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Closeup of a hand in a purple glove administering drops into a lab beaker

UNC team receives NSF RAPID grant for lung-mucus strategy to mitigate COVID-19 transmission, infection

An interdisciplinary team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has received funding to explore the critical role of airway mucus in the transmission, infection and spread versus protection from COVID-19.

Laura Yurco

Yurco named 2020 Manager of the Year

Laura Yurco in the department of chemistry has been named 2020 Manager of the Year. She joined the department of chemistry in 2017 with over 13 years of experience with the University.  

graphic illustration of a brain inside of a robot

Machine Morality

As machines become more autonomous, humans must define the limits of their decision-making. UNC postdoctoral researcher Yochanan Bigman addresses this topic, suggesting where to draw the line when self-governing technology is required to make life-or-death decisions. After a late-night shopping trip one Sunday evening in Tempe, Arizona, Elaine Herzberg loads her grocery bags onto her bicycle. She approaches a four-lane … Continued

A small autonomous vehicle

The Fast and the Autonomous

In a small corner of Sitterson Hall sits a fleet of pint-size cars that can see and navigate independently, winning races for the team of UNC computer science students that created them.

Self-portrait by Daniel Wallace of him wearing a mask.

One strange semester, part 2

More impressions, insights and lessons learned by faculty during spring’s historic shift to remote teaching.

NC Science Festival Logo says "NC Sci Fest: Presented by Biogen Foundation"

Science festival, physics and astronomy set world record

Duane Deardorff and Shane Brogan helped the North Carolina Science Festival team set the record for the highest launch from a Galilean cannon.

Biomedical engineering graduate student Thomas Kierski works on the ventilator prototype at the manufacturing facility of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions in Research Triangle Park. (Photo by Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions)

What they’re trained for

Biomedical engineers at Carolina and NC State respond to COVID-19 by teaming to speed the development of an emergency ventilator.