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#GDTBATH: Allison Dawn

May 5, 2021

Senior Allison Dawn has been using drone aerial imagery and tag data to study foraging patterns of blue whales, establishing baseline patterns and behaviors for the animals.

Doing COVID-19 Dirty Work

September 23, 2020

Employing wastewater epidemiology, UNC microbiologist Rachel Noble is leading a state-wide collaboration tracking novel coronavirus outbreaks across North Carolina.

From ‘disputatio’ to virtual defense

April 21, 2020

Because of social distancing precautions, graduate students are using online platforms like Zoom to fulfill a cherished rite — defending their dissertations and theses.

Tracking sharks

July 23, 2018

The UNC Institute of Marine Sciences has the country’s oldest, longest-running shark research program. Started in 1971 by Frank Schwartz, researchers have been tagging sharks in North Carolina’s coastal waters for over 40 years to track the shark population.