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A team of Ph.D. students sits in a circle in chairs, brainstorming ideas.

Sci-athon: Creating Innovative Ideas Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the most important skills for graduate students to experience. The UNC department of chemistry hosts an annual three-day competition called Sci-athon that invites teams of graduate students from various STEM disciplines to come up with the next big idea in chemistry.

New collaborative research may create more accessible, efficient solar energy applications

In innovative new research, distinguished professor Jinsong Huang in the department of applied physical sciences is making strides to improve the efficiency of solar energy.

Lab members of Stacey Daughters sit on a bench outside, smiling as they face the camera.

Girman Family Foundation provides support for substance use disorder treatment research

A generous gift from the Girman Family Foundation will support research in substance use disorder treatment, under the direction of Stacey Daughters in the UNC department of psychology and neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences and Flavio Frohlich in the UNC department of psychiatry in the UNC School of Medicine.

Kumi Silva holds an awards certificate as she stands next to Beth Mayer-Davis.

College faculty receive awards for excellence in doctoral mentoring

Two faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences have received The Graduate School’s Faculty Awards for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring: Gary Pielak in the department of chemistry and Kumi Silva in the department of communication.

Kristopher Lane leans on a column outside South Building, wearing a black T-shirt.

Graduating senior redirects his career at Carolina

Khristopher Lane had his eyes set on a career in the Army since he was a child. When that goal came to an abrupt halt because of a medical condition, he was forced to shift gears. Through C-STEP and Carolina, the graduating senior found a path to a new career in biomedical engineering.

Cy Pair stands surrounded by wood tools and other tools in the woodshop of the BeAM makerspace.

Senior builds a toolbox for success with the APSE minor and BeAM

Cy Pair is always looking for an opportunity to design, build and create. The physics major calls his minor in applied sciences and engineering (APSE) “among the most important and valuable educational experiences for me at Carolina.”

A view of the Galapagos islands with crystal blue water and sandy shores and green plants flanking the shoreline.

How SAS helps Galapagos researchers learn more about phytoplankton populations

A team of SAS analytics volunteers set out to model the phytoplankton ecosystem in the Galapagos Islands in partnership with researchers at the UNC Center for Galapagos Studies, working with Adrian Marchetti in the College of Arts and Sciences.