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Meet the Makers

September 16, 2019

BeAM@Carolina is a network of makerspaces created by the applied physical sciences department in the College of Arts & Sciences in fall 2016.

The Survivors

January 9, 2019

Heat-resistant. Cold-weather tough. Outer space savvy. If anything, tardigrades are survivors above all else. But what makes them so resilient? Thomas Boothby strives to figure that out and discover how these microscopic animals can be used to preserve biological samples … Continued

Teaching kids to code

November 30, 2018

Angelina Patel launched a program to teach coding to elementary and middle school students while also breaking down negative stereotypes about coding being nerdy or unappealing.

Stepping into the lab

November 8, 2018

Senior Jackson Richards learns how to build a successful research project and implement skills he obtained in the classroom.

Just jump in

November 8, 2018

Kou Yang, an exercise and sport science major, lets curiosity guide him in the research lab at the Gfeller Center, where he’s uncovered his desire to become an athletic trainer.