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Shauna Cooper stands outside smiling at the camera.

The Father Effect

Shauna Cooper in the department of psychology and neuroscience has spent over a decade studying Black fathers and their roles in child development.

Wei You stands outside underneath a green tree.

Researchers awarded NSF grant to support the future of semiconductors

The award supports a collaborative project between UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University. Researchers will develop a new short-wave infrared light camera and train a diverse group of students in using innovative technologies.

The Yangtze River flows along toward the mountains, with green and rocky cliffs on each side.

A new development model for the world’s third-longest river

The new paper by UNC-Chapel Hill researchers reveals rapid fluvial incision attributed to the growth of high topography in China’s Yangtze River.

A colorful X ray shows the tissues of the lungs.

Autonomous medical robot successfully steers needles through living tissue

A team of researchers and physicians led by Professor Ron Alterovitz in UNC’s computer science department has demonstrated, for the first time, a robotic needle capable of autonomously maneuvering through intricate lung tissue while avoiding obstacles and important lung structures.

Overhead photo from a helicopter of the Waimakariri River.

Measuring Water from Space

A new NASA satellite is recording the first global survey of Earth’s water cycle with unprecedented accuracy — and Tamlin Pavelsky is verifying its data from North Carolina to New Zealand.

Monica M. Gaudier-Diaz named interim director of Chancellor’s Science Scholars

Monica M. Gaudier-Diaz, teaching assistant professor in psychology and neuroscience, has been named the interim director of Chancellor’s Science Scholars. Her term officially began on Sept. 1.

Ruitian Yan stands outside near the water.

Environmental scientist looks at climate from all angles

Incoming doctoral student Ruitian Yan wants to help vulnerable communities safely manage their risks, including financial.