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A headshot of Kayla Locklear with the text "#GDTBATH" in the top corner

#GDTBATH: Kyla Locklear

Since she first arrived in Chapel Hill, junior Kyla Locklear has been dedicated to bringing awareness to Carolina’s Native American community. The UNC American Indian Center quickly became the perfect place for Locklear to work toward that goal.

Brian Lerch stands in front of an enlarged image of colorful beetles.

The Smorgasbord Scientist

Why do some organisms live in groups? What influences their cooperation with one another? How do they choose their mates? PhD student Brian Lerch has a lot of questions about ecology and evolutionary biology — and he strives to answer them using math.

Sayan Banerjee

Finding patterns in randomness

As a young man, Sayan Banerjee, assistant professor of statistics and operations, fell in love with the “poetic” side of mathematics.

Sandra Thiongo stands outside on campus.

From ATL to the well

Sandra Thiongo is Carolina’s first Peachtree Scholar. The psychology major and member of the Psych Club is determined to make the most of her college experience.

Two students work in the Lab of the Future, wearing masks and lab coats. A light casts a purple glow on them.

The Lab of the Future is here

The next-generation laboratory made for modern learning and chemistry laboratory training has arrived. The Lab of the Future sets the pace for the future of undergraduate laboratory spaces at Carolina Chemistry.

Roy and Mary Alice Smith alongside a photo of Roy Smith in 1952 when he was a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. Smith later pursued a master’s degree and Ph.D. at Carolina.

A world of possibility and promise

The Roy and Mary Alice Smith Fellowship Endowed Fund through The Graduate School will support future generations of students pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry. 

Ronit Freeman in her lab.

COVID-19 gets its just desserts with sugar-coated test strips

New research by UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of California, San Diego, develops a low-cost test strip that provides a simple and accurate detection of COVID-19 infection within minutes.