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Joseph Jordan (photo by Jon Gardiner)

Light, liberty and the promotion of black art, history and culture

Massey Award winner Joseph Jordan embodies the University’s “Lux, Libertas” motto and makes the Stone Center a vital part of campus.

Photo of Old Well with campus seal in the foreground by Donn Young

A Message from Dean Rhodes

This has been a deeply painful and disturbing week for our nation, with the video that has emerged of George Floyd and his horrible death in police custody in Minneapolis.

Massey Award winner Steve Davis (left, foreground) in the Hamilton archaeology archive. (photo by Donn Young)

Excavating the past to serve the future

Massey Award winner Steve Davis has dedicated his life to preserving the history of North Carolina’s Native American peoples for future generations.

photo of a man driving a car

Gig workers face more risks than most during pandemic

New York City is home to approximately 150,000 gig workers — independent contractors who perform odd jobs through online platforms like Rover, Task Rabbit, GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft. While an essential part of the economy, such workers are more exposed to the virus and often lack the protections afforded to permanent employees such as access to health benefits, paid … Read more

Cassandra R. Davis will lead a team of researchers in examining the impact of COVID-19 on college persistence among first-generation college students.

Calculating COVID-19’s educational costs

Cassandra R. Davis studies the impact of natural disasters on schools and communities. Now the public policy professor is turning her attention to the impact of another kind of disaster — a global pandemic — on first-generation college students.

Self-portrait by Daniel Wallace of him wearing a mask.

One strange semester, part 2

More impressions, insights and lessons learned by faculty during spring’s historic shift to remote teaching.

Angela Stuesse with Celso Mendoza.

Vulnerable workers, unsafe conditions

There have been more than 1,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in poultry and other meat processing plants in North Carolina, and over 10,000 cases across the United States. The industry is the subject of UNC-Chapel Hill anthropologist Angela Stuesse’s scholarly work.