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Shauna Cooper and her team at the Strengths, Assets and Resilience Lab explore the ways in which families, schools and communities influence positive development among African-American adolescents and youth. (photo by Kristen Chavez), Cooper is sitting in front of a door that has words in blue on it like: "Dream Big. Never Give Up. Focus. Success is Earned. etc."

The Science of Families

Throughout her career, UNC-Chapel Hill developmental psychologist Shauna Cooper has focused on families, especially African-American families — boys, girls, fathers, mothers. But the surprising findings from her early research studies made her especially curious about the lives of fathers and adolescent girls.

Frank Leibfarth won both an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and a Cottrell Scholar Award, two top honors given to early-career scientists. (photo by Donn Young) He is pictured here in his lab.

Rising star in chemistry: Leibfarth wins two top awards for early-career scientists

Frank Leibfarth, assistant professor of chemistry in UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences, has won two prestigious awards for early-career scientists. In only one week, he has been awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and a Cottrell Scholar Award for 2020.

Picture of the Earth as seen from space with a black nightime sky

Gold’s wobbly nucleus

As Earth rotates along its axis, it wobbles a little bit. Nuclear physics researchers have now observed this same type of wobbling in Au187 – a gold isotope that lives for just eight minutes. Fundamental science research like this can lead to major breakthroughs in a range of fields, including medical care.

Global Game Jam

A 48-hour marathon

Carolina was one of more than 900 Global Game Jam host locations last weekend, with nearly 90 students developing prototypes of video games over the span of two days.

Idea Machine graphic shows the words NSF Idea Machine" on a teal background, with a bunch of machine gears.

Biologist Karin Pfennig wins grand prize in NSF’s Idea Machine competition

Winning entries will help inform NSF’s research agenda through the nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026 and beyond.

John Bruno

Focus Carolina: John Bruno

John Bruno is a marine ecologist and professor in the Department of Biology. His research is focused on the impact of climate change on the ocean and marine ecosystems.

Mohit Bansal

Computer scientist Mohit Bansal receives two prestigious awards

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded the prestigious Director’s Fellowship to assistant professor Mohit Bansal. He has also received the Microsoft Investigator Fellowship, a two-year fellowship that recognizes higher education faculty in the United States whose exceptional talent identifies them as distinguished scientists and teachers.