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Photo of Mohit Basl with the words Google Al Focused Research Awards beneath it

Bansal receives Google Focused Research Award

Mohit Bansal, an assistant professor in the department of computer science and director of the UNC-NLP lab, received a Google Focused Research Award to fund exploration of spatial language understanding.

closeup of hands and test tubes. The hands are wearing purple gloves and the lighting is purple surrouding the photo.

Carolina startups notch awards for medical devices, food accessibility

Their innovations include the development of tissue-like implant materials, novel X-ray detectors, healthy frozen-meal products for lower-income consumers and a precise syringe for more accurate drug dose measurements. College of Arts & Sciences faculty are among the winners.

Creativity Hubs 2019 Winners Announced

Creativity Hubs awards accelerate solutions to societal challenges

Managed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Creativity Hubs award program encourages and supports diverse, interdisciplinary teams that pursue answers to complex societal problems.

Dynamic structures

New materials from the lab of UNC researcher Ronit Freeman that can reconfigure on demand have potential for applications in diagnostics, drug delivery and more.

Hurricane Florence pictured from the International Space Station as a category 1 storm as it was making landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. (Photo: NASA Johnson Flickr)

Troubled waters: Capstone class addresses water contamination in North Carolina

This past semester, Annie McDarris participated in a capstone class through the Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program that examined well water contamination and environmental justice in the northern piedmont of North Carolina.

photo shows a clear blue sky with hundreds of birds flocked together

New research explores the mechanics of how birds flock

A new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill explores the mechanics and benefits of the underlying flock structure used by four types of shorebirds.

Rachel Noble of the UNC-Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences, examines water samples in her lab taken from a beach near Morehead City.

Preventing waterborne illness after a hurricane

Rachel Noble of Carolina’s Institute of Marine Sciences talks about her rapid water quality tests and how they can help North Carolinians stay safe during hurricane season.