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From left, Jodi Magness, Bryan Roth and Kathleen Mullan Harris

American Academy of Arts and Sciences members to be inducted Oct. 12

The new class of more than 200 members, which includes three Carolina faculty, including two from the College of Arts & Sciences, recognizes the outstanding achievements of individuals in academia, the arts, business, government and public affairs.

Senior Allie Omens is pictured outside on campus with the words "Allie Omens" and "GDTBH" on the photo

Student feature: Allie Omens

Senior Allie Omens, a public policy and environmental studies major, spends her free time at Carolina tackling environmental issues, including working toward a waste-free campus.

Malinda Maynor Lowery

What is the history behind Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Indigenous Peoples’ Day came about as an alternative to Columbus Day in the late 1980s. It is a holiday that aims to celebrate Native Americans and indigenous populations across the United States.

Smith-Nonini interviews Hiram Rosario, who stands in front of her home in San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s Breaking Point

UNC anthropologist Sandy Smith-Nonini and filmmaker Roque Nonini teamed up to create a documentary about the underlying forces of Puerto Rico’s energy crisis.

Q&A: North Carolina’s history of Latin American migration

Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of the Americas Hannah Gill spoke to UNC News about the past and future of Latin American migration to North Carolina.

Research UNCovered: Eleftheria “Ria” Kontou

Eleftheria “Ria” Kontou is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of City and Regional Planning. She uses transportation models to uncover whether ride-sourcing platforms like Uber and Lyft affect city road crashes, injuries, fatalities, and DUI rates to help urban planners identify solutions for safe, efficient mobility.

A summer in public safety

Carolina senior Purshotam Aruwani, biology and political science double major, had the opportunity to intern with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Aruwani focused on identifying gaps in current DPS policies and designing preemptive policy solutions.