculty service awards

The chair of the chemistry department and a Nobel Prize-winning genetics researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were honored with the General Alumni Association’s Faculty Service Award.

Caught in a bone-chilling ‘river of wind’

“You can also think of it as a river of wind,” he said. “Like everything in the atmosphere, the air in a polar vortex is in continual flux and changing. You can think of that state of flux as waves of air with crests and troughs,” Konrad explained.

Radiation Revolution

We can always kill cancer cells, says medical physicist Sha Chang. Always. It doesn’t matter where the tumor is.

Researchers harness energy during day for use at night

Researchers led by UNC chemist Tom Meyer have built a system that converts the sun’s energy not into electricity but hydrogen fuel and stores it for later use, allowing us to power devices long after the sun goes down.