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Saying goodbye to Carolina

May 14, 2021

Graduating Tar Heel Gaby Iori, a communication studies major, took one last trip around campus to say goodbye to some of the places she’ll miss the most.

Curiosity Ignited

April 13, 2021

Jessica Wolfe has been fascinated by medieval and Renaissance culture for more than 30 years.

Food Fights

August 14, 2020

Food is so much more than what we eat, nourishing us beyond our bodies. This sentiment lies at the core of PhD student K.C. Hysmith’s research. She studies the deeply ingrained cultural meaning of food, unpacking how it affects class, … Continued

Roll out the welcome mat

August 3, 2020

Their interests range from neurodegenerative diseases to eating disorders to race, class and gender to playing and teaching jazz saxophone. Meet six of Carolina’s newest faculty members.

The Magic of Classics

March 30, 2020

Classicists help connect our lives to those of the ancient world, but in Suzanne Lye’s course on magic and religion, her students do more than just connect — they create.

Science = Art

January 10, 2020

Let these winners from CHANL’s Scientific Art Competition inspire you to enter your own art.