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UNC Global announces 2015-16 Global Partnership Award recipients

Launched in Fall 2013, the Global Partnership Awards help UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff and students sustain and develop partnerships with international institutions, with preference given to proposals that include designated UNC strategic or emerging partners.

Maximizing microbiome knowledge

Microbiomes – communities of diverse microorganisms that live together in different environments – are invisible to the naked eye.

‘Well Said’ podcast: Earthquakes

UNC Communications talks earthquakes with UNC-Chapel Hill postdoctoral research associate Berk Biryol of the Geological Sciences Department. Biryol has been studying the possible causes of earthquakes in the Southeastern United States — an area located in the middle of the plate that shouldn’t be prone to quakes.

Undergraduate researcher Molly Fisher: ‘Doing research in the field allows you to travel to amazing places’

Senior Molly Fisher is an undergraduate researcher in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Geophysics and Climatology Lab, pursuing a double major in geological sciences and history. Over the past three years, Fisher has modeled renewable energy sources across North America based off of energy production and cost.

Stopping the Stigma: UNC faculty focus efforts on suicide prevention

UNC-Chapel Hill faculty focus on suicide prevention — a difficult topic that needs more voice, education, and awareness.

Mueller honored with Lifesaving Research Award from Korey Stringer Institute

Fred Mueller, professor emeritus of exercise and sport science and retired director of the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research based at UNC-Chapel Hill, is the receipient of the Korey Stringer Institute’s Lifesaving Research Award.

Women ratchet themselves up the social ladder, one high heel at a time

Fashion seems to embrace two opposite goals — fitting in with the crowd and standing out from it. Now new UNC research reveals that the choice to fit in or stand out depends on who exactly the crowd is – and the size of their high heels. That is, women adjust their fashion to look similar to the rich but … Continued